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How to Tell Your Boyfriend That He Might Be Gay

How to Tell Your Boyfriend That He Might Be Gay
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Do You Really Know Your Boyfriend?

We are living in changing times.  Many men and women around the world are dating one another without knowing much about the person that they are involved with. 

The news media has reported multiple times about men leaving their wives for men 10 or 20 years after they have been married. A woman today must look out for her heart and make sure that she is not being deceived into thinking that her man is straight when her heart is telling her that he is not. 

It’s hard to fall in love with a man for years and later find out that he is not as “straight” as you thought he was going to be. We are living in a time period in which experimentation is at an all-time high.  Men and women are both beginning to think outside of the box when it comes to their sexuality. 

They are often trying to understand and decide if they want to be with one sex or both sexes.  Millions of people in the world today consider themselves to be part of the LGBT community.  Sometimes their identity is hidden in fear of judgement, religion and not wanting someone to find out who they are inside. 

How to Tell Your Boyfriend That He Might Be Gay

It’s important for you to tell your boyfriend how you feel if you suspect that he might be gay.  For starters, you must look out for your own heart.  You may or may not be comfortable with him being bi-sexual.

However, secrets inside of a relationship often spell disaster. You don’t want to have your man living in the closet for a decade and then “coming out of the closet” to you when he feels good and ready to do so. 

You would be surprised at how many broken-hearted women are out there in the world today that feel broken hearted, deceived and lied to.  It’s a horrible feeling and embarrassing as well. 

We all know that it’s hard for a guy to admit that he is gay and waiting to come out of the closet. However, nobody seems to be talking about the hurt feelings that a woman goes through after giving her heart to a man that now admits that he is gay. 

Is Your Boyfriend Deceiving You Because He is Really Gay?

If you go through this experience, you may ask yourself, “Why did this happen to me?  What did I do to deserve this? I’m such a good person and this is what he does to me?” 

Secretly, millions of women today feel like they have been deceived by their boyfriends and husbands because their man claimed to be straight before you gave them your heart.

Once you get burned by love, your trust is often shattered for the next guy that walks into your life. If you constantly get lied to on a regular basis, you will need to take years to learn how to trust again. 

Millions of lives have been destroyed for women that were involved with a man that they thought was straight.  When you spend years together with someone, you will accumulate possessions, debts, relationships with other people and much more.  It changes your entire life when you must deal with someone coming out of the closet that you have been with for a long time. 

It’s important for you to have your facts ready so that you can address issues with your man.  Perhaps the two of you are not making love as often as you would like. 

Perhaps you notice that he has a secret life on the internet and gets excited when he sees a hot guy on television.  You may wonder why he is always hanging out with his “guy friend” instead of hanging out with you.  You may also wonder why he answers his male friends’ text and not answers yours. 

Is Your Boyfriend Being Deceptive About Being Gay?

If you feel that he is being deceptive, you need to address the issues at one. You don’t want to be a housewife that you see on the internet that was deceived.  If this happens to you, your life will be devastated.  Instead of you getting sympathy from family and friends from a destroyed relationship, they will be more interested in how your man is doing since he was living in the closet for so long. 

You will feel brushed aside and most people will tell you that at least he found himself.  However, you will say to yourself, “What about me?  I am the victim here!  I was lied to and my trust has been broken. 

Why did I give my life to a man for so long that wanted to be with another man?”  Yes, those kinds of thoughts will come out of you and your heart will feel like its been broken. 

Your relationship with god will also be affected. You will often catch yourself blaming God for what happened, and it may even make you feel like you are going to turn away from your faith.  This kind of pain and sorrow can have a ripple effect in your life.

Should You Trust Your Own Psychic Intuition About Him Being Gay?

It’s important for you to trust your psychic instincts when you feel that there is something about your man that he is not telling. In the bedroom, you may notice that he is not into you.  Perhaps he likes to stay out late at night with his guy friends in a club.  He may not tell you because he doesn’t want you to know that he is gay. 

If you have been watching Netflix lately, you may have come across the story of the late football player Aaron Hernandez that played for the New England Patriots. 

The Netflix show talked about Aaron Hernandez having a gay lover.  The lover said that he and Aaron had a gay love affair while they were in high school.  The lovers name who is Dennis SanSoucie stated in the Netflix series that it was a secretive sexual encounter that would happen between the two of them. 

