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What is My Gemini Horoscope?

What is My Gemini Horoscope?
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What is My Gemini Horoscope?

The Gemini zodiac sign is ruled by the planet mercury.  You are a quick thinker by nature and tend to solve problems rather easily.  You are fair person and try to put things into proper perspective. 

Geminis are communicators and therefore, the planet mercury carefully predicts that they will be a lot more friendly and outgoing.  However, in today’s 21st century world, millennials are defying the odds of mercury. 

Many Gemini men and women are finding that they are more silent because of computers.  Many millennials prefer texting over talking.  Therefore, communication is changing, but not get self-expression.

Geminis have a great deal of curiosity in their being.  They want to discover people, money, careers and everything else that you can get out of life. Gemini men and women often want to explain their perspective on politics, recreation, history and much more. 

How Many Different Peronalities Does A Gemini Have?

Geminis are known to have more than one personality.  One of your personalities is used at work.  You know, the smiling face and I have no problems personality.  However, outside of work, he/she is expressive in how they feel.  Geminis like to feel that they can be “real” with friends and family around them. 

Gemini men and women want to make sure that they are being heard and cared for.  On a day to day basis, the Gemini may be happy and sad.  They are good at expressing feelings and tend to get upset rather easily.  However, the Gemini often feels that expressing their suffering to others helps them to cope with their everyday life problems.

What Is The Love Life of a Gemini?

In love, a Gemini often has relationships that are meaningful.  The Gemini often prefers long term companionship than one-night stands.  Most Gemini men and women want to know that the person that they are getting to know will amount to either a long-term relationship or marriage. 

For a Gemini, trust is everything.  Without trust they feel that the relationship is not worth investing their time in. 

Opposites do attract the Gemini.  Geminis will often feel drawn to someone that they feel is loyal and devoted to them.  You can have different personalities and yet if the Gemini feels that you are loyal to them, then they will love you. 

What Is The Two Face Side of the Gemini?

If you cross a Gemini or if they feel like you are going to betray them somehow, they will be the first to talk about you behind your back.  Until the Gemini finds their soulmate, they are always looking for their second half. 

If you want to be associated with a Gemini, you should always know that they are known for saying something about you behind your back.  Yes, they are known for telling your personal business to other people.  This is often a difficult situation for most people. 

If you plan on having a Gemini as a friend or lover, its important to know that you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You never know what the Gemini may be saying behind your back.  Therefore, the Gemini s often represented as having two faces.  One minute your friend and the next minute your enemy behind your back.  Smiling at you to your face and then stabbing you in the back the next.

How Is Gemini At Work?

Geminis tend to work in professions that require creativity. A Gemini man or woman wants to be able to feel that they can connect with people that have like interests.  They do well in professions having to do with law, beauty, medical and blue-collar jobs. 

Gemini men and women want to feel appreciated on the job. They want to be rewarded for a job well done. They tend to enjoy regularly pay increases or knowing that their business is growing from year to year. 

Gemini men and women are independent and are often managers or workers that want to provide value.  They look at their work as helping others and assisting those that they feel called to help. 

A Gemini man or woman wants to show their true personality on the job. However, working in corporate America today doesn’t allow them to do that.  The Gemini often must put on their alternate personality of being happy at work and never having a problem.  Of course, this is what the customer wants to see.

It’s important for the Gemini to set career goals.  They do best when they have a plan.  When they can say that in X amount of years, they will be doing this or that.  Sometimes this requires training or schooling for long periods of time. 

Geminis can feel rather depressed if they don’t feel challenged at work.  If they feel like their job is boring, they will often leave it for another one that looks more appealing.  They will often go after something that they feel drawn to. 

How Are Geminis With Family Members and Friends?

Geminis love family and friends.  They get their energy from connecting with people that will hear them out when they have a problem. They often enjoy getting together for the holiday or having family memories to look back on. 

When they get married or live together with someone, their hope is to have children of their own.  Gemini men and women make great parents. They are often giving of themselves and showing that they care for everyone else. 

Gemini men and women always want to feel like they can do something that will make them feel happy. Geminis always want to give of themselves and show that their mindset is to have change in positive ways. 

The Gemini will often try to bring the family together if there are troubles.  They only stay away if they feel that they have lost all hope and that nothing can be done to repair the damage. 

Do Geminis Believe in Karma?

Yes, Geminis are known for believing in karma.  They often believe in the saying, “you reap what you sew”.  Its important to note that a Gemini tries to do the right thing all the time to avoid creating bad karma for themselves or other people.   They often want to see everyone else around them doing well also.

Geminis tend to be highly spiritual people inward. They often have a faith in God and spirit.  They often want to know that they are contributing to the world to help it become better. 

Gemini men and women tend to have their own set of beliefs. Each Gemini is spiritual and different in their own way.  Most Geminis want to have an understanding as human nature.  It wants to show the world that it deserves love, understanding and respect.  It’s important to allow the Gemini to come to terms with what they want to achieve in this life. 

Since the Gemini is born between May 21st and June 20th, they have an amazing outlook on respecting religion. The Gemini man or woman doesn’t believe that everyone must accept or believe in what they believe in.  They believe in religious freedom for all and want to share their faith and beliefs with those that are willing to listen.