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How Aggressive Should A Woman Be with Her Boyfriend?

How Often Should You Text/See Him?

Let me guess, you are wondering if you should be texting/calling/seeing him regularly.  Should you be initiating these types of actions?  Should you let the “man be the man” and have him chase you instead?  This is a question that many women are starting to ask themselves. How much aggressive behavior is to much? 

Many men today think of a woman as being his weaker half. He often sees her as being his significant other, but not the one that should be chasing him. 

However, you also have men today that want the woman to chase them. He may have been taught by a previous generation to not chase a woman. This guy may have been taught to let the women come to you. 

How Aggressive Should A Woman Be with Her Boyfriend?

Today, the roles that men and women play in society is a lot different than it was three decades ago. The internet makes it a lot easier for anyone to get in touch with you if they truly want to. 

In order to answer this question of, “How aggressive should you be with your boyfriend?”, we must look at some facts first. 

You first need to know what kind of guy you are dealing with.  If you have just met this guy, its important for you to not push him to hard one way or another. 

If he seems into you, text/call him once. If he doesn’t text or call back, it means that he is not interested. This doesn’t mean that an hour goes by and you hear nothing. This means that you have given him at least a week to get back to you.

You may think that giving him a week is to much time. However, there are still a lot of men that think the “old fashioned” way of doing things.  Many men think that if they text/call you back to soon, it means that they are a boring and desperate man looking for a woman.

He may have been taught that you must make a woman think that you are too busy for her.  If you have a man that thinks along these lines, then being aggressive is a must. 

How Do You Know If you are Texting/Calling Him to Much?

If you text/call him once, you shouldn’t do it again until he texts/calls you back.  He is trying to tell you that he is either busy doing something else or he doesn’t want to be bothered right now.

The fastest way to lose a guy is to text/call him repeatedly.  You want him to talk to you, but this behavior is self, juvenile and self-serving. 

Respecting your boyfriend and his boundaries says a lot about your own personal character.

Do All Guys Want to Be in Control?

All guys don’t want to be in control and many men prefer having their girlfriend taking charge.  In order to find out what kind of guy you are dealing with, its important to see how aggressive he is in pursing you.

It’s important to not text/call him during your first two months of dating. In this way, you can see what his true nature is.  What will happen if you don’t call him?  Will he come chasing after you or simply let you go? 

You will learn a lot about your boyfriend by simply letting him do most of the communicating. Most men say that they prefer keeping chats to a minimum.  Most guys don’t like more than two text/calls a day.  They usually prefer only one unless he reaches out to you first.

It’s important to ask yourself what you are willing to put up with and what you are willing to not deal with.  After all, he is not the “boss”.  However, if you want to keep a good man in your life, its important to find out how aggressive he really is. 

Should You Live with Him?

Living together is a big step. Before deciding to move in with him, you will need to find out if he wants this to happen first.  Many men don’t want to live with their girlfriend. He may feel that he is getting everything that he wants with you without having to live together.

In today’s world, its okay to ask him to live with you if you feel that he is leaning towards moving in together. Perhaps he mentioned it to you briefly at some point in the relationship. 

However, don’t keep on asking him if he wants to move in together.  If you asked him once and didn’t get a direct answer, he is clearly saying that he is not sure yet. He is still trying to test the compatibility of the relationship.  He will often tell you how he feels and what he is wanting in his life overall. 

If you do choose to live with your significant other, let him see your love and what you both mean to one another before moving in.  Find out if he needs a lot of personal space. You may be surprised that living together can either make you or break you. 

If your boyfriend is the kind of guy that wants his own space and freedom, living together would not be a good idea.  The reason for this is because you will want to see and spend quality time together. He will often feel that this smothers him, and he will often make you feel unwanted. 

Everyone is not capable of living together for various reasons.  If he is a more aggressive man, he will often want to make your home specified to his tastes.  Not all men will agree with your style of living.  Make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Now that you have some basics down, you can make a better decision.  Remember, don’t be over aggressive with your boyfriend if you know he doesn’t want you to be.  You can’t change him into being what you desire him to become.  You will need to take a step back and think about what you are getting yourself into.