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Are You Feeling Alone in a World Full of Millions of People?

What Lonliness Feels Like

Millions of people in the world today feel alone. They feel alone in their thoughts and often feel that they have little to no human interaction.  We live in a world that is connected by a computer. 

I can remember growing up in the 1980’s. I hardly ever saw a loner. Most people found a group to socialize in.  Whatever hobby you enjoyed, you found friends to bond together with during the day. 

I can remember receiving my first ATARI game system when I was only 12 years old.  Before that, I played board games with kids in the neighborhood. Riding my bike as a lot of fun as well.  We socialized a lot and often felt that life was rather easy. 

Are You Feeling Alone in a World Full of Millions of People?

In high school, I was involved in karate, church, music, acting and working after school.  I felt that I had a rather well-rounded life.  There were times that I felt that I didn’t fit in.  However, it wasn’t anything that we see today. 

Today, I hear a lot of people feeling lonely. There is a huge spirit of meanness over many people.  Many men and women today feel like they are working around mean spirited people at work and in their everyday life. When you look at the faces of most people, you will often feel that they are not happy. 

When I talk to people throughout the day, I sense that most people are not happy with their personal relationships with other people or their families.  Most people today say that they don’t feel as happy as they should.  Most people today want to be free and totally into what they want. However, they often feel that its hard for them to express themselves.

I work on a busy psychic hotline.  I have noticed that over the past decade, most people that call me on the telephone don’t talk.  They often ask a lot of questions, but communication has gone downhill.  Most people want to listen and not have a conversation. 

It’s amazing how self-expression is being lost and it is causing most men and women to feel a sense of sadness and depression.  If you think about it, most people today feel like they must live behind a computer screen. They may see online gaming or social media as their friendship or happiness chain.  They often look at this as being something that makes them feel like they can fit in. 

What Can Be Contributed To The World Today?

I can honestly tell you that its hard for someone to look at their life and feel like they can contribute to something in the world today. 

Today, people have a lot of insecurities and they are simply not bonding with someone else because they feel like the other person doesn’t like them.  There is a spirit of “mean behavior” over the face of the earth. Many people today simply don’t know how to respect their fellow man/woman.  I see this as having a lack of spirituality. 

In the 1980’s, people went to church.  Without the internet or cable television occupying their time, they spent their weekends in prayer and song.  They would often go to church and pray.  They would ask God to help make them a better person.  Today, this has changed for the most part.

Most people today don’t want to go to church. Most people today want to sulk and feel sorry for themselves.  Instead of seeing what God would want of them, they sit back and think about their lives. 

Feeling Alone, Lost And Discouraged

We are living in a day in age where most people feel lost and discouraged.  When I was growing up, there was not a big obsession with money.  I believe that this obsession with money comes from watching television shows in which we see many people having wealthy possessions.  On the internet, we see many commercials and things that you can buy.  You didn’t have this kind of problem in and before the 1980’s. 

Today, we are bombarded by ads that are appealing to our eyes.  We often want to get what we see and hope that it will come to us at some point in time.  We hope and pray that God will give us what we want in life. 

Finding a dream job can be hard as well.  You may feel that you must get a job that will take care of you in some sort of way.  I know that work is hard to find today, but it seemed to have been easier decades ago. 

Computers are destroying man’s ability to talk and connect with one another. When I see someone walking down the street with their eyes glued to their computer, I say that they are missing out on nature.

They are missing out on seeing the birds in the air and watching people as they walk by.  Their minds seem to be fixated on whatever it is that they are watching on their cell phone. I believe that we are losing touch with reality in many ways.  This is what is causing the loneliness in today’s world. 

Should You Interact With People To Feel Less Lonely?

In order to feel less lonely, its important to interact with people. Getting into social groups with people that you have an interest with is the surest way of getting back on track with being able to express your emotions. 

It’s important to ask yourself what the future is going to hold for you and what you can do to get yourself to a higher level emotionally.  I think that in life, you must allow yourself to feel and to grow as a person. Over time, you will be able to see for yourself that you can grow and become someone that others may see as being worthy of friendship. 

In order to find friends, you must make yourself more available for talking. We live in a society that is trying to force you to avoid talking to people and instead spending time on the computer. This is something that we must stop. I believe that technology can get out of hand when you avoid people and instead spend time playing around on the computer.