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How to Care For Rabbits

Through time rabbits as pets as different from rodents for fur, breeding or meat – have gained enormous popularity.

To make it simple we’ll take a look at the five major region – home, eating, exercise, health/grooming and perform.

  1. Housing

An increasing number of folks are opting to get their bunnies reside inside together instead of outdoors. Inside bunnies Require a pen or crate using the following:

Litter tray – utilize a high sided one (rabbits spray pee horizontally) and put in a corner since rabbits prefer using corners because their bathrooms. If your bunny appears to prefer 1 corner over a second then move into the favorite corner.

Food bowl – hefty ceramic is greatest as rabbits like to tip those over! Vinyl is a clear no-no. A bored rabbit may easily chew this and be quite sick.

Hay bag/basket – eaters adore hay plus they require a continuous supply of this to supply the crucial fibre they need for their own digestion. The chewing gum also grinds their teeth down naturally. It’s a great idea to hang on their hay basket onto the side of the cage so it stays clean. Putting it at the hutch isn’t a fantastic thought as rabbits have a inclination to walk it over and even urinate inside.

Water bowl or jar – instructing your bunny to drink out of a jar is almost always a fantastic idea. The water stays fresh and the crate will remain drier. Failing this place utilize a bowl very similar for their own food bowl ie: one they can not tip over!

Nesting/Sleeping box – your bunny will need someplace to sleep and hide as it needs some peace and quiet. The 2 holes are significant as bunnys will need to understand they’ve got an escape path. Insert a hay for heat. Your bunny will even likely chew this but that is good – who’d say no to breakfast ?!

  1. Feeding

A rabbit’s diet ought to be composed mainly of hay (70 percent ) then blended green vegetables (1 cup per 3lb) and ultimately tiny quantities of snacks (5 percent ) such as carrots (yesthese really are cure foods since they are high in natural sugars), apples & pears (no pips, they are poisonous ), apples, pears, raisins, berries, pear etc.. )

Hay is very important to your bunny. It’s low in carbs and high in fiber and can be import for the two maintaining teeth ground down and to the bun’s digestive tract.

Much was written about feeding and if a diet of pellets is the most acceptable food for rabbits. Remember that beans were designed as a high calorie meals for breeders in order their anglers gained weight fast and better deal with the stressful environment of a breeding situation. And do not require such high carbohydrate, higher protein foods. Feeding a diet of pellets might be connected to the elevated rates of home rabbit obesity found now. In the event you decide to feed pellets track your bunny’s weight carefully!

Fresh water has to be accessible constantly.

  1. Exercise

Rabbits require at least two hours exercise daily. Now do not believe you have to be minding your walking shoes and catching your bunny’s leash – though many anglers can be trained to walk on a tap!

You might opt to allow them to roam your home or outside. We can not stress enough the problem of oversight. Unless your entire house or backyard is bunny proofed you need to follow your bunny really carefully. They love to float so can easily dig to your next door neighbor’s home or eat something that they should not.


It’s extremely important that you deal with your bunny often. This manner you can develop a bond with your bunny and understand when something isn’t right. Grooming your bunny provides you with an chance to get this done.

Rabbits are extremely clean animals and devote a great deal of time grooming themselves. Unless you’ve got a longhaired breed such as an Angora or even Lionhead that must be dressed twice per week, your bunny will need little grooming.

Rabbits shouldn’t have release out of their noses. Seek advice from your rabbit-friendly vet when yours does because they might have the event of snuffles that is a cute sounding although not adorable to have respiratory disease.
Assess his teeth frequently. With healthy teeth that the top incisors should only reach over the lower incisors rather like the way the pair of scissors matches together.


Taking care of your rabbit involves not only looking after their material needs (water, food, shelter etc) however their psychological ones too. There is not much better than watching your bunny performing a binkie – that the rabbit equivalent of leaping for joy!

You do not need to purchase expensive toys. Tie a hot piece of lettuce using a series and make your bunny to chase together after it. Or assemble them a rustle box from a shoebox and crispy autumn leaves. This one is just limited by your creativity.

Rabbit maintenance in 5 simple steps!