What Are the Most Popular Wildflowers?

Wildflowers garden
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What is a Wildflower?

As its name suggests, the wildflower is grown in the wild.  You will often find fields of these growing in one area.  The good thing about wildflowers is that they are not genetically manipulated.  The seed is created in its own natural form.

You will often find these blooms growing in mountains, the countryside and woodlands.  Every country has a different type of wildflower.  In the United States, a popular wildflower is the dandelion. 

In Europe, a well-known buttercup wildflower is the Ranunculus Acris.  Many people refer to wildflowers as weeds.  Some gardeners will kill the wildflowers or simply remove them from the ground before planting other types of flowers. 

The African Daisy is a type of wildflower.  Another name for this flower is Dimorphotheca Aurantiaca.   This flower is often seen growing in South Africa.  However, in the 19th century, it was brought to the United States and is often seen in many valleys throughout the USA. 

The African Daisy comes in many colors to include orange, yellow and white.  They are part of the sunflower family. 

growing purple wildflowers
Purple Wildflowers Growing Outside

What Are Other Names for African Daisy?

  • Blue Eyed Daisy
  • South African Daisy
  • Cape Daisy

There are around 50 different kinds of species in America today. 

What Are the Most Popular Wildflowers?

#1 The Alder flower is also called Alnus Glutinosa.  It looks like a trumpet and is covered with small flowers.  This family is part of the birch family of flowers.  This is often refereed to as Betulaceae.  There are around thirty-five different species living today.  These wildflowers are deciduous.  They are also refereed to being catkins. 

The red alder is the most popular.  The Alder flower likes to grow by water.  They can often grow along side of streams, wetlands and rivers.  Butterflies and moths will use these wildflowers for food. 

#2 The Barren Strawberry flower is also called Potentilla Sterilis.  Many people call these flowers white mini roses because they look like that from afar.  They look like a daisy with a yellow center.  These flowers mainly grow in North America.

#3 Celandine flowers are also called Ranunculus Ficaria. They are seen having eight “glossy” like petals.  This flower has three different types of species. 

The Species Include:

  • Stylophorum Diphyllum
  • Chelidonium Majus
  • Ficaria Verna

There are many benefits that are used from this wildflower.  The parts of the flower that are above ground are used to make medicine.  This includes the underground stem and root.

Wildflowers are red all over
Red Wildflowers Growing All Over The Place

This medicine often treats ailments such as: irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder disorders, chest pain, high blood pressure and much more. 

Medicines are also created using celandrine.  This includes ointment for skin rashes, scabies and warts.

The celandine flower is a poisonous flower.  It is toxic.  In many countries around the world, this flower is prohibited from being grown.

#4 The Coltsfoot flower is from the daisy family.  It is primarily used for medical purposes in the United States and around the world.  This wildflower is also known to treat respiratory infections, the fever and soar throats.  Some people say that it can also contribute negatively to cancer, blood clots and liver disease. 

On another note, it is often used for joint pain and gout. The Coltsfoot flower is often seen growing inside of ditches, in forest edges and roadsides. 

#5 The Dog Violet flower is round and is a violet color.  This has unscented flowers and can sometimes appear looking like a butterfly in the grass.  This wildflower is usually grown in Africa and Eurasia. 

What Are Other Names for the Dog Violet?

  • Common Dog Violet
  • Common Violet
  • Wood Violet

This flower can grow up to around eight inches.  It is often grown in forests, meadows and grazing along land.  It grows in May and June.  These are also grown in Finland. 

#6 Drummond Phlox are also called Phlox Drummondii.  They have a bright rose red color.  They come in pink as well.  They are usually 12 inches tall. This flower is often seen growing in Texas. This flower also grows in warmer climates in the United States (Florida, California). 

Other Colors It Grows In:

  • Red
  • White
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Lilac

The plant was named after a British flower collector named Thomas Drummond.  When he went to visit Texas, he sent these back to Britain between the year 1833 and 1835.  He was fascinated by these flowers.

#7 The Five Spot flower is also called Nemophila Maculate.  They come in a color of violet and white.  This flower will bloom in the spring months.  Many people will also call this flower baby blue eyes.

#8 Gold Yarrow is also called Achillea Filipendulina.  These flowers will open in the morning.  There petals will fall in the middle of the afternoon.  These flowers grow in pink and yellow.  These flowers originally grow in Europe. 

#9 The Great Switchwort is also known as Stellaria Holostea. This wildflower grows alongside of the road and hedges.  This flower is rather thin and delicate.  It is not considered to be a strong flower.

Wildflowers growing as pink
Wildflowers That Are Pink In Color

#10 Hazel flower is also called Corylus Avellana.  This female flower looks like a tiny red bush.   These wildflowers are often found growing inside of shrubs.  They are also grown in the Northern Hemisphere. They are part of the birch family.

What Are Other Wildflowers that Grow?

  • Iceland Poppy
  • Larch
  • Mealy Blue Sage
  • Pussy Willow
  • Rose Angel
  • Spurge Laurel
  • Texas Paintbrush
  • Toothwort
  • Wild Cherry
  • Bellis Perennis
  • Wine Cup
  • Winter Heliotrope

#11 The Winter Aconite is also called the Eranthis Hyemalis. These flowers start growing around Christmas time.  The bulbs will start to bloom in the spring.  They originate from Asian Minor. They can grow to be six inches in height.  This plant is poisonous and should not be in your garden if you have pets.  Dogs and cats will often dig them up and eat them.  However, it is toxic for them.  It is best to keep your garden pet friendly.  If you are worried about wild animals getting to your flowers, make sure to put a fence around them. 

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