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Why Are More Men Calling Psychics These Days?

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Are Men Flocking To The Psychics?

In the 21st century, men seem to be flocking to the psychic hotline.  Men are going to the psychic lines in order to speak their feelings and to get readings.  Why are men doing this though? 

In previous generations, the psychic industry was mainly a 95%-woman industry.  When a psychic received a call from an individual, it was often a woman between the ages of 18 and 45. 

Today, the psychic industry is changing.  Today, around 75% of the customers calling psychics are women and 25% are men.  This is a huge change since the year 2010. 

Why Are More Men Calling Psychics These Days?

Psychic companies are now seeing an increase of male callers/chatters on their astrology websites.  It is obvious that men are starting to feel more comfortable about speaking their feelings to strangers on a phone. I guess you can say that it’s a lot like the movie, “The Godfather.” 

Mafia men would often sneak off into the church confessing their sins to a priest.  The priest would listen to what the person had to say and then give them a penance of some kind. 

Today, men are beginning to see the benefits of a psychic reading.  They are often viewing it to let off steam and simply get advice that they cannot get from their family or friends. 

When men call the psychic hotline, they are often not looking for a magical answer. They often just want someone to listen to their problems and give them a solution.  Men are a lot different when they call psychics then women. 

Do Most Men Talk To Psychics?

Most men don’t call to ask a psychic when someone is going to be calling them.  Most women call the psychic hotline to ask questions such as: “When is he going to be calling me?  Who is my soulmate?  When will I find love?” 

Men will call the psychic line often asking the questions: “What do you see happening for my business? Do you think that I will ever be rich?  Do you think that I will find my spiritual path?”  Men seem to be more focused on money and material possessions. Women seem to be focused more on their love lives and finding a partner who will want to marry them. 

Men often find it hard to express their emotions.  They often feel that they want to keep their emotions within themselves and not express anything.  They often feel that they want to say what they feel and not backtrack on what is happening within them.

Men often feel that if they express their feelings, they are somehow letting their feminine side come out. They want to feel that they have more control over their lives. 

Many men feel that psychics help them to become much more expressive.  Most psychics feel that when they are speaking to a man on the telephone, he is wanting something specific.  Men often don’t talk that much on the call.  Men often are better listeners during a psychic reading

As a psychic myself, I find that reading men is a lot easier. When I read for a woman on the psychic line, I often get a lot of interruptions.  Women often like to interrupt the psychic reading with adding their own comments or simply not allowing the psychic to answer the question in full.  I find that men seem to be more reserved during the psychic reading and often want to hear what you have to say. 

Men tend to speak when the psychic reader has stopped speaking.  This means that less words are flowing in their mind at different times of the day.  Scientists say that women think faster than men do. 

What Do Men Want From Psychics These Days?

It’s obvious that a lot of men feel like they must fight for what they believe in.  Many men feel that when they are speaking to a psychic on the phone, they are letting them know what is happening inside of their heart.  It’s never easy to see a man struggling to express how he feels. 

Most men today are beginning to feel that its okay to express your feelings.   Many televisions show encourage men to be more expressive of what is on their mind and not to hold anything in. 

It is becoming more obvious that men are trying to express more of their feelings because they often feel that its necessary to do so.  Many men want everyone else around them to feel like they are going to be more in control.  They want to let everyone else around them know that they will express what comes naturally to them. 

Years ago, men would never tell someone what was on their minds exactly in fear of someone gossiping about them.  Today, many men are feeling that expressing yourself makes them a better person. 

We are still living in a time period in which most men won’t tell you their insecurities.  However, on the psychic hotline, men will speak their mind and tell you exactly what they are feeling and thinking.

Men are not afraid to tell a stranger on the phone what is in their heart.  The man sees and knows that on a psychic call, you remain anonymous to the psychic reader that you are talking to.  When you call into a psychic line, you get to speak with a spiritual adviser that will never know who you are. 

Many men are seeing the psychic hotline like a confession booth.  They will often come into the psychic line confessing all that they have done wrong for that day or week. They will often feel sad because of the poor actions that they took. They will often ask for advice on how to make things better.

When a man calls the psychic hotline, it’s a way for him to tell everyone else around him what is going on.  He wants answers and seeks them out by a stranger that will not tell his family about what he has done. 

He will have to feel no shame because of his poor actions that week.  The psychic hotline is a way for a man to confess his sins without fearing that he will be judged by his priest/pastor at church. 

Do Men Talk To Psychics Because They Want To Get Something Off Their Chest?

When you get something off your chest, you feel better. You no longer must feel angry or upset because someone else has hurt you.  Most men and women that talk to psychics say that its easy to express yourself because you never have to see the psychic adviser in person. They don’t know your family or friends.  It’s simply someone on the phone or in a chat room hearing you complain and basically telling you how they feel. 

