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Should Your Career Come Before Your Romantic Relationship?

Should You Choose Love Or Your Job?

It’s a hard decision to have to make when your boss is demanding you to be at work more and your boyfriend wants you to hang out with him at the same time.  What’s a girl to do when they must choose between their boyfriend and their career?

The Pros and Cons

  • Your career will always be there for you and your relationship may not be.
  • He may choose his career over you someday. 
  • You may need to make more money because you know in your heart that he can’t provide for you financially. 
  • You may feel that he spends his money on himself and leaves you hanging to pay the bills.
  • He feels that you should make more money than him. 

Life is about making choices. There is a good chance that he will not be around five years from now. Most women today find that they need to keep on working well into their 60’s and even 70’s.  Having a man take care of you and your family are long gone.

Most women today say that they cannot assume that their man will always be able to provide for them.  Women today are taking a stand for themselves and choosing career over love because at the end of the day, you must find a way to put a roof over your head if you end up alone or if your man leaves you. 

Not All Romantic Relationships Are the Same

Its true that not all men are the same.  Many men stick with the same women for years and even a lifetime. However, this is becoming rare in the 21st century. 

If you look at your grandparent’s generation, things were often different. The mentality was different. Your grandparents may have stayed together for 20+ years and made the relationship work.

However, in today’s complex world, most men and women break up over silly things.  Most men and women break up because one is getting home to late from work or someone didn’t take out the trash at night. 

Should Your Career Come Before Your Romantic Relationship?

The mentality of most people today is that if the relationship is not working for you, then its time to find someone new. Long gone are the days that people stayed married or even together because of commitment. Remember the vows, “Till death due us part?” Today, most people have a different mindset. 

Today, the real vow is, “Till you do something that pisses me off, I will stay with you.  If you do something wrong, your out of my life.”  Yes, you may be feeling or seeing the same thing.  You may find out that your friend is dating someone today and they are with someone completely new the next year.  Yes, times are changing. 

If you ask me, its best to put your job over your love life because you will always have to work and often in the same career. If you are a dentist today, you will most likely be a dentist ten years from now. 

You may work for a different company, but you are still a dentist.  However, you may be dating Mr. Joe today and then tomorrow, you are dating Mr. Edwards.  Love is not a sure thing anymore. 

However, if you are with someone for 10+ years, there is a good chance that your relationship is working out well.  It’s important to have more balance and to spend more time with your lover than work. I say this because relationships that last more than 10 years these days is rare. You clearly know your man and what he is all about. 

You should consider spending more time with him and cutting back on work because he most likely has a stable job as well and the two of you share in the finances. 

You may find that its easier to depend on him. Always hold onto your job in case he ever left you, but don’t be consumed by it if he wants more time with you. After all, love like this doesn’t come around every day. 

Should Your Job And Romance Be Split Equally?

In my opinion, share your work and love responsibility equally. If you can’t handle the work overload, its time to find a new job or simply a new career. It’s important for you to understand your life a lot more differently than you did before.  Learn how to create balance in multiple areas of your life. 

Nobody likes to feel that you are putting your job over them. However, in today’s world, its about choices.

If you do a lot of relationship hopping, then its best to always put your career first and not love. This is because you don’t have a good track record with keeping a lover in your life for very long. The time invested in your relationship could have been invested in your career instead. 

Do You Really Want Love To Work For You?

If you really want love to work for you, then perhaps you may need to work on yourself and find out why your relationships always seem to end.  Only you can determine why something is working for you and why it is not. At times, we may not know fully why something is working to our advantage.  We need to only discover what the future is going to hold for us later down the road. 

I find that love is something that we all need and want.  I think that as it grows in our lives, we tend to go after something that we want and feel like we need. 

If you truly want to give a shot at love and your career is getting in the way, you must give love a shot and then decide later down the road if you made the right choices.

Over time, we should have an awareness of what works for us and what doesn’t. If you are tired of being alone, you are not alone. Everyday, millions of women around the world are sad because they don’t have a man that will love them. 

In today’s world, you must be smart about your love life. Don’t expect love to be there for you as your parents found love. Many times, love is not going to burn bright for you. Take your time when it comes to love and learn to listen to your heart and the facts of life.