Your Business Plan Isn’t Working Anymore

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Should Christians Obey The Word Of The Lord?

When a door closes for us, another window opens.  As Christians, we are taught to obey the word of God and to follow God’s plan for our lives. It’s hard to change direction if we have been doing something for so long. 

If you have been running your business a certain way for years, you may expect it to keep on working for you because it has been working for so many years already.  However, there comes a time in which what we are doing no longer works. 

However, when God closes the door on your business plan, he opens a window for you to do it another way.  What used to work may no longer work for you. 

making a business plan work
Business Plans Can Work If Its God’s Will

Your Business Plan Isn’t Working Anymore

When I first started my business in 2004, I can remember visiting with a salesman that worked for the Yellow Pages. At that time, it was important to be listed high in the yellow pages so that you would be the first person to call when someone was looking for a business. 

I can remember the salesman telling me that he has some lawyer clients that spend six figures a year or more advertising in the Yellow Pages.  He says that they even buy out the back covers. 

I knew that the salesman had a point.  Getting mass exposure is what every business need in order to succeed.  At that time, I bought a Yellow Page advertisement for exposure and it did get me some calls for my business. 

However, in 2006, I began using internet advertising because the Yellow Pages weren’t working for me anymore.  I started to build a website and learn that I could build an entire business on the internet. 

The internet was an inexpensive way to advertise your business back in 2005.  Hardly anyone knew about pay per click marketing and advertising online. You could often pay only .10 cents a click to land a client. 

In 2019, the idea of paying for pay per click cheaply is no longer heard of.  It has become just as expensive as advertising in the Yellow Pages. 

Should Christian Business Professional Adapt To The Times?

As Christian businessmen and women, we must adapt with the times and ask the Lord what we need to do next in order to succeed.  For most businesses, having success in a pay per click campaign is difficult.  The cost to land a paying client is often more than $200.00 a person for many industries. 

Ask God to bless your business
Business Plans Work When We Pray

If you are in business for yourself, we are living in changing times once again. Search engine optimization is becoming harder as well because many businesses are pumping out content daily.  It is getting harder to rank on top of the search engines. 

What are you supposed to do if you can’t get business via the internet anymore because you are no where to be found?

It seems that we are going backwards in time now. I am finding more companies turning to television ads, print ads and word of mouth advertising for their businesses.

Big business seems to have taken over the internet marketing and advertising for the most part.  It will be hard for small businesses to market their business. 

How Long Will It Take For Your Business To Be Noticed?

It’s going to take time for you to get your business noticed in today’s world no matter what you do.  In order to reach higher levels of success, you will have to work for a big corporation until your business takes off. I say this because you will need to earn a salary until the doors open for you.

It’s important to follow God’s call upon your life.  When you do this, God does open doors for you in his own way.  The Lord will show you what his will is for your life and then do it. As the saying goes, “Where the Lord guides, he provides.” 

If you are looking to get into the ministry, you need to think like an Apostle.  The Apostles left to preach the gospel around the world with no money. Jesus told them to go and he would provide for them as they traveled.  The Lord never disappointed the apostles.

 At times, they would have to work traditional work and do the ministry at the same time.  There is nothing wrong will having multiple streams of income to support the work that you are trying to do.  In fact, it will probably keep you busy.

When it comes to marketing yourself, there is no easy answer now a days. All that you can do is try to accomplish your goals as best as you can.

If the Lord is opening a door for you, take it. You will feel that his door is a lot easier than the one that you are trying to take.  You may be stuck on some old idea that used to work.

new business plans for the year
Are You Ready To Put Your Business Plan Together?

Can You Dominate Your Business in Search?

Perhaps you used to dominate a certain keyword on Google. Now your website can’t be found. You may be trying hard to fight for that position again. You want to reach the top of the search engine so that you can get exposure for your business once again. However, you may be beating a dead horse. 

If what you used to do is no longer working, change direction.  Go after what works now.  If you still have a passion for what you are doing, take another direction and try something else.  You may think that it a new direction will not work for you because you already know what works. However, your old direction is dead. 

It doesn’t work anymore.  Be flexible for change.  Show God that you are willing to do things his way.  When we say, “Yes Lord”, God can work with us. 

You may not know how you will earn money just yet with this new way. You may say, “What if it doesn’t work?  What if I am wasting my time? How will I earn money? 

Will my business grow if I change direction?”  Yes, it will be scary, but you must try something new. Along the way, God will show you what is working and what is not. It’s important to show God that you will be obedient to him. 

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