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Should You Allow Your Girlfriend to Hang Out With Your Boyfriend?

Should You Keep Other Women Away From Your Boyfriend?

When you fall in love with a guy, you are going to want to keep other women away from him. It’s simply human nature and trust issues that you are dealing with.  If you have a “hot” looking girlfriend, you may not want him to be around your boyfriend. 

When two attractive people come together, its possible that they will allow their lustful desires to one another.  It’s understandable as to why you would not want to see your female friend come together with your boyfriend. After all, there is a high probability of them sleeping together.

It’s always best to hang out in a group.  It’s always best to let your boyfriend know that you will not allow him to hang out with any of your female friends alone.  If he does, let him know that this could be a relationship deal breaker. 

Yes, it happened to many other women before. They allowed their friends to hang around with their boyfriend and then something sexual happens.  Later, the friend confesses to what happened and you have a friendship and romantic relationship destroyed.  It’s better to avoid all that and focus more on your relationship with him and less on worrying about what he is doing behind your back when you are gone. 

Should You Allow Your Girlfriend to Hang Out With Your Boyfriend?

Today, relationships are not what they used to be.  In fact, relationships today come and go.  They often don’t last for more than a few months. If you have a relationship that is lasting for years, consider yourself to be lucky.  You don’t want to have anything jeopardizing that relationship. 

Also, let your girlfriends know that its not okay for them to be hanging out with your boyfriend when you are not around.  Let them know that the friendship can be over with if they break your code of ethics.  Let her know that you don’t think that its cool at all. 

Expressing your feelings from the start is necessary if you are going to maintain a good friendship and great romantic relationship.  Everything happens for a reason and you don’t want to see either one of your relationships destroyed. 

Is It Hard To Find A Good Girl Friend These Days?

Finding a good friend these days is hard.  You often must scream out loud for someone that has integrity.  It’s possible for you to look at your life and feel like you are moving things ahead.  You can have a good friendship and a happy go lucky relationship with the person that you are with if you keep things intact. 

Friendships are easiest when they involve only you and the person that you are friends with. Once you start allowing your boyfriend to hang out with your friends, gossip begins and so do the feelings of, “Are they doing anything behind my back?”  It’s important for you to uphold a certain standard for yourself. 

As the saying goes, nobody will stand up for you unless you stand up for yourself.  It’s the way that life works. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the world today that don’t believe in anything working out to their advantage.

Sometimes, you must open your mind and heart to something that truly matters.  Allow yourself to see that you can take on new challenges and go after what you believe is right for yourself. 

Should You Break up The Romantic Relationship if You Catch Him Cheating?

A question that you need to ask yourself is, “Should I stay with him if he cheats?”  Unfortunately, romantic relationships typically don’t do well after one partner goes out of the relationship sexually. You are going to have to decide on whether the relationship is right for you. 

In my opinion, you will never forget that he cheated on you and sometimes that level of anger will never change. You don’t want to live your life throwing up in his face that he cheated on you. If you can’t forgive and forget, then you must leave the relationship behind you. 

It’s hard to say I forgive you verbally. It’s a lot harder to forgive him with your heart. If you continue to put guilt trips on him about sleeping with your friend, he will end up leaving you anyways. 

Your man will feel guilty at first about what he has done. However, he won’t feel guilty forever.  Eventually, he will call the relationship quits if he feels that you are still angry and bitter at him. He will want you to feel that you can trust him again. If you can’t, he will sense that by your words and actions.

It’s important to let him see that you are not going to take a lot of nonsense either.  However, talking bout the cheating affair should only happen a few times. If the same conversations continue month after month, you will only destroy the relationship even more. 

Should You Cut the Friendship Off If Your Girlfriend Slept With Your Boyfriend?

Trusting your friend after they have slept with your boyfriend is not going to be easy. You will never be able to trust them again.  It’s hard to forgive and forget.  Most friendships fall apart after your friend has betrayed you. It’s best to let the friend go and invest your time in a new friend that would not sleep with your man behind your back. 

Often, friends that sleep with your boyfriend will do it again at some point in your life. At first, they will remember how they crossed you to begin with, so they will respect your relationship.

However, if they don’t have a man of their own and get lonely, in the right circumstance, they can sleep with your boyfriend.  In my opinion, people like this don’t really change and you always must watch your back with someone that you are dating.

Its best to have friends around you that you can trust fully.  You don’t need to be looking over your shoulder every single time you are dating.  That will only bring more sadness into your life.