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What Are The Many Types of Daisy Flowers?

What Are The Many Types of Daisy Flowers?

Daisies are an easy flower to grow. They are often grown in gardens and in the wild.  They have beautiful white petals with a yellow center.  These make a great addition to any wildflower garden or butterfly garden as well. 

What is the Gerbera Daisy?

This daisy is also called the Gerbera Jameson.  They are not the easiest to grow and are not like your traditional daisy.  They grow in moist soil that is well drained.  These daisies like to be in the full sun. They grow well in sunny states like Florida, Texas and California.

What is the Shasta Daisy?

This is known as the “classic daisy flower”.  This daisy is not at all high maintenance.  They have a gold eye in the middle and white petals surrounding it.  Kids often like to play “He/she loves me, He/she loves me not” with them. 

The petals are often twisted and thin.  The Shasta Daisy needs full sun.  It doesn’t do well in shady areas.  You will often find fields of these growing in the wild.

Ox Eye Daisies

Lawn Daisies

Just as easy to grow as the Shasta Daisy.  Another name for this is the Leucanthemum Vulgare.  This flower tends to grow rather easy. Believe it or not, some states do not allow you to plant the Ox Eye Daisy.  These will grow in the early part of the spring. 

These are tiny and have a lot of color coming out of them.  These flowers tend to go away as the summer nears to an end. They are the cheapest and the easiest to grow. 

What is the Montauk Daisy?

These are also called the Nipponanthemum Nipponicum.  These flowers will grow mainly in the fall. 

What is the English Daisy?

This lawn daisy is a chosen decorative art by most gardeners.  In medieval times, they were known to grow around castles and house of royalty.  This took place namely in Europe. 

When colonists saw this flower in Europe, they brought it back to America.  Today, the English daisy is grown all throughout the USA. 

This flower is also called the Bellis Perennis.  The leaves look like a spoon.  They are easy to spot by their bright yellow petals.  Many people buy these flowers during the fall and winter months.  Of course, it is where winters are milder and not prone to freezing temperatures. 

They love to be in the full sunlight.  This is where they will grow the fastest.  They can grow in partially shaded areas as well.  To get the best growth potential out of these, its best to grow them in the spring months. 

If you plan on planting these from a young seed, make sure to keep their soul moist. Use around two inches of mulch. 

More Detail About the Shasta Daisy

This is a culturally based icon flower.  These flowers will thrive in the wild.  When these flowers bloom, they tend to be rather large.  Luther Burbank developed the Shasta Daisy in the 1890’s. She wanted to make it more spectacular than the wild ox eye daisy. 

These flowers are low maintenance and have different kinds of personalities flowing out of them.  With a well-drained soil, you can have these flowers growing back year after year. 

Giving these flowers plant food, will allow you to have them coming back strong. 

Want to Learn More About the Montauk Daisy?

Another name for this flower is the Nippon Daisy.  Other names include Chrysanthemum Nipponicum.  The name of the Montauk Daisy has been changed several times. 

The name of this daisy came from the name Montauk long island.  This flower originated from Japan.  The good news is that most pets and animals leave this daisy alone.  This may include, but not limited to deer, rabbits, bugs, insects.  This daisy does need to be pruned a lot. Unpruned Montauk daisies will be droopy.  It is best to start pruning them when they reach about six inches in height. 

 The Ox Eye Daisy

This is also known as the white daisy.  These flowers are often seen growing in Russia, Asia and Europe.  It is often grown in the wild and seen all throughout Europe. 

These will grow in the mid spring to the end of June.  This kind of daisy loves the full-on sunlight.  They also prefer more of a dry soil. Don’t overwater these.  Watering them once every three weeks is fine.  

These flowers can grow up to thirty-six inches.  Year after year, these flowers do tend to grow back. After a while, they will clump together. Many gardeners find that these flowers are a bit difficult to have with their other garden flowers because they tend to grow in bulk and often take away the beauty of other flowers.

The African Daisy

This is also called a Gerbera daisy.  It is also called Gerbera Jamesonii.  This is not the easiest plant to grow.  You will find this daisy growing all throughout south Africa.  These grow in colors of pink, gold, red and orange. 

The African daisy will grow to be around 5 inches. The soil should be mildly wet.  Overwatering these will kill the flower.  It prefers a sandier kind of soil. 

In the United States, the African Daisy has made a great appearance amongst the wealthy. This flower often needs to have a gardener taking care of them with experience.  The more experience that you have in growing daisies, the more of a shelf life these flowers will have for you. 

Daisies are not as complicated to take care of as many people think. Many gardeners choose not to use them because of their rapid growth potential and the fact that it can often overtake your garden. You will find that they tend to grow everywhere that the seed is planted. They also tend to come back each year.  You will find that you can take care of these a lot easier with experience and some TLC. 

Hopefully, you have a rough understanding of the different types of daisies that there are in the world today.  Good luck in planting your garden.