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Tell Your Boyfriend That He is A Fat Ass Guide

Tell Your Boyfriend That He is A Fat Ass Guide

Can You Help What You Are Attracted To?

You can’t help who you are attracted to.  A lot of women these days find it hard to connect with their lover in the bedroom because they feel that he is a bit to fat. It is hard for women to talk about this because they are afraid that they will hurt their lover’s feelings. However, if he is not turning you on in the bedroom, that could be a problem.

It’s important to understand that you are not alone in this matter.  Millions of women across the world are often stuck looking at their lover that has not changed their appearance in a long time. Perhaps you have been working on yourself and want your boyfriend/husband to do the same.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend That He is to Fat

It’s important for you to address this issue with him because you will not be happy until you do.  Romance and having a physical connection with him in the bedroom are important. You will not feel satisfied until you have had the kind of guy that you fantasize about. 

Many times, a woman will leave the relationship because her man is not “hot” enough for her.  She will often feel ashamed and embarrassed to say this to his face.  She will often hold back because she feels like its hard to tell him that he is not doing it for her anymore. 

Many guys often wonder why their lover is never in the mood for something romantic.  He may be wondering if its him or that you are just not feeling up to it.  However, if you hide the truth from him, its only going to get worse.  Here are a few tips are how to tell him what you are feeling. 

  • Tell him that you love the person that he is and don’t want to leave the relationship. 
  • Let him know that if he could just spend some time on losing weight, it would excite you more. 
  • It’s important to let him know that you are working on yourself to keep in good shape and that he should to. 
  • Let him know that its not his personality that bothers you, but his weight. 
  • Let him know what kinds of guys you are attracted to.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell him that you are attracted to another guy that looks a certain way. 
  • Pick a celebrity that you wish he could look more like. 

As you begin taking the above steps, you will find that he may even agree with you. Perhaps he realizes that he is not happy with how he looks in the mirror either. 

Are Men Beginning To Think That They Are To Fat?

In today’s world, many men are beginning to take notice of their appearance a lot more than they did in the 1980’s.  Many women born in the 1970’s often had to look beautiful and skinny, while their boyfriend/husband could walk around with a beer gut.  Often, nobody ever said a word to him about his weight because it was not considered to be bad. 

However, in today’s world, times have changed.  Women are beginning to talk about a man’s private parts, his weight and what turns her on.  We no longer live in a world where women are shunned because of how they feel. It’s okay to not be attracted to someone.  After all, you can’t control your attractions and what you look.  If you could, then it could be as easy as turning off a button.

It’s important for you to look at your life and understand that you have the right to speak up for what you believe in and want. 

Should You Settle For A Fat Man If You Are Not Happy With Him?

If you are like me, you want to express yourself more and feel like you are living your best life.  You don’t want to settle for less. In today’s world, you have many options. 

Once you have found the man of your dreams, its important to make the relationship work. Relationships today require a lot of time, energy and romance.  You can’t enjoy kissing a man that turns you off.  If his weight is really bothering you, it won’t go away. 

You may also want to look out for your lover’s health. Women often feel that its hard for her to express that she is concerned about his size.  Many men often don’t realize that they are overweight and need help with their weight. 

Should You Tell Your Boyfriend To Join A Gym?

You may talk to him about joining a physical fitness class together.  You may even tell him that doing a sport like karate or bicycling can help him to slim down a bit. 

You can even mention to him that if he loses weight, his performance in the bedroom will be better as well.  It is estimated that at least 50% of men over the age of 25 cannot perform sexually on a regular basis. 

Many health experts blame this on a man’s waistline.  Many health experts say that if a man is carrying around excess weight, it could be hard for him to perform in the bedroom and he may even have the feeling of always being tired. 

Are Women Feeling Fulfilled By Their Fat Boyfriends In The Bedroom?

It is estimated that at least 50% of women over the age of 25 today are not feeling fulfilled with their boyfriends in the bedroom. Many nutritionists today are blaming it on the food intake of the average American diet. 

Many men today are not eating a plant-based diet. Instead, they are often eating high fat meat, fast food and high amounts of sugar.  This will often make your boyfriend/husband feel sluggish and not wanting romance with you. 

Women today are often finding that its hard for her to be with a man that doesn’t recognize her worth or want to do anything in the bedroom with her on a regular basis. 

Many women are shocked to find out that a fat man simply can’t perform in bed as well as a man that is more in shape.  Getting your man in shape is the key to having a good sexual life. 

Do Women Find Fat Men Attractive?

Being overweight is simply not attractive for most women.  Most women prefer to be with a man that cares about his physical appearance.  She often wants to feel that he is handsome and caring about himself a lot more than what she may have thought. 

When a man lifts weights and builds strength, he can have greater stamina romantically.  Men have a lot coming at them today between stress at work and everyday problems. 

As a society, the world is getting fatter. Today, women and men seem to be more overweight then they were decades ago.  Many factors contribute to this to include: most people having desk jobs, people eating more fast and high fat foods and depression/anxiety. 

He May Be Fat Because of Fast Pace Living

We live in a world of fast paced living.  Many men today feel that they are just doing whatever everyone else is doing. However, if you feel that you are not turned on by your man, then its time to start telling him how you feel.

If he rejects you, then know that he may not be the right person for you. After all, can you really stay with a man that you are not attracted to forever?  You may be surprised that he may want you to change something about yourself as well.

He may think that you are to fat as well.  He may even think that you dress sloppy.  You may be surprised to find out that having a discussion like this opens doors for the two of you to see the truth in your relationship. 

Now that you have some pointers, its important for you to talk to your man about how you feel.  The sooner that you do that, the better off you will be.