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What Are Perennial Flowers?

Perennial flowers are affordable for most budgets.  These flowers must be planted year after year.  Most gardeners don’t mind planting them since they look so beautiful and come in a variety of different colors. We will look at different kinds of perennial flowers. 

What is the Balloon Flower?

This flower is easy to grow and prefers full sun.  It can thrive in part shade as well.  When planting, the soil should be well drained. 

What Colors Do They Come In?

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • White

There are many double petal varieties.  They can grow to be 24 inches in height. The flowers open between the months of July and August.

Other Names for the Balloon Flower:

  • Chinese Bellflower
  • Kikyo-Root
  • Platycodon Grandiflorus

This flower is known all throughout east Asia.

What is the Black-Eyed Susan Flower?

This is another perennial flower.  It likes and thrives in direct sunlight.  The flower is known to absorb water when it rains.  Most people say that they don’t have to water the flower often as it takes in water with each watering. It keeps it looking vibrant and bold all the time.

The Rudbeckia Hirta has yellowish orange petals.  The center of the flower is more of a dark brown color.  This flower will bloom in the months of June to September. It will grow to be around three feet tall. 

These can be grown in your backyard garden and don’t require a lot of high maintenance. 

The Black-Eyed Susan is the official flower of Maryland. It became the states flower in 1918.  There are thirteen petals in this flower.  Many USA government officials interpret this to be the original 13 colonies of the USA.  The states flag colors are yellow and black as well. 

What is the Blazing Star Flower?

This flower will attract pollinators to where they are planted.  They come in the colors of purple and pink. You will often find these beautiful flowers in the Botanical gardens in your area.  They will blossom between July and September.  They have a beautiful grass looking foliage that surrounds them when they are grown. 

You can imagine that the bees, butterflies and bees are attracted to this perennial flower. In many cultures around the world, the Blazing Star flower is also knowing as the Gay feather. 

Good Things About the Blazing Star Flower:

  • They Attract Butterflies
  • They Are Great for Cut Flowers (Have a Long Shelf Life)
  • They are Bee and Bird Friendly
  • Deer Don’t Like Them
  • They Like Full Sun
  • The Open from the Top of the Spike Downwards

These flowers grow all over Mexico, Canada and the United States.  The flower is strong and can often grow in weak soil or soil that is not often watered.  It’s best to keep them in direct sun and their soil should be a bit on the gritty side. 

The roots look like a bulb.  If you are planting the seed from scratch, expect it to take 2 years to see results. It’s best to buy this seed that has already been growing for at least 2 years. This will save you a lot of time to see your results.

What is Bugleweed?

They are an evergreen ground cover perennial flower.  The soil is average and often well drained.  They prefer to grow in sunny or partly sunny areas.  If you have a garden with some shade, planting the Bugleweed in the area would be for the best.

They come in a white and blue color.  They grow to be around six inches in height.  Gardeners will often grow these flowers along walkways and porches.  They mix in well with other garden flowers.

Another name for this flower is Ajuga. There are around 30 different species of these as well.  Most of these species are in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Some gardeners like to call these flowers “creepers”.  They tend to creep up out of nowhere.  Many gardeners don’t even realize that these are in their garden until their season comes into play and then they start to grow suddenly. 

Many people like to plant these in areas where there is not much beauty around their home. Perhaps in a corner where there is not much going on.  These flowers tend to bring out the space to be a lot more attractive. 

Other Names for Bugleweed?

  • Carpetweed
  • Ajuga
  • Blue Bugle
  • Carpet Bugle
  • Evergreen Perennial

It is good to have circulating air around this type of flower.  This plant usually doesn’t need food unless its not producing well. 

It’s best to water Bugleweed once every 3 weeks.  If you plan on growing these flowers in Florida, makes sure to keep them cool by giving them some shade. The hot humid climate will often dry them up a lot quicker than most other climates that are not hot year around. 

What is the Clematis Flower?

The Clematis flower loves the full-on sun and partial shade.  Their soil should be consistently well drained.  These will bloom in the spring and summer months.  The vines on these flowers can grow to around twelve feet long. 

You can put the clematis flower around your windows.  There are over three hundred different species growing.  They do come from the buttercup family.  These are widely known throughout Japan and China. 

These flowers are often called travelers joy in Asia.  These flowers do need to be pruned during winter months.  It’s important to keep up with this as a lot of browning can occur during off peak seasons. 

If you grow these in places like Buffalo, New York, the cold weather will destroy them.  They don’t do well in snow and frost. The clematis flower will grow quickly. 

The clematis flower is often used by gardeners to add beauty to their garden. They often range in colors of pink and violet.  You will be able to see for yourself that when they grow, your friends will compliment them and wonder how you got them to look so beautiful and elegant in your garden.  As you can see, there are many different types of perennial flowers that you can grow.