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Signs of the End Times: Are We There Yet?

Signs of the End Times: Are We There Yet?

Is It Scary To Think About The End Of The World?

The thought of the world coming to an end as we know it is scary.  Is it possible that the earth will see an end time day?  According to the Holy Bible, the world as we know it will come to an end. 

Many Christians and non-Christians alike have been talking about the end times for centuries.  Many men and women make predictions that the world is coming to an end based on opinion. However, let us investigate some facts about end time events and when the world will truly come to an end.

What Are the Signs of the End Times?

In 2 Corinthians 5:10, we read the we all must stand before the judgement seat of Jesus Christ.  Our Lord will judge us for the good and bad things that we have done in our lives.  The Bible says that we will receive what is due to us whether it is good or bad.  In the end, each of us will be judged. This is a good indication that what we do each day will be heavily looked upon by God.  We must always try to please God and walk in his ways.

In the New Testament, John 14:3 tells us that Jesus Christ is coming back for his followers.  The purpose of this is so that we can join Jesus in heaven. We will be where he is at.  This is a time to rejoice if you are a Christian.  This is a promise that Jesus gave to us and it’s a blessing to know that there is life after this life.

Is There A Specific Date of Jesus Return?

Unfortunately, Jesus did not give us a specific date of his return.  In Mark 13:32, the New Testament tells us that the angels nor Jesus knows when he will return. It says that only God the father knows.  This means that he can come back at any minute. 

When you hear of preachers or people saying that Jesus will return on a specific date, don’t believe them. The Holy Bible tells us that nobody knows the answer to that question. Jesus could raise the dead but couldn’t tell us when he would return. There are certain things that we are not meant to know until God decides.  Nobody knew the exact date when God would destroy the earth with a flood. However, he promised that it would happen, and it did indeed occur.  Christians must always prepare themselves and be ready for Christ return. 

Will Everyone See Jesus Return?

The Holy Bible tells us in Matthew 24:30-31 that Jesus return will include trumpets sounding his return and everyone being able to see him in the sky.  He will be coming for his elect to return with him to heaven.  The Bible is clear that everyone is going to see him. 

When a man or woman says that they are Jesus, don’t believe them.  The first sign is to see Jesus in the sky and “All” eyes will see him.  There will be no question that this is Jesus. 

In Philippians 3:20-21, the Bible tells us that we have a citizenship in heaven.  The Bible tells us here that our bodies will become like Christs.  No longer will we be flesh and bones. Instead, we will become like Jesus.  This is a true blessing and miracle from God.  If you ever felt out of place and like earth is not your home, you are right. Christians are true citizens of heaven. 

Should We Know the Exact Time of Christs Return?

In Acts 1:7-8, the apostle Luke tells us that we are not to know when Jesus will return.  It’s important to know that people will be partying and having fun when Jesus returns. It will be like it was in the day of Noah.  Daniel 12:1-2 reminds us that some people that are dead will receive eternal life and others will go to hell. 

How Will People Act During the End Times According to 2 Timothy 3:1-5

  • Lovers of Self
  • In Love with Money
  • Arrogant
  • Proud
  • Disobeying Parents
  • Unholy
  • Ungrateful
  • Unappeasable
  • Heartless
  • No Self Control
  • Not Loving God
  • Brutal
  • Reckless
  • Treacherous
  • Lovers of Pleasure
  • Conceited
  • Not Lovers of God
  • Appearing to Be Godly, But Are Not

Doesn’t this sound like the times we are living in right now?  The apostle Paul warns us to avoid such people.  This means that most people around you are those that you should not associate yourself with. It will not be easy since many of these kinds of people have infiltrated Christian communities. 

Should Christians Be Picky About Their Friends?

As a Christian, I am picky about who I hang around.  Hanging around sinful people causes me anger because I can’t believe that they are so disobedient to God.  They are hard to be around if you are saved.  Of course, I can only minister to them. However, most of these kinds of people listed above reject the gospel and instead want to do whatever they feel like and live out their sinful desires. 

Matthew 24:7 tells us that every nation will rise against another.  There will be war and famines.  There will also be earthquakes.  Remember that on March 27, 1964, an earthquake that was 9.2 magnitude struck near Alaska.  It was the biggest earthquake to ever hit the United States. 

Also, Hurricane Katrina brought in 175 mile per hour winds that caused catastrophic damage. After that, hurricane Irma was predicted to hit Florida as a category 5.  Thank goodness it didn’t strike the entire state.  It was expected to cause catastrophic damage and be more horrific than Katrina. 

