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Is a Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman a Twin Flame?

Are Sagittarius Men Loyal?

Sagittarius men are highly loyal.  They trust easily and receive trust back in return.  Their connection to the Aquarius woman is not always so perfect. Aquarius women don’t trust easily and often don’t believe in what someone is saying. 

The Sagittarius man may wonder if he is being interrogated by her constant questioning over his life.  She likes to dig for information and won’t stop until she gets what she wants. 

Is a Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman a Twin Flame?

The Sagittarius man is not into game playing or having someone dissect his life.  He is more laid back.  The Aquarius woman often wants to let her man know that she is wanting love and marriage/long term relationship.  However, she has been burned many times before and won’t have a man hurt her again. 

Aquarius women evolve around planet Venus nicely.  She often doesn’t understand why people want to cause pain and sorrow in one’s love life. However, her mistrust in others makes her weary of any new love that may come into her life. 

In order to make this love bond work well, your twin flame connection is going to need some work. Many relationships these days come with work needing to be done.

There is nothing wrong with that.  Not every relationship is going to be a fairy tale. Many women feel like they need to have someone in their life that understands and appreciates them. 

It’s important for the Sagittarius man to see that he must earn the respect and trust of the Aquarius woman. 

How Is Sagittarius Men and Aquarius Women Romantic Compatibility?

Sagittarius men want to see love for what it is. He is often the kind of guy that is opening his arms to the Aquarius woman after work. He wants to make her feel like she can trust and count on him.  He is the kind of person that feels like he must become a lot more expressive. The Aquarius woman often wants to get romantic with her Sagittarius partner. 

These two zodiac signs have a powerful and loving sexual relationship.  You can imagine that their nights are full of love, passion and soothing one another.  It’s important for the Sagittarius man to know what his Aquarius woman likes in the bedroom. She won’t settle for anything less. She knows that it takes a man that understands her to get to the root of who she is as a person.

Sagittarius men want to feel like they can take charge and learn how to operate on a level that all will understand. 

The Aquarius woman often feels that she wants to experiment in the bedroom. Don’t be shocked if she ends up taking full control. Yes, she has a way of getting what she wants and working around the Sagittarius man. 

It’s important for these two zodiac signs to feel like everything is not okay at first. However, spending more time with one another will both allow you to see that something new is on the horizon and will make the two of you want more of one another. 

There is a sexual bond that forms between the two of you on a regular basis.  The two of you enjoy spending time alone and often tell your friends to not bother you after certain times.

How Powerful Will Your Relationship Be?

The time that you spend with one another will allow you to have either a powerful relationship in the future or one that is more of a dead end. Talking with one another makes sense. Especially since the two of you can look at your lives as a future that will always bond together.

It is possible that you look at life a lot more differently than other people do.  Therefore, the two of you were brought close together.

You need to always feel like there is something new happening in the relationship romantically.  Aquarius women are not looking for boring guys. You need to find something that is exciting and stimulating. It’s a fact that the two of you can have strong love, but passion will make the Aquarius woman pleased.

Do Sagittarius Men Love Passion?

The Sagittarius man is not to be made light of either. He loves passion, sensual massages and something that makes him feel more connected to you on a romantic level. 

Most Aquarius woman don’t know that the way to a man’s libido is through his feet.  Yes, giving him a foot massage before you want something to happen in the bedroom will make him more aroused than you ever thought possible.  The foot supports the entire body. 

If they are sore and not relaxed, he will be excessively tired and not want to give you much in the bedroom. If you can’t stand touching your lover’s feet, make sure to make an appointment for him at the massage parlor. This will be an important part of your romantic compatibility. 

Most men and women of these zodiac signs don’t understand one another or what their needs are.

Will Arguing Happen Regularly Between A Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman?

Unfortunately, Sagittarius men and Aquarius women argue a lot. They have the tendency of wanting to argue over everything and anything that happens in life.  Many times, the two will argue through text or simply in person. They don’t always agree on anything.  However, they have a high attraction towards one another. 

In order to make this relationship work, one of you is going to have to be more of the listener and not the talker.  Aquarius women have a way of making the Sagittarius man feel uncomfortable because he will sense that she is trying to question him a lot.

It’s important for the Aquarius woman to not make the Sagittarius man feel like he is being interrogated.  We know that you are only trying to get to the truth and the bottom of what you are trying to find out. However, making him feel that he is on trial is something that you don’t want to do. Making him feel like this will only make him run away.

