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Why Doesn’t He Want to Text Me?

Millions of women today are facing reality that their “man” doesn’t want to text them backafter they have texted them.  It is hard to imagine that your man doesn’t want to text you back after you have been trying to get a hold of him for a while.

You may wonder what you are doing wrong and if there is a way to get him to text him more.  I have a few simple solutions for you that do seem to work for most women. 

Why Doesn’t He Want to Text Me?

Today, women are used to thinking about love as being equal.  They want to feel like they have equality in their romantic relationship. They want to feel that they can take charge and give the man what he needs through her own eyes. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Before you pass judgement on my words, listen to what I have to say first. 

Women in the 1920’s knew how to keep their men.  Women were often married for 30+ years.  Their men wanted to stay with them and not leave. For the most part, it was unheard of for a woman to be divorced.  In today’s 21st century world, at least 50% of all women will find themselves divorced at least once in their lives. 

In order to understand how men, think, you are going to have to understand how your woman ancestors thought. In my opinion, they knew how to keep a man and to not have him run off with another woman. 

For starters, woman in the 1920’s didn’t chase a man.  Instead, it was a worldwide held belief that men needed to chase the woman.  It was his duty to get her interested in him enough to make her want to stay with him. It was hard work for a man. He had a lot of competition with other guys wanting to win the woman of his dreams heart. 

Men would often go to work and come home feeling lonely if he didn’t have a wife. He wanted to desperately have a woman by his side to love.  Today, the world is drastically different. Many men today feel that they can text multiple women throughout the day. Today, it seems that more women are chasing men then men are chasing women. 

What is the Reason For Him Not Wanting To Text Me?

The reason why men don’t text back or chase a woman as much as they did in the 1920’s is because he doesn’t feel a reason to. Women have become too predictable for men. Most women think alike in society. They believe that texting a man multiple times will get his attention. 

The man often blows off the woman’s text because he knows that she will continue to text him. It’s almost like he is looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future.

The man often always feels like he no longer must chase the woman because she is chasing him. Most men think alike as well. Most men only want to text if they have something to say. Most men today think that there is no need to text unless you have a reason for doing so. 

Most Men Do Not Like To Text Back And Forth

Most men aren’t into texting back and forth. In fact, most men feel that texting to much often leads to disagreements, arguments and it doesn’t give him enough time to miss the woman that he is with. 

Many women feel the opposite. She often feels the need to text her man because she feels lonely. Many women today feel alone in the world.  They often feel that her man is not only her lover, but friend as well. Without him, she feels lost, alone and uncared for. 

When a woman texts a man multiple times a day, she is looking for attention.  He doesn’t want to text you because his needs are not your needs.  Most men feel that they are often to busy thinking about work and making money. 

They are not thinking about just talking for the heck of it. Most men feel that talking through text is a waste of time. Most men feel that if its not important, why bother texting.  It’s much better to talk in person.

Do Men Still Like To Chase A Woman?

Nearly 90% of all men feel that they want to be the one to chase the woman.  It makes him feel like a “man”.  It also gives him time to think about which woman he wants to be together with. 

Most men say that when a woman is on his mind, he prefers spending time with her in person.  He often doesn’t want to be texting her on the phone or talking by phone. Instead, he would rather connect with her face to face. He wants to tell her how he feels and that he is into her.  He wants to have passion in the connection that he has with her as well. 

Millions of men today feel like they have lost the chase. They often feel like they are being “hounded” by the woman that they once wanted to get close to.  It is a biological fact that woman like to talk more than men because their brain can think faster than a man’s brain. 

Therefore, woman is often thinking of the next thing that they want to say while a person is talking to them.  They are not processing the full sentence of the man. They are already trying to think of the next thing that they want to say to him. 

Are You A Woman Thinking Like A Man?

It’s important for women today to think like a man if they want him to text more.  If you want him to text more, chase him less.  This method has worked for women since the beginning of time.  You may say that this is “old school”.  However, more women today are lonelier than ever before in history. Most women are finding themselves to be either divorce, single or in a relationship that seems to be leading nowhere. 

Many women today feel that their efforts in love are not working and that they want to experience a man really wanting them. They want to feel that he is chasing them and not the other way around. This is often the case for most women.

Women today don’t seem to understand why their men don’t want to talk to them as much as they do.  They often wonder if something is wrong with who they are.   However, men don’t want to talk as much as women. Men often prefer focusing on their work and taking care of problems that arise.  However, most men are not wanting to sit around gossiping/talking about the latest trends happening with celebrities. 

Why Is He Backing Away From You And Not Texting?

If he is backing away from you, it means that you are chasing him to much.  You will never come to understand your man if you don’t stop doing the chasing.  Men by nature are hunters and want to be the one to lead a relationship. Even though we live in a 21st century world, most men today are not having a 21st century mindset. Of course, there is always the exception to every rule.  However, you will find that most men today think alike. 

I once had a friend named Mike that loved his girlfriend.  However, he told me that she was crazy because she texts him too much. He said that he wished that she would stop texting him throughout the day. It drove him up the wall because she was so needy.

In his eyes, her constant wanting to talk, and text was driving him away.  Eventually, he began to ignore him completely. I would watch him get a text and then see him rolling his eyes.  He would say, I feel like I am a woman being chased by a man. I hate it.  He wanted to feel more masculine. His girlfriend was not allowing him to do that.

His girlfriend was interested in getting his attention, but not giving him enough space.  All Mike wanted was to have a relationship in which he felt like he could be the man.  He felt like his girlfriend was emasculating him. 

That was the first time that I had ever witnessed a man saying this.  Mike told me that most men feel this way.  They feel like texting and cell phone calls have gotten out of hand.  Mike wished that cell phones and texting were not invented.

Even though he loved his girlfriend, he broke up with her because he couldn’t take the nonstop text happening throughout the day.  He felt like he was being nagged to text her back every time that she text. If not, she would ask him if he was with another woman or if he was no longer in love with her.

Mike was trying to balance social life, work, love and family life.  He couldn’t do it with his girlfriend always thinking that something was wrong because Mike wasn’t texting her back fast enough. He wished that she would just text him one time and then wait until he texts her back. 

Why Do Most Women Want To Text A Guy Nonstop?

Most women today say that they can’t text just once. It’s almost like buying a bag of potato chips. You can’t just have one chip and then not continue eating more.  Most women today feel like they must keep on texting their man until he responds and won’t stop texting until he texts back when she wants him to. 

If this sounds like you, I hope that this advice can lead you down the right path.  You may have to sit back and rethink your strategy and if its working for you. If its not working, know that you are not alone. 

The world is rapidly changing for men.  Most men today watched other men growing up and having to chase the woman.  When he now enters the world of equality, it becomes a shell shock.  He doesn’t know what to think or even how to act. Men are trying to figure out what is right and wrong to do with the opposite sex. Today, men often feel that they must come to terms with what works for them as well.