What Are Different Kinds of Pink Flowers?

how are pink flowers used
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Giving someone a bouquet of pink flowers lets them know that you have a crush on them.  They tell someone happy birthday and have a nice day.  The most popular are the pink roses and carnations.  Pink roses are saying that I think I am falling for you.  Pink carnations are often popular for creating a wreath for a funeral or for Easter Sunday.

What Are Different Kinds of Pink Flowers?

We are going to go through a few pink flowers and tell you about their popularity.

The Rose Thrift flower is good to give someone for a gift as long stemmed or grown in your garden.  They make great border flowers around pavements and driveways.  These flowers require full sun and partial shade.  The soil should be kept well drained and are sold mostly in the United States.

A Mandevilla is a tropical flower. These pink flowers are known to crawl along fences and yard space. They will grow all year around in moderate climates. If your weather is not freezing, you can take them inside of your home to grow.  These flowers require full sun and soil that drains well. 

The Mandevilla is also called a Rocktrumpet.  These flowers are grown in the United States, Mexico, South America and West Indies.  These flowers belong to the dogbane family.  These flowers first stated to get national attention in 1840.  These flowers grow in rather warm climates. 

They also come in a variety of colors to include white, pink, red and yellow.  Hybrids have been developed over the years. My grandmother in Florida likes to grow these in her flowerpots. She puts them on the front porch of her home.

Pink flowers growing outside
Pink Flowers That Grow In The Wild

This plant does require some shade.  It should get around eight hours of sunlight a day.  You should plan on watering this flower around once every two weeks.  When this happens, your flower will be a lot easier to take care of. 

These flowers tend to grow quickly. 

The Butterfly Bush is also known as the Buddleja.  This flower has around 140 species and are grown in Africa, Asia and the United States.  The species include deciduous and evergreen.  These flowers come in the color of pink, blue, yellow and red.  As the name suggests, the flower attracts butterflies. For some reason that is unexplained, the butterflies prefer hanging out on the pink Butterfly Bush. 

In many parts of the United States and Canada, these flowers are referred to as summer lilacs.  There is not a lot of care that goes into the Butterfly Bush.  They don’t require a lot of TLC. 

This flower has been brought to the United States from China.  When these plants grow, they grow in plenty. They are seen growing all throughout the United States in bulk when they grow.  The Butterfly Bush gets along well with other flowers to include dill, milkweed and aster. Its best to grow this flower in direct sunlight.  It is important to keep this flower well-watered. 

If you are thinking about putting fertilizer on these flowers, its best not to.  Too much fertilizer will kill the plant. They also may feel to bloom.  It’s a good idea to deadhead the flower every single year. 

These flowers will grow back every single year.  Try to put some mulch around them each year as they begin to grow.  You will see them blooming all throughout the summer months.  Don’t prune them in the months of fall, summer or spring. The Butterfly Bush can grow to be around twelve feet tall. 

Pink carnations are cheap
Pink Carnations Are Often Used In Funerals

Phlox Subulata is also called Creeping Phlox.  These flowers grow in bulk and grow quickly. They need to have full sun and must be well drained.  These flowers come from the family of Polemoniaceae.  These pink flowers will take years to mature.  It often takes around two years to reach their mature state. 

When planting, its important to make sure that the soil is well fertilized and moist.  These flowers will bloom for around 6 weeks if watered correctly and put into direct sunlight.  They tend to blend in well with other colored blooms.

These flowers will grow back every single year. 

Pink roses require around eight hours of sunlight every day. They like a well-drained soil and tend to grow great in backyards.  Around the world, pink roses are known for love, peace, purity and wholeness.

The great thing about roses is that they can be sold in any kind of arrangement. Pink roses come from Northern Persia.  These roses have also been found in many parts of Colorado.  Rose fossils have been found going back thirty-five million years. 

In Egypt, these flowers are sacred and even mentioned in religious texts.  Roses have been put into Egyptian tombs and put on wreaths.

In China, there are text about roses going back to 551 BC to 479 BC.  If you want to see your roses growing faster and more vibrant, use cow manure.  Severe pruning is often used to make the roses bloom better.

You can purchase rose bushes in most garden nurseries.  You can also purchase them on the world wide web.  The internet is a place in which things can be purchased rather easily and shipped all over the United States. 

Roses do like fertilizer and prefer to be watered about once a week.  Check the soil to see if it is moist. The soil should be medium moist. 

In order to create a pink flower garden, you can put most of these flowers together or look for different species of pink flowers in outlets like Cosco, Lowes and Home Depot.  I personally like to buy my flowers from Home Depot.  I find that I get the best “bang for my buck”. They also offer military discounts. 

I think that when you put together your garden, you will find that everything begins to flow and come together when you least expect. It’s always a good idea to have your creation put together with love.  I find that the best gardens are those that we create using our imagination. 

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