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Is Astrology Making a Comeback in the 21st Century?

Has Astrology Made A Comeback?

If you listen to the news, it may sound like churches are closing and people are not as religious as they were in previous generations. However, with the millennial generation now leading the way, astrology has made a comeback. 

Is Astrology Making a Comeback in the 21st Century?

Astrology started to take notice in the United States during the 20th century.  World famous psychics like Edgar Cayce and Jeanne Dixon began to take effect.  People began to think “outside of the box” with modern day religion. Men and women were beginning to feel as though they wanted to feel more freedom in the way that they worshipped.

In the 21st century, millennials are taking more of an interest in astrology charts and matching up their zodiac sign for love interests.  It is becoming common for men and women between the ages of 18 and 50 to focus more on their astrological sign and less on the spiritual faith that their parents raised them in. 

It seems that millennials want a lot more freedom than their parents did. Astrology doesn’t put any kind of restraints on you or how you choose to live your life.  In modern day religion, it is often practiced with following certain rules and laws. 

It is estimated that around 1 out of every 3 people believes in the afterlife or some sort of existence beyond death.  If you practice astrology, you are going to be familiar with reincarnation.  This is a spiritual belief that the soul gets reincarnated every time that we die.  This concept is also practiced in Buddhism and the Sikh religion. 

Astrology teaches that everyone must live a good life in order to reach a higher level of peace and love. If you are a good person, your next life will be a lot better than this one was. If you are a bad person, then you will come back a lot worse. Perhaps you will live your next life as a rat or bug.  It’s important to see your spiritual existence as something that evolves if you are practicing astrology. 

How Old is Astrology?

Astrology goes back around ten thousand years.  Historians often say that it originated in India and others say it was in ancient Egypt.  Astrology is mentioned in the Old Testament and is believed to have been a worldwide belief at one period in history.  It is obvious that the ancient world took astrology seriously. 

Many people that follow astrology believe that the planets speak to us.  Many people believe that astrology speaks to the heart and that every soul has a destiny.  It teaches that the time and date of your birth will determine what outcome you are going to receive. 

Astrology teaches you that your destiny has already been written in the stars. However, you do have the power to change your destiny based on your life choices and what you choose to do.

What is an Astrologer?

Many people today are getting psychic readings with professional astrologers.  They are doing so because they often have questions about love, money, career and spirituality.  You may find that its easy to connect with an astrologer because they are on many websites. 

The internet has opened a whole new world for people that want to practice astrology.  Astrologers will map out a person chart based on their time and date of birth.  When the astrologer does this, they are letting someone knew what their future is going to hold based on their astrological chart. 

In order to become an astrologer, a person must learn all 12 zodiac signs and understand how to put together astrology charts.  Anyone can become a professional astrologer.  All that you must do is put the time into learning more about astrology.

A good book author to learn from is Linda Goodman.  She wrote many good astrology books throughout the 20th century and become a #1 best seller.  Her books can help to educate you in the area of astrology. 

What Will Happen with the New Silent Generation (A.K.A. Generation Z)?

If you are born in the year 2000 or after, you are known as the new silent generation.  Our present-day world seems to be moving further away from modern day religion. Many historians believe that modern day religion will continue to decline and spiritual beliefs like astrology will be the new norm for most people. 

Astrology is a spiritual faith that has no real rules.  There is no “pope” or head “bishop” to make the rules or the laws. Instead, spiritual communities get together and talk about astrological signs and what they can offer someone else that may have a question about their future.  It seems that in the future, people are going to keep on going after something that excites them in the area of astrology. 

Psychic hotlines often receive 80% of their calls from women that read their horoscope on a weekly basis.  The psychic industry is mostly dominated by women between the ages of 18 and 45.  These women often have questions about their love lives. Men that call into the psychic lines are often concerned about money, work and their career.

People often have different reasons as to why they want to talk to a psychic.  There is no right or wrong reason for speaking to an astrologer.