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The Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Love Connection

Do Aquarius Men Love Controlling The Relationship?

Aquarius men often want to be the one in control of the relationship. He is often the kind of guy that wants to put his feelings out there. He likes to talk about what is on his mind and inside of his heart. He is going to want to tell you the deepest secrets within him as he gets to know you more. 

Most Aquarius men have been hurt by love and therefore don’t accept love as easily.  They will often put love aside until they have dated you for awhile to test the waters a bit. 

The Aquarius Man and Leo Woman Love Connection

Leo women tend to be lovers as well. They want and expect honestly from their relationship. They often want to be with someone that will always stand by their side and stay connected to them forever. It’s hard to imagine yourself being in a situation that makes a lot of sense. 

If you think about it, the Leo and Aquarius connection works well because of the love that you can put out in the relationship.  In order to make the relationship work out well, the two of you are going to have to get creative. 

Aquarius men like to talk about topics related to their work and investments.  The Leo woman will find that he wants to talk about his daily affairs on a regular basis. The Leo woman must understand that she can’t be herself around him all the time. 

Many Leo women have a “take charge” type of personality. They want to make sense out of a tough situation. They often want to feel like they can move things ahead and learn what the future is going to be all about. It’s best to do things together in a daily basis.  Go to the movies or visit friends together that you can both enjoy being around. 

If you think about it, Aquarius men want to feel and be accepted by those that they are around. Leo women are often strong and don’t care if someone likes them are not.  They are not known to be people pleasers. Instead, the Leo woman wants to show others who she is and that can come across as being a tough personality to some of the other zodiac signs. 

Leo women are often creative and artistic by nature. They like to show off their creativity by putting it on a canvas or expressing it through an artistic means.  Many Leo women take on jobs as counselors, pastors and psychics.  They like to make people feel that they can receive a shoulder to cry on. They also give good advice to the other zodiac signs. 

Can You Make Love Work?

Yes, the two of you can make work for various reasons.  Your zodiac signs desire marriage, family and growing old with the person that you have married.  Its not going to be easy to build trust because the two of you have both been burned before.

It’s important to learn about one another through regular conversation and date nights. When it comes to romance, you are a true match. The two of you want and need passionate kissing, sexual intimacy and a caring love that has meaning. 

You both want to give of yourselves and show that you care.  You need to remind one another of why you are together. For the most part, giving one another love notes and romantic massages will light the fire for the love that you both needs. 

It’s important for you to look at your lover in the eye and tell them what you feel for them from the start.  It’s always best to communicate love from the first week that the two of you meet. Your connection is so strong that most people will not be able to understand it.

How to Please a Leo Woman

You need to communicate with her often.  Let her know how you feel and why you have chosen her over other women. The Leo woman wants to know that she is your best choice and not someone that is replaceable.

If you want to win the heart of the Leo woman, you must open yourself up spiritually. She is often into spiritual topics. She wants to know that you believe in a higher power and someone that will always want to be together with you.

When you share your innermost thoughts with your Leo woman, you will come to see that you didn’t make a mistake. She will keep your innermost secrets safe. She is not the kind of person that gossips.  She is the kind of person that wants to tell you what she feels and how you can make her happy as well. 

How to Get an Aquarius Man to Marry You

As the saying goes, “don’t give him the whole cow if you want him to buy the milk.”  This means that you are going to have to think like a 1930’s woman.  This means no sex before marriage and certainly don’t live together.

If you do, he will not feel like he needs to marry you because he is getting everything already that he wants. Unless he is highly spiritual, he won’t see any reason to walk down the isle if he can have it all without a marriage certificate. It’s a situation that you will have to learn if you do take the plunge with him and give him the “goodies” before marriage. 

Believe it or not, women in the 1930’s knew how to get a man to marry them.  They withheld sex and this often made the man hunger more deeply for them.  It’s important to think a little bit old fashioned and try to understand why women back then kept their man for 30+ years.

Everyone wants to celebrate a golden anniversary when they are old. However, so few get to do it.  In today’s world, relationships often come and go. However, the universe has given you a unique opportunity to be with someone that you can be with forever. However, you need to play your cards right. 

Do Aquarius Men Like Compliments?

Tell him a good thought when you feel like you can bond with him.  If you are pleased with something good that he did, let him know it.  He will want to tell you that his love for you is only going to grow and get stronger with you.

It’s always a good idea to let him feel like you are ready to take things to a higher level. You don’t have to worry so much about negativity building if you constantly are making him feel good. 

Don’t gossip about him behind your back. Let him feel and see that you have a plan to make him come together with you. If you think about it, you can make him become someone that is easy to understand, and you can cherish him for the person that he is as well.

Do Leo Women Want Loyalty?

If you plan on going out at night, make sure that you let your Leo woman know where you are at. She doesn’t like mystery. You don’t want her to suspect you hanging out with others in bars or clubs without her.  She wants to know that when she looks at your phone, you are not texting another woman. 

Leo women want to know that they are being singled out for love, change and hope.  A Leo woman will always put you first and let you see that their heart is open for whatever you give to her that is positive.

Once she sees that you are loyal, she will move her heart to always be together with you and show you how she feels. Love is something that makes her feel more at peace with you.

It’s important to always look at your life and feel like you can trust and have a good opportunity for change. You need to feel like you can work out your differences. 

Try to choose friends that like the both of you. You may need to find other couples that like to hang out and do things together. You may find that when you are with someone else, you laugh and have fun together. It’s important to know that you are well liked as a couple. 

In business, try to work together.  If you both work for different companies, try to arrange your schedule so that you can both bonds well together when you get home from work. 

Try to work the same hours and you will come to see that everything works out for the both of you.  You will be able to see for yourself that trust is important, and you can easily learn what the future will hold for you as well.  Let your relationship blossom over time. 

If you have a fight, make up quickly. Aquarius men and Leo women tend to forgive one another easily.  They don’t want to hold grudges either. 

You can have a successful relationship if you put your mind to it.  Learn your future by learning more about one another.