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Should You Give Up on Your Dreams?

Has God Placed A Dream In Your Heart?

When God places a dream in your heart, its important to never give up on it.  At times, you will feel that what you are trying to accomplish will never happen for you. It’s only natural to feel like everything around you is not going to work out. Perhaps you have tried multiple times to make something work for you and its simply not working. 

If God has given you a dream, its important to work your hardest to get that dream moving along in your life.  You may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Should You Give Up on Your Dreams?

If you have a dream for creating a Christian ministry, its important to accomplish that dream.  You may never know exactly how its going to happen. However, you must push yourself because you don’t know what God has in store for you. 

Your first step is to build whatever it is that God has laid on your heart. Perhaps you feel that he has called you to minister to other believers and unbelievers alike. If you feel like your goal is to fulfill a destiny, that is understandable.

Ask yourself, “Would I be doing what I am doing now even if I didn’t get paid to do it?”  The reason why I ask this question is because in life, we should always do what we believe God has put inside of our hearts.  If you are the kind of person that wants to accomplish a certain dream, you should know that God will see that dream through for you.

You may not know it now, but there is a finish line. You may be starting out on your dream and may not know which way to go with it. Perhaps you feel that you have been trying to accomplish a certain goal and don’t know where to go. 

What if Your Dream Is to Become a Full Time Blogger?

Today, many people dislike their job and often wonder if they could ever do something that would make them feel happy.  For many, its writing.  Blogging allows you to write about a topic that you will enjoy sharing with other people. It’s important to always write about something that you are passionate about.

I am passionate about the Christian faith and I would write about this topic than anything else in the world.  I believe that if you have a good outlook on your life, you should write about something that excites you. 

You may wonder if your blog will ever amount to anything. Many bloggers feel discouraged about writing a blog for several months and not seeing the results from having many readers. This is a normal part of being a blogger.  Most blogs don’t take off in their first year. In fact, it often takes a blog 2 years to become successful. Along the way, you will get people linking to you from social media and other websites. 

It’s important to just write about something that you feel is put on your heart.  For me, its often about seeing what the Lord has placed upon my heart for the day.  I often wonder about life and the way in which I am called to minister to others. 

I find that blogging is a great platform to reach people.  You can literally touch thousands of peoples lives through blogging. You may not know it now, but your blog will someday be able to reach many people from all walks of life.  You must ask yourself what your next goal in life is going to be once you start your blog. 

If you want to someday retire from a secular world of working and blog full time, you will have to put a lot of time and effort into your blog.

Blogs that get thousands of pageviews a month are those blogs in which someone has taken a lot of time to write and put together. I find that blogs are often fun to read when you know that someone has put their full-time energy into it. 

I like to visit blogs that have a lot of topics to write about.  I find that being a Christen writer allows me to open my heart and mind to people that feel the love of Christ as well. 

I know that as a Christian, I am called to minister to others.  Churches today seem to be losing parishioners.  However, you can still reach people for Jesus Christ by writing a blog post about a topic. 

Most people come to my blog looking for advice on love, dating and spirituality. If you can give someone what they are looking for, you can gain a lot of readers.

When I first started, I felt a calling to write for Jesus.  I didn’t consider myself to be the best writer. However, I knew inside of my heart that it was a dream of mine because I have always wanted to server the Lord. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have a master’s in divinity. However, I have read the Holy Bible several times and consider myself to be a prophetic minister for Jesus. I give prophetic words to people as my full-time career. 

My website began to touch people and I am happy to say that my website now touches many people’s lives that I haver never met before.  It’s my hope that when someone comes to my blog that they can get something from it. Above all, I see my blog as being impactful and easy to understand.  Many people tell me that when I write articles, it touches their lives. 

I write about topics that most people want to learn about.  Never write about something that you are not passionate about.  You need to always fulfill your dream and allow God to show you the way.  The only way to understand life is to ask Jesus to guide you along the way.  I find that in life, you must ask God to guide you and then run after what he shows you. 

Your dreams can become a reality when you put your mind to it.