Why Isn’t Your Twin Flame a Perfect Connection for You?

Why Is Your Twin Flame Not A Good Connection?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why your twin flame is often not the best match for you?  Perhaps when you first got together, a psychic told you that the two of you are twin flames? You may have felt it at first, but then over time, you started to feel that you weren’t very compatible.

It often happens that our twin flame is not always going to be the perfect match for us. This isn’t because they are not really our twin flame. Society today will often teach you that your romantic partner in life must be a perfect match. You shouldn’t argue or have any kind of tit for tat discussions. This is a myth and I am happy to expose it here. 

Twin flames often have trouble in their relationship.  However, they tend to stay together because they simply can’t see themselves living apart from one another. Have you ever witnessed a couple fighting all the time and yet they never break up? 

You may have asked yourself, “What is the point of being together if you are always fighting.” It’s important to ask yourself questions about your relationship each time because there is always something that is going to arise. 

conect well with twin flame
Is He/She Your Twin Flame?

Why Isn’t Your Twin Flame a Perfect Connect for You?

It’s important to know that twin flames to argue and they are not always perfect together.   However, the couple decides to stay together because they both feel that staying together actually makes their life more meaningful. 

Previous generations knew what the word twin flame meant.  They were often able to remain a couple for 40+ years.  Many couples celebrated their 50th year anniversary together.  Couples do have their ups and downs but manage to make it work when the twin flame connection is at stake. 

When you have a twin flame in your life, you often feel that they understand you better than anyone has ever understood them before.  They often feel like they are telepathic in many ways.  When you have a twin flame standing by your side, it’s a rewarding experience because you get to be yourself.

You don’t have to worry about saying or doing the wrong thing because you know that the other person will never leave you.  You may have bad moments from time to time but will never feel like anything is bad enough to want to leave one another. 

Can Twin Flames Get Disconnected?

In rare cases, twin flames may get separated for one reason or another. If they choose another relationship, they will not stop thinking about the other person.  Something inside of them will always feel drawn to that other individual.  It’s hard to say no to your twin flame when you feel that you have something with them that will be forever.

If twin flames are separated, they will often feel like they are still meant to be together.  Many soldiers and truck drivers often miss their twin flame because they are away so often.  Being away from home will often make you think about your lover day and night.  You will feel a pain within your soul that wants to bring you together with the person that you are meant to be together with. 

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A Twin Flame Is Someone That You Can Count On

When you have a twin flame waiting for you, you can easily learn to live with who you are as a person.  Learning to listen to your soul is what makes your twin flame connection become much more impactful.

If you have a twin flame in your life right now and don’t understand why you are having so many problems, you are not alone.  Many people are under the impression that your relationship must be flawless. However, nothing can be further from the truth. 

Are Twin Flames Lead To One Another?

Twin flames are led to one another in this lifetime so that they can experience new beginnings together.  You may feel that you can have loads of fun with your twin flame because you both have open and honest discussions about life. 

You will find that when you talk to your twin flame, you both understand one another and have an honest dialogue about what you both feels are acceptable and right in life. 

Never worry about anything going in a negative direction. You always need to feel like you can carefully fulfill all that is coming to you later down the road.  If you think about it, life can be a troubled area for most people.  Most people in the world today are searching for their twin flame and never find them. 

Many times, you will meet your twin flame in high school or college. You will feel drawn to someone and feel like this love feeling has never happened to you before. The other person feels the same. The two of you may decide to date.

However, something goes wrong in your relationship and then the two of you get separated. However, you never stop thinking about one another. That is twin flame energy at its finest. 

Have You Lost Your Twin Flame?

Know that if you have ever lost your twin flame, you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.  Sometimes, the universe allows our twin flame to escape us for many different reasons. 

Sometimes you are not ready to fully give yourself to a twin flame and therefore the two of you go your own separate ways for a while.  You may have felt drawn to another person out of lust and left your twin flame behind.

Often, people lose sight of their twin flames while they are in high school and college.  The high school and college student might not want to be tied down in a relationship right now and perhaps want to date multiple people. 

They also may decide that dating is not right for them right now because they need more time to study.  Letting go of your twin flame might have seemed right at the time.  However, the two of you went away from one another for a time. This often happens with twin flames. 

You may feel that you need to talk to someone about your twin flame because they never leave your mind. Many men and women call upon psychics in order to see what is happening with their twin flame. This often happens because you miss the person that you know inside of your heart is supposed to be with you forever.

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Your Twin Flame Lover Depends On You

Where Is Your Twin Flame?