It appears Aaron may have been in the closet. It looks like his fiancé/girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins didn’t know anything about this “gay” side.  She said on Good Morning America that she would have loved him the same even if he had told him about it. 

Men tend to keep their “gay side” in the closet until they want to deal with it in many cases.  In some cases, the guy never knew he was gay until much older in life. However, in most cases, out and proud gay men say that they knew that they were gay since they were five years old. 

If you look at the marriage between Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner, Kris didn’t know that her husband always felt like he was a woman.  On numerous television interviews, Bruce Jenner claimed that he had told her. However, Kris Jenner swears that she didn’t know. 

It is also clear that Bruce Jenner didn’t know if he was completely heterosexual.  It looks like the entire Kardashian family didn’t know that Bruce was hiding in the closet about wanting to be a woman. 

Do Straight And Gay Men Hide Their Identity?

Many times, gay and straight men hide their identity.  We live in a society where we have certain rules. When someone breaks those rules, they may suffer the consequences later. Therefore, many gay and straight men don’t tell you who they really are until they can’t take it anymore and must now come out.

Telling your boyfriend that you think he is gay may save you years of heartache.  You should always talk about what is on your mind and have your explanations ready for him. If your boyfriend turns out not to be gay, he will probably want to know why you suspected it. Perhaps he wanted to tell you and didn’t know how. 

Perhaps he has been called gay before and yet he is the straightest man around. If he does get offended by your comments, explain to him your fears and why you chose to talk about it now. 

It’s important to always be open about what you are thinking. This will help to bond your relationship. 

Once you have established who your boyfriend is romantically, you can either proceed with the relationship or choose to end it.  There is nothing better than having the truth in your hands. 

Many women are afraid to confront their boyfriends that they suspect is gay.  They often fear him lashing out and ending the relationship. They may feel that they are hurting his masculine side. 

However, if your boyfriend does turn out to be gay, you will be the one left hurting inside and wondering why you never said anything to him years ago.

Unfortunately, we live in a world today that is often full of confusion deception, hurt and pain.  A lot of this is caused when human beings are not comfortable with who they are. 

Many men today feel that its to hard to be themselves. It’s hard to come out and tell people that you are gay. Religion and public opinion often play a deep role in making people choose to remain hidden.  It’s never easy to come out of the closet at any age. 

You must always see for yourself that you must be honest with your lover or else you will feel like you didn’t do a good enough job later down the road. 

Why Do You Suspect Your Boyfriend Is Gay?

Ask any woman that has ever been with a gay guy and she will tell you that there was always something that she suspected about him. She will also tell you how hurt she felt that he didn’t want to be with her anymore because he preferred guys over women. 

As you can see, you do have power right now to confront the issue.  If you ask him and he is still not wanting to deal with his gay issues, then you will have to take a risk if you suspect he is lying to you.  Many men do lie even if you ask them to tell you the truth.  It’s going to be a decision that you will have to make for the rest of your life.  Will you stay with him or go? 

If you want to try and give him your heart, it’s a good thing if he is willing to love you. If he is bisexual and you want a monogamous relationship, make sure that he understands that he cannot be with any other men or women.  He must choose you only. 

It’s always the best thing to let someone know how you feel and what is going on inside of you.  In this way, he begins to feel that there is something new to begin with. 

Is Your Boyfriend Having A Hard Time Accepting His Gayness?

There is a big challenge for men across the world today to become who they are.  Men are now realizing that its okay to own up to what you feel on the inside.  Many gay men feel that they must live out their life as being gay and not stay in the closet. Many gay men feel that they cannot live anymore if they live in hiding. 

Most men start to come out of the closet in their twenties and thirties.  As teenagers, many men feel like they must be in the closet in fear of what the other teens in school will say about them.  Most men know that they have gay feelings since the age of 5. 

They tend to keep their feelings hidden until they are ready to deal with them. In almost all cases, gay men must express their identity at some point in their lives. They may do this secretly by having a one-night stand with a guy every now and then. 

Not all gay men want relationships. Many gay men want a secret lover on the side and yet be a regular family man.  You will have to decide what your man is wanting in his life and if he is worth the risk.  You need to feel confident in the decision that you are making.