In the past 10 years, psychic chat has become popular for many astrology websites.  It is becoming clear that people would rather get a psychic chat online reading then a phone spiritual session.  Many psychic companies believe that people are beginning to do this because its more convenient. You don’t have to pick up the phone to talk with anyone and you simply can chat away on the computer. 

It’s important for you to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what will work out for you.  If you are someone that gets psychic readings regularly, you may feel that getting a psychic reading is important for your future. After all, you may like to tell someone what is on your mind.  You may be looking for real spiritual advice.  The psychic may also be able to tell you who your soulmate is. 

When you begin to get psychic advice from a spiritual adviser, you begin to express yourself more.  Many men and women that get psychic readings regularly say that the reading helps you to feel more at peace.  Even if you don’t get any supernatural answer, you are still getting something off your mind. It always feels good to talk to a spiritual adviser that has some helpful hints and tips. 

You should always look to a spiritual adviser for answers if you need them.  Psychics often read on love, money, spirituality, career, pets and luck.  You will also find that many psychics specialize in tarot or clairvoyance. 

It is hard to imagine yourself learning to understand who you are as a person.  For the past 30 years, psychics have been helping men and women to see that they are not alone in their feelings and they have someone to turn to in times of trouble. 

Are Men Looking For A Hopeful Prediction Into The Future From Psychics?

Psychic readings often give you a glimpse into the future and spiritual advisers usually use their clairvoyant abilities to tell you what is in their hearts and on their minds. 

The psychic industry is one that has a lot of people talking.  It is a 2 billion dollar a year industry.  People love to chat and talk about what they feel, think and want to know. 

If you are a man that has been calling psychics, know that its okay to do so.  Yes, many men today are finding it to be a benefit.  I can remember receiving a call some time ago from a man that hated his wife.  He couldn’t express this to anyone.

He was simply asking for spiritual advice.  When he began to talk about his feelings, I knew that he had not expressed himself in years.  It’s interesting how a person can go for long periods of time not expressing their emotions. 

At the end of the call, the man told me that he did not hate his wife.  In return, he felt that he was only angry at her for never listening to him.  I found that he was trying to let me know that everything was going to be okay for him. 

Do Men Feel A Change After Speaking With Psychics?

When we learn how to express our own emotions, thoughts and feelings, something begins to change within us.  We begin to feel that we can have more of a dominance and outlook on life itself.  

There are many examples that we can see men trying to change in today’s world. Men are finding that when they express themselves, they remain calmer and at ease. 

Today, many men are treating the psychic hotline like a therapy session. Even though psychics are not professional trained counselors, they can still add a listening ear to the man’s troubles.  There is nothing better than friendship. If you have a friend that is willing to hear your troubles, you can conquer anything in your life and walk through life feeling that you can overcome obstacles. 

It’s always nice to listen to what someone has to say. Psychics are beginning to see that they use their gifts more for helping people than for spiritual purposes. When I first started giving psychic readings back in 2001, the world was a lot different than it is now.  For starters, people were just beginning to call upon psychics for help. 

In previous generations, psychics were known as the witches of the community. People often looked at them as being bad.  However, times have changed since them.  Today, many men and women see psychics as people that can help them to understand and achieve their specific goals in life.  If you are thinking about learning something new, you can easily learn more about yourself and finding a spiritual purpose.

Do Men Feel Like They Want To Fit In?

Men today want to know where they fit in and what they should be doing. The women’s liberation movement is showing them that men and women can be equal.  Therefore, you don’t have to put on such a “macho” image anymore.  You can be yourself and not fear someone calling you a sissy for expressing your emotions. 

In the 20th century, men often feared expressing their emotions because it was known to not be masculine.  Men would often be trained by their fathers to be rough and tough.  It was taught that real men don’t express emotions.  Real men hold their feelings in and become stronger. 

When men hold their feelings in, they become angry inside.  As a psychic reader, I have seen the angriest men become gentle and loving because they are expressing what is happening inside of their heart. 

Men today need to understand that its okay to be yourself and have feelings. There is nothing wrong with telling someone what you feel.  I believe that men are getting the “memo” that you can talk about what is going on inside of you. 

My Prediction With Men And Psychics In Today’s World

I predict that over the next decade, the psychic industry will be getting many more male callers/chatters.  I believe that we will see more of 60% women and 40% men calling into the psychic hotlines. 

The more that men get the message that its okay to talk about what is happening inside of your heart, the more that they will feel that its okay to have love and a new beginning. 

If you are like me, you probably feel that it’s a good thing to see men becoming more expressive. There is nothing better than seeing change happening for the good of mankind.

I believe that the psychic industry is helping men to feel more love and understanding as well.  I think that people are beginning to see psychics as not scary people. Instead, they are beginning to be more loving and sincere.