If you have not found your twin flame yet, know that you can find them by taking time out of your busy day and writing down what you are looking for in a life partner. As you do this, you let positive energy flow into the world, and you begin to see that the universe does start to bring love interests into your life. 

You may find that your twin flame is not around you right now and they are not coming in no matter what you do. When this happens, the universe is telling you that its not time to meet your twin flame just yet. You must put your love life on hold for awhile and focus more on yourself and completing the person that you are. 

Often, we want to have love, career, money and success to happen to us all at once. Ask any 18-year-old and they will tell you that they want to have money, success and power by the time they are 30 years old.

However, once they reach around 25, they see that life is a lot harder than what they thought it was going to be.  Those dreams that you wanted to accomplish by the time that you are 30 may have to wait until you are 45.  Yes, reality does set in when we least expect.

The same goes for a twin flame.  Most men and women want to feel like they are settled with a life partner by the time they are 30.  If they don’t get that life partner by that time, people will often think that something is wrong with them.

However, love has no age.  The media often wants to paint a pretty picture of being able to find your soulmate by the time that you are 30 and living happily ever after. However, in today’s world, finding your twin flame has become harder because more people are not thinking about their love life in depth. 

Can Dating Apps Help You To Find Your Twin Flame?

Many men and women are using dating apps like Tinder to choose someone based on their looks.  Physical chemistry is important, but often your twin flame is not found by looks alone.

We often must meet up with the person a few times before we can brand them as our twin flame. When you look at life, you know that you are easily looking out for a new start. You can easily look at yourself and feel like you are headed for something that will make you feel a true sense of happiness and oneness.

If you feel like someone is your twin flame, its important to tell them. Often, we hold back on telling someone that they are our twin flame because we fear rejection. It’s important to not fear rejection.  Know that if you let the opportunity slip by you, you may not meet your twin flame out of the fears that you created.

Usually, we are our own best critics. We often want to convince ourselves that we have all the answers. However, we always have something new to learn about ourselves. It’s important to look at your life and feel like you can take on a new challenge and find truth in it. 

Your very own twin flame
Are You Ready For Twin Flame Love?

If you are serious about your twin flame connection, know that you need to look for it now because it often doesn’t just come to you. We live in a computerized world and many people are afraid to talk to one another face to face. If its not on social media, many people are not communicating with someone. 

It’s okay to sit back and talk to someone that you have never met before. This connection will often make you feel that you have what it takes to look on new beginnings and take on the challenges that make you feel that you are on to something a lot bigger from within. 

Does Having A Twin Flame Make You Feel More Powerful?

I think that having a twin flame in your life makes you feel more powerful. The reason why I say this is that you begin to feel like you are happier and overall a good person in your life.  After all, you begin to see what your life is going to be all about as time moves on. 

If you are thinking about learning something for the future, consider yourself to be lucky.  You can learn a lot by the people that you talk to everyday.

If you have questions about twin flame connections, make sure to talk with psychics, astrologers and friends that understand twin flame connections. You may be shocked to learn that a twin flame connection is a lot more common than most people believe.  If you think that you have found your twin flame, remember that its never to late to talk with them. 

If you think that you are going to live your life alone, think again.  In today’s world, it can be lonely. Sometimes we want to find someone that we can bond with and often don’t know how to make that connection become more powerful.  You can do some journaling. Often, this opens our third eye (found in center of forehead).  When you do this, you allow positive energy to come to you. 

It’s important to create a vision board as well.  This is something that was talked about in the movie, “The Secret”.  This movie tells us about creating our life on a canvas. Envision your life with your twin flame.  Cut out pictures of how you would live your life with a twin flame if you could. It should be a miracle and something that you see as being built solely for you. 

Does Finding Your Twin Flame Take Time?

As you can see, the twin flame connection can happen for you, but it might take some first steps for you. Don’t worry if nobody understands where you are coming from when you talk about twin flames. Not everyone is going to accept the idea of twin flames. 

twin flame passion
Your Twin Flame Will Be Revealed To You

However, if you talk to a couple that has been together for a couple of decades, they will tell you that the twin flame connection can be found and that you can have it in your life. It often takes patience to have someone in your life forever. You should always look at your life and feel like you can have a twin flame connection with someone that is always going to be there for you. 

You can look at life and see that you can change it at the right moment. It’s important to look at who you are as a person and realize that you may not always feel like things are moving ahead.  Find out more about twin flame connections today and see your life unfold again with peace, love and happiness. 

Remember, the purpose of finding your twin flame is to invite love into your life that will last forever. In life, its all about creating lasting memories.

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