What Can You Learn About I-Ching Astrology?

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Perhaps you have heard of astrology and charts.  You can map out your life using a date of birth and the time that you were born.  However, I-Ching astrology has a lot of do with the Chinese astrology twelve animal system.  Most people don’t know that I-Ching astrology goes back some five thousand years.  It is the oldest astrological practice. 

Books about I-Ching are the oldest ever written texts in the world.  Anyone can become an I-Ching astrology expert.  All that you need to do is to put time into learning. 

What Can I-Ching Give You Knowledge Of?

  • Love Interests
  • People That are Trying to Get Your Attention for Friendship
  • Where to Focus Your Mind
  • What To do For a Career
  • Love Interests That May Be Coming Your Way
  • Where Your Life Path and Destiny May End Up

I-Ching had its start for being a farmer’s almanac.  The signs within the I-Ching are elements.  These comes from the natural world that we live in.  The genetic code is made up of around sixty-four hexagrams. 

Gotfried Leibnitz founded coding for computers.  Before developing computer code, he studied the I-Ching.  As you can see, there is a lot of history behind the I-Ching and has been used for secretly to develop other scientific solutions. 

It is safe to say that if Gotfried Leibnitz didn’t study the I-Ching, we would probably never have the computer today.  I guess you can say that astrology has helped shape the world. 

I-Ching has been around for one thousand years before traditional astrology. 

The best part of I-ching
I- Ching Astrology Is Often Used To Predict Love

What is the T’ai Chi?

The T’ai Chi is the eight trigrams of a central position that they rotate in.  This interprets to be around nine stars.

What Are the Trigrams?

The trigrams are representing North, West, South, East.  This goes in the way of the compass and the opposite way of the compass. The trigrams also represent thunder, mountains and wind.  It also includes the archetypal family of six children, mother and father.

The stars will rotate in nine-year cycles. It also includes nine-day cycles and nine-month cycles.  It is something that most people don’t understand entirely. However, once you get into the I-Ching, you will be able to see that it becomes a lot easier to understand.  I-Ching has been used to predict timing of something happen at a specific moment or something that will happen for us in exact time.  You may look at this as being basic navigation.

When Does the I-Ching Calendar Begin?

The I-Ching calendar begins the first day of spring of the new year.  This is often around the fourth day in February. 

How Does I-Ching Astrology Differ from Chinese Astrology?

In Chinese astrology, the new year starts at the beginning of the new moon. This is right after winter.  In Chinese culture, the new moon is often celebrated with parties and often a feast. 

Chinese astrology also uses twelve cycles and not nine.  Each birth month has a different animal sign. For example, it can be a rat, dragon, snake or tiger.  Depending on the month you are born in will determine your animal sign.  The animals of the Chinese calendar often take charge of the entire year, month or day.  It’s important to have a Chinese astrology calendar handy if you plan on using it to predict future events.

Also, each animal has around twelve different versions of them. This includes:

These are taken from the 5 elements.  There are also eleven other animals as well. As you get into studying about the I-Ching, you will often feel that you get more information out of the I-Ching system.  Many people see it as a pseudoscience. 

How Many Stars Are in I-Ching Astrology?

There are 3 stars in I-Ching astrology:

  • Inner Star
  • Earth Star
  • Birth Star

These stars come from the day, month and year of a person’s date of birth.  Chinese astrology uses four stars. 

Time of Birth

  • Year of Birth
  • Hour of Birth
  • Month of Birth

You will notice that both Chinese astrology and the I-Ching use time to calculate predictions. Beginners will often try using Chinese astrology and the I-Ching together in order to predict the future. Since they are similar, but not alike, you will not get accurate predictions. It is best to use these systems apart.

learn the iching
I-Ching Astrology Can Be Used To Predict Financial Future

The I-Ching can be learned a lot faster than traditional astrology.  It is an interesting fact that Chinese medicine uses the I-Ching.  It has been used since the Song Dynasty.  It can also be used to make a home Feng Shui. 

How Does The I-Ching Predict Love?

The I-Ching teaches that if 2 people are of the same element, then they will most likely be a good love match.  Couples that follow this rule will often have less problems in their love relationship. You may notice that if you are not of the same elements, you will not have a good love match. Many couples that have trouble in love will often be shocked to find that their elements are not he same when they begin studying the I-Ching. It begins to make sense as to why you are not soulmates. 

An Explanation of the Mother Cycle:

  • Fire Will Support the Earth
  • The Earth Supports Metal
  • Wood Will Support Fire
  • Water Will Support Wood
  • Metal Will Support Water

The reason why this is referred to as the “mother” is because it supports the child (elements).  Since a mother supports her child, she supports the elements. 

As you may have already guessed, one is the receiving and the other gives. If you are the mother in the relationship, it can get tiresome. It’s a lot like a mother and child relationship.  The child depends on the mother for everything and often feel burdened. This is often the same in a love relationship. Often, one person in the relationship feel a sense of burden, while the other is more of the taker.

What is the Controlling Element?

The nine stars and five elements have elements that are opposite of them. It is the 5-element system that keeps them accountable.  To make it easier to understand, this represents control. 

What Does Control Really Mean?

People that want to be in control translates to an individual wanting to make sure that everything is done right.  It means that a person wants to feel that they can make a positive change with what is happening around them.  They may have advanced knowledge about something and know what the consequences are if things are not done the right way. 

Just because the controller believes that they have the best intentions, the person being controlled may see this as being to domineering. This can cause anger in a relationship. It can also make the relationship be out of balance. 

What Do the 3 Stars Represent in I-Ching?

For starters, every person has three stars.  Let us get into the meaning of each one of them. 

#1 The Outer Star – You may wonder how others think of you.  The outer star predicts this.  When someone looks at you, they often draw an opinion.  Some people may think of you as being a slob and others may think that you are highly intelligent because you are dressed a certain way.     The outer star is also representing what you think of yourself.  If you keep a Feng Shui home or a home that is highly disorganized is your outer star.  This is the place where your friends and co-workers see you.  They may not know what is going on inside of your heart. They can only see