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Why Do You Feel Far Away From God?

When you first get saved by the precious blood of Jesus, you are ambitious to read the Holy Bible.  You feel like you are on “fire” for him.  You feel his grace and know that reading the Holy Bible gives you strength, wisdom and direction. 

Why Do You Feel Far Away From God?

However, after a while, you may start to wander away from the word of God for a while. Perhaps you were entertaining sinful desires of the heart. Instead of spending time with Jesus, you decided to not go to church or read the Holy Bible.  Instead, you were entertaining your sinful desires and then started to walk away from Jesus more and more.  Yes, this can happen to any Christian that has a spiritual relationship with Jesus. 

Being born again is a responsibility of the heart. Being born again means that you are converting your natural “who are you are” to becoming Christlike.  Christians are called to become like Jesus when they decide to give their hearts to him.  Walking with Jesus is a lifestyle that calls you to not walk in sin.  When you begin to live in sin, you begin to avoid reading the Holy Bible, worshipping God or attending church. 

The main reason for this is because you know inside of your heart that you are living for your sin and you feel ashamed to read the Holy Bible.  The reason is because the Holy Bible will convict you of your wrong doings.  It will let you know what areas of your life you need to repent in.

When we want to live a lifestyle that we know is contrary to scripture, we can’t possibly read the Holy Bible and not feel convicted.  When we feel convicted, we know that we must decide to follow Jesus. There is no turning back and following the sinful desires of our heart when we have decided to decide to follow Jesus. 

When you asked Jesus into your heart, you decided to follow him.  You decided to turn your back on sin and to become born again.  You wanted to let Jesus know that you are no longer going to walk in a life that was displeasing to him.  However, loneliness and your sinful desires kept on barking at you. 

Your sinful desires kept on hounding you day and night.  They told you to have sexual relations outside of marriage, do drugs, get drunk, party with non-Christians, dress extra sexy to turn people on and much more.  Your heart was choosing to follow its own desires and to abandon the gospel that you once knew.  Instead of living for Jesus, you began living for yourself.

When we live for ourselves and not for Jesus, we begin to feel far away from God.  You cannot possibly feel or be close to God if you live in sin.  You know that God doesn’t tolerate sin and calls us to repentance.

What Happens If I Fell Into Sin? Will Jesus Take Me Back?

Yes, the Holy Bible tells us that Jesus will always forgive us.  It doesn’t matter how long we fell into sin; Jesus will always forgive us when we repent and turn to him.  Praise God that he has now given you an opportunity to re-commit your life to Christ. 

The sins that you commit will always make you feel ashamed when you repent.  It’s because the Holy Spirit will reveal to you the truth.  Perhaps you were walking in a lifestyle that was sinful and you couldn’t control yourself anymore.  You may have been lonely when you fell into sin and perhaps in bad circumstances.  This can happen many times.  It’s important to see that you don’t have to be ashamed of your past sins. 

Mankind may or may not forgive you. However, Jesus always will.  You may have been a thief, rapist or murderer.  The world may imprison you for these types of crimes.  However, when you repent of your sin and live for Jesus, he takes you back with loving arms.  The angels in heaven rejoice when a sinner repents.

Why Did You Choose Your Sin Over Repentance?

When loneliness creeps into the human soul, a person becomes tempted to fall into sin. Perhaps you were lonely and felt like you needed a soulmate in your life. 

Perhaps you wanted to have someone that would always love you romantically.  Perhaps you prayed to God and asked him to send you a soulmate and yet none came for you. It can be hard to be alone.  God said that we are not to be alone in Genesis.  God created Eve for Adam in the Garden of Eden. 

When we fall into sin, it comes in stages.  At first, we feel a resistance to sin.  We know that what we are being tempted to do is wrong.  However, we ponder it repeatedly. Eventually, we come to find ourselves reaching our last sorrows. 

We are tired of resisting this temptation.  We are tired of being alone. We pray and pray and yet see no change. This is when temptation becomes the hardest to resist. 

When we fall into sin, its hard to get ourselves back on track with Jesus. It’s because our sin is part of our physical makeup.  Sin comes natural to us.  Living a life of holiness is not natural.  It takes hard work to be born again and to resist “being ourselves.”

When we start to fall into sin, it begins to take over us.  Sometimes, you can live in sin for years and see no way out.  However, when you finally repent and look back at your sin, you are shocked that you even did such things.  When the heart gets consumed with living out our sinful nature, we begin to become everything that Jesus tells us not to be. 

Sin helps us to not feel lonely.  Loneliness is the main reason why we fall into sinful living. It’s because we get to fit in with the rest of the world. We begin to see ourselves through the eyes of others and it’s a carefree life. You don’t have to worry about reading the Holy Bible or pleasing God.  You become like the prodigal son. 

How Can You Feel Close to God Again?

In order to start feeling close to God again, you need to repent of your sin.  Examine your heart and see in which areas you are sinning. Next, do Bible study every single day. 

As you begin doing Bible study, you will feel the Lord pricking your heart to change certain ways about yourself to make it more pleasing to him.  God wants our hearts and to see us repenting and coming to him. 

It’s important to learn and grow with Jesus. If you don’t read the Holy Bible daily, you will feel away from God.  It’s the Holy Bible, worship and prayer that brings us to the master of all creation.

How to Get Over Shame and Guilt from Disobeying God

It’s not easy to look back at your life while you were living in sin. You may regret a lot of the decisions that you made.  You may feel like you were not acting Christlike.  You may realize that your sin is not who you want to be in Christ. 

Getting forgiveness from God is easy. You simply ask him for forgiveness through Jesus and repent of your sin. God forgives you quickly. However, the mind does not forgive so easily.

Our human nature is to think about all the wrong that we did in our lives. Our conscience will speak loud and clear to us. We will often think of everything that we did wrong as we sit back and relax. 

In order to forgive ourselves, we must first apologize to the person/s that we offended and realize that they will not forgive us as easily.  However, our conscience will tell us that we must say I am sorry to those that we offended. 

After this, we must work on forgiving ourselves.  It means that you must see yourself as a sinner that is not superhuman.  No matter how “Christ like” you are, anyone can fall into sin.

Even Peter the Apostle feel into sin when he denied Jesus three times.  He knew Jesus and yet could not take a stand for him.  That must have hurt Peter and he had to live with that on his conscience forever.  Even king David had a man killed so that he could take his wife.  He knew what he was doing was wrong and yet did it anyways to please his own lusts.  This can happen. 

In some cases, a person’s reputation gets ruined.  Your community may never forgive you because they fear that you may do the same thing again.  However, you can only show the world that you are sorry for what you have done and obey God. 

Realize that your reputation may be ruined with man, but not with God. God knows the heart. He knows if we are truly sorry and gives us a chance to start over again. Praise God for his everlasting forgiveness. 

The Bible tells us to aim to be perfect as Christ is perfect. However, it’s hard to be this way when our fleshly desires eat at us day and night.  However, as Christians, we fight a spiritual war.  It is a war of spirit.

Don’t aim to please the world or to show them that you are going to now be perfect. Instead, aim to please God only and tell him that you are sorry for all that you have done.