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What is a Hibiscus Flower?

What is a Hibiscus Flower?

The Hibiscus flower comes from the Mallow family.  The malva has around thirty different species. This flower loves warmer temperatures.  Some cultures call them rose mallow. 

What Are Additional Names of the Hibiscus Flower?

  • Tropical Hibiscus
  • Hardy Hibiscus
  • Rose of Sharon

There are many hot and cold teas made with hibiscus.  They are served around the world. The tea has more of a tarty taste to it and is red in color.  It does contain vitamin C and many people call it passion tea

The leaves have a lobed margin and it is trumpet shaped. The large trumpet shape petals have around 5 to them. 

What Colors Do Hibiscus Flowers Come In?

  • Purple
  • Pink
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Peach

In the Hindu religion, Hibiscus is the Goddess Kali’s favorite flower.  Many people that believe in her give the Hibiscus flower in their worship. 

In many movie clips of Hawaii, you will often see the Hawaiian women wearing the Hibiscus flower around their neck.  Tahitian girls do the same. 

Sadly, the Hibiscus flower will only last a day.  Science is creating new hybrids that make the plant lasts for at least 3 days.  There is a new flower that replaces the old every single day. 

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to make the flower last longer. Unfortunately, this flower will bloom and then die within a die.  However, they will come back year after year.

How Can You Benefit from Hibiscus Tea?

  • Has been known to lower blood pressure.
  • It has been known to be used in medicines.

Your hibiscus plant will need plenty of sunlight. If you find that they are not blooming, its most likely because they are not getting enough sunlight.  They also need potassium. Without enough potassium, the flower will not bloom. 

If you are growing this flower in your backyard, make sure to plant it in a place where it gets direct sunlight.  If it is kept in the shade, it will be hard to bloom.  In order to increase its potassium, give it some fertilizer. 

What Are Other Types of Hibiscus Flowers?

  • Shelley Lynn
  • Val Deserre
  • Handsome Stranger
  • Amber Suzanne
  • Magicians Hat
  • Herm Geller

This flower is also close with the rose of Sharon.  The Hibiscus flower comes from the pacific Islands and Asia.  This flower is grown naturally in Asia.  It comes from Hawaii as well.  They are known to come in thousands of different colors around the world. 

Hawaiians began to take an interest in this flower during the 1900’s.  Many of these plants come from China as well.  In many cultures, this flower is grown in pots.  Warmer climates like Florida, Texas and Hawaii can grow these flowers year around. 

What Does Hibiscus Mean?

If you live in America, it means the perfect woman.  Men in medieval times would give the hibiscus flower to a woman that he felt was elegant and beautiful.  In China, a red Hibiscus would mean that you are wishing someone good luck.  A white Hibiscus flower would represent purity. This may be given to a mother that just had a baby. 

These flowers can grow to be around fifteen feet tall.  These flowers will also attract hummingbirds.  Hummingbirds tend to like the red hibiscus. 

The purple Hibiscus flower will tell someone that you feel a certain mystery about them.  You are feeling that there is something mysterious in the air. 

The herbal Hibiscus tea is known to help an upset stomach as well.  It also helps with bacterial infections and fevers.  Africans will often use this tea for constipation and the common cold. 

The leaves of this plant are rather smooth.