After that came Hurricane Dorian. That was supposed to be worse than Irma. It seems that hurricanes and earthquakes are become more common and stronger each time. 

Daniel 12:4 tells us that knowledge will be increased. The 20th century brought the past world into a world of high and advanced technology. The world never saw technology grow so fast. Today, the internet has allowed the entire world to communicate with one another within seconds.

A Sign Of The End Of The World

Jesus tells the disciples in Matthew 24:1-51 that another sign of the end of the world will be many people claiming that they are the Christ and deceiving people. It says that they will lead many people astray. We see people all over the world claiming that they are the messiah.  However, the Bible is clear that all eyes will see Jesus coming in the clouds with trumpets blasting and the dead rising and joining Jesus in the sky. 

Today, the gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached to the entire world.  Read Matthew 24:14. The gospel has been preached now for over 2,000 years and the entire world has heard of Jesus.  Television and the internet have also spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This means that Jesus is ready to come back at any moment. We don’t know the date or the hour.  However, the signs tell us that its here. 

Will Many Christiand Depart From The Faith In The Last Days?

In 1 Timothy 4:1, the Holy Bible tells us that many Christians will depart from the faith and follow deceitful spirits.  We see this happening today more often then ever.  Ex Pastor Joshua Harris announced that he was no longer a Christian.  Today, its hard to live our life as a Christian.

Jesus said that these times would come 2,000 years ago. He is not the only Christian leaving the faith. Most Christian churches are saying that they are having to close churches because people are not going to church anymore as they used to. 

Will False Prophets Arise In The Last Days?

Another sign of the end times is false prophets rising. Read Matthew 24:11. Today, psychic hotlines, horoscopes and astrology are being followed by millions of people every single month.  These so called “false prophets” are misleading people by the millions. 

Today, lawlessness is at an all time high.  We live in a time in which people are disobeying God’s laws and man’s always by the millions. This has caused people to become cold and angry. 

Love has grown cold as the bible says it would in Matthew 24:12. Many Christians and non-Christians alike feel the nastiness of many people and no brotherly love.  You may feel this at work or simply walking down the street. The lawlessness of lost souls has caused people to take on this attitude. 

It doesn’t feel good when your husband or wife is cheating on you. How about friends with benefits types of relationships that people are doing now. Using one another for sex only.  Dating apps and websites that encourage promiscuous behavior.  Many people dating in the world today feel used and mistreated. Most people today feel unloved, uncared for and unwanted. 

There is a lot of distress amongst the nations now a days because of the roaring oceans.  Warm waters are causing major hurricanes to hit earth like never seen in history.  Luke 21:25 tells us that this is one of the end time signs.  Hurricanes are literally flattening entire countries now a days.  Most countries are shaking in their boots every hurricane season hoping that their country will not have a catastrophic hurricane. 

What Is The Mark of the Beast?

The Holy Bible tells us that in Revelation 13:16-17, there will a time in which all people on the face of the earth will have to wear a mark on their forehead or right hand to buy anything.  The technology is here.  Computer chips have already been invented for this to happen. It will just take government officials to agree that all must have this mark to buy anything.  It will be “hell on earth” for Christians that refuse this mark. 

The Holy Bible reminds Christians that it will not be easy to live on earth, but we must rely on God for everything and to resist sin and demons. 

If you think that the world couldn’t get any worse, you are wrong.  The Bible tells us that the world will become so bad that if it were not for Jesus return sooner, no soul on earth would be saved.  However, the Bible says that because of the “elect” of Christ, Jesus will return to save us from this catastrophe (Matthew 24:21-22).  Yes, we are living in the end of the end. Even Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic church announced that this is the beginning of the end times. 

As you can see, everyone seems to be saying that they feel that the end of the earth is close.  Everyone no matter if they are Christian or not feel it.

The Holy Bible says that false prophets will do things that make people want to follow them. Read Matthew 24:24 and see how this will happen.  Despite all of this “hell on earth happening”, the Bible tells us that whoever endures to the end will be saved (Matthew 24:13). As hard as it gets, Jesus says that we must endure to the end. 

Will Christians Be Put to Death For Taking A Stand For Jesus?

In the book of Matthew 24:9 the Bible says that Christians will be hated by all nations and be put to death.  We are coming close to this prophecy coming true.  Many nations are hating Christians and millions of people wish that we were exterminated from the earth. 

Matthew 24:29 tells us that after the tribulation, the sun will be dark.  The moon will not give light. It also tells us that the stars will fall from heaven.  This will be some bad days.

The Bible tells us that when we see these things, the end is here.  I believe that the end is coming very soon. Read Matthew 24:33. Things are getting very bad in the world.