What Are The Most Beautiful White Flowers?

What Are The Most Beautiful White Flowers?

Everyone loves the elegant white flowers for weddings, proms, anniversaries and other types of events.  There are over 40 different types of white flowers to include Calla Lilies, Spider Mums and Tulips.  We are going to discuss some of the most popular white flowers in the world today. 

The beauty of the white flower is that they can blend in well with any floral arrangement that you can come up with. They can be used as outdoor garden flowers, grown in the wild and given as gifts.  The white flower tends to bring out the colors of other flowers that are around them. 

What Are Camellia Flowers?

They are mostly known for being a flower for decoration and in some cultures, they are used in teas.  They come from the family of Theaceae.  These flowers are often seen growing in Asia. 

There are around one hundred to three hundred species of Camellia flowers today.  With an average of over three thousand hybrids, you are sure to find a Camellia plant that catches your eyes. 

These flowers are the most famous of the flowers.  They are small shrubs that can grow to around sixty-six feet tall.  They have a rather glossy color.  Camellias do well when grown in partial sunlight.  If planted under a tree with partial shade, they do better than just putting them in direct sun.

Camellias represent love and missing somebody that you have not seen in a while.  This flower will grow between April and September. The Camellia flower doesn’t have a scent like the rose does.  If you plan on cutting this flower and putting them in a vase, it’s a good idea to add some Epson salt to them. It will preserve their life. 

The flowers on the plant will last around four weeks.  Their soil should always be well drained.  They are perfect for wedding table centerpieces.  When grown in the wild, the Camellia plant can live up to two hundred years old.  If there is an abundant amount of moisture coming to the Camellia plant, it may get a fungal disease.  This often makes the flower have brown spots. 

Camellia flowers are often safe for dogs, horses and cats.  If your Camellia plants are dying, its often because of bad drainage.  You may have to put them in semi moist soil to see a positive change. 

What is the Japanese Anemone?

These flowers are often called the Anemone Hupehensis.  They can grow to around four feet tall.  They are a white flower with a yellow center. They will grow well in shady areas and are often seen growing under larger plants. 

This is one plant that you cannot overwater or else they will die. Make sure that the soil that they are planted in can drain well. 

These flowers are also called windflower.  They grow into the colors of white, pink and lavender.  They are often compared to the buttercup since they look similar.  These flowers grow nicely in the breeze. 

The soil for these flowers should be rather moist.  If you plan on growing the Japanese Anemone in a cold climate, make sure to grow them beside a wall so that they can block off a lot of the colder air hitting them constantly. 

European explorers first saw these flowers growing in Asia in the 1700’s. 

What is the Spider Mum?

The spider mum comes from the daisy family.  Many people say that their leaves look like white or yellow tentacles. Their petals are long and should be planted around ten inches apart. 

These flowers can be planted between May and June.  In order to have them blossom well, they require around six hours of sunlight a day.  Spider mums come in the colors of red, white, bronze, lavender, mauve and pink.  When cut for an occasion like Mother’s Day, they will often last for around fourteen to twenty days. 

Mums will often bloom year after year when the season ends. Spider mums should be watered around once a week.  As they grow, they require less water. However, watering them at least once every two weeks when full grown is most advisable. 

You can leave your spider mums outdoors for the winter. They will grow back the next year. 

What is the Star of Bethlehem Flower?

The Star of Bethlehem flower grows during the winter months.  It comes from the lily family.  It will bloom in the spring and summer months.  They like to grow in sunny areas.  Be careful because these flowers are poisonous.  This flower represents the birth of Jesus.  There meaning has a lot to do with happiness and hope. 

Many newborn babies’ mothers receive a bouquet of these flowers to represent new beginnings.  If you are growing these indoors, make sure that its soil is moist.  A dried-out soil is a perfect recipe for a dying plant. 

You can’t grow the Star of Bethlehem around most flowers because they will die when meeting it.

What is a Carnation Flower?

The carnations technical name is Dianthus Caryophyllus. It is believed to come from the Mediterranean region.  Carnations are often given at funerals in bouquets and wreaths. However, they are also known as the perfect flower for someone that is on a budget. You can often buy a dozen white carnations for around $8.00.  If you buy them in red, white or pink, they can symbolize your affection for someone. 

The white carnation stands for luck and purity.  If you mix them in with white and red roses, it will bring out elegance. 

When you walk past carnations in your local grocery store, you will notice that they have a rather calming and soothing smell.  They smell rather “flowery”.  Many people like these because the white carnation can be sprayed to any color that you would like.  The good news is that the spray doesn’t take their smell away. 

Historians believe that carnations were first grown by the Greeks and Romans.  Carnations can often last for over 3 weeks when cut.  When growing carnations, its important to pinch, disbud and stopping. 

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