It’s important to not twist things. Don’t skate around saying, “I am sorry.” If you know that you have done something, don’t try to make yourself look better by giving him an attitude.  Admit your wrong doings and move on from the moment.

Aquarians have the tendency of not wanting to look bad when they have done wrong. They will often try to hide the truth because of their shame and guilt.  However, this doesn’t work with the Sagittarius. He wants to hear you say that you are wrong. Granted, if he is wrong, put him in his place. 

How Often Should You Lead the Relationship?

Aquarius woman are leaders in love.  They let the Sagittarius man know that the relationship must be equal. She wants a 50/50 partnerships. However, some Aquarians want a 60/40 split and she wants the 60. 

Aquarians tend to go after what makes them feel fulfilled.  She often wants to plan vacations, get togethers with family and friends. She wants to be the person that can unite and bring love together. She doesn’t want to have friction with outsiders. 

It’s important for the Sagittarius man or woman to feel a sense of fulfillment.  He wants to know that he can fulfill you as well.  He wants to give you some fresh ideas to make you see that he is no “light weight” when it comes to using creativity. 

You must always find a common ground with one another.  Leading the relationship means that you know what your partners limitations are. 

When it comes to texting and talking over the phone, know that the two of you must learn how to relax together.  If one of you texts your significant other two much, it may be nerving wracking and a relationship deal breaker. Follow the rule of texting only one time. If your partner doesn’t text you back right away, know that he/she doesn’t want to be bothered right now. 

Take your time when it comes to communicating.  You must follow your own heart and know what your partners limitations are as well.  By respecting boundaries, you are showing that you can respect your partners boundaries and show yourself as being a calm and gentle leader. 

Should You Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Relationship?

Your friends and family often want to know about your love life.  Never tell your friends or family anything negative about your lover.  If you do, you will regret it later. Even though you will go on to forgive your lovers mistakes, your family will not.

You will find that they come to despise the person that you are with. When it comes to family get togethers, you will feel unsortable because they will make it clear that they don’t like him/her. 

Your family and friends will always remind you of what your lover did to you and that you must always be careful.  It’s important to not involve those closest to you in your romantic life. You will be surprised that your family/friends will hold a grudge against your lover forever. 

It’s important to understand that your family/friends don’t see your lover the same way as you do.  They don’t look at him/her as being the prince or queen that you are in love with. No, they just look at them as someone that is in your life now. 

If they leave, then a new one will come along.  You don’t want to get yourself wrapped up in that mess.  Keep your problems to yourself. If you need to vent and talk your problems out, talk to a psychic or spiritual counselor that you don’t have any connection within your circle of friends/family.

In this way, they won’t be able to attack you or have ill feelings towards your lover. If they do, no harm done. You can simply cut them off and find another psychic or spiritual counselor to help you. 

If you go down the road of always calling your friends/family members when a problem arises and complaining, they will ask you why you are with your lover to begin with. 

They won’t be able to see that you are into your lover because you love him/her.  They won’t care about that.  They will always ask you how the relationship is moving along and if your lover is still doing bad things to you. 

Will You Have Feng Shui In the Household?

In order to keep your relationship loving and having feng shui in the household, its important to keep your relationship between one another.  If its abusive, get out.  There is no need to talk to anyone about that.  You know what you must do. 

Every relationship has its problems. There is no such thing as the Hollywood love relationship that lasts forever with no problems.  However, learn how to work out your problems with your lover. If he/she isn’t right for you, move on from the relationship. 

Sagittarius men and Aquarius woman are known to stay together. You shouldn’t have that much of a problem making the relationship work if you follow the rules of respect and love for your partner. 

Many relationships fail because of a lover going outside of the relationship and gossiping about their lover to their family and friends. Nobody wants to be made to look like the bad man/woman.  You must respect your lover by not making them feel uncomfortable to be around your family and friends.

If you are the kind of person that gets heated and then calls a friend or family member to tell them your problems, don’t do it with your love life. You will regret it. You will come to see that your family and friends need to stay out of your love life because it will only come back to haunt you later down the road. 

It’s important for the two of you to learn how to work on your problems together. Learn what works for the two of you and what doesn’t.  You will come to see that your relationship does work with some patience and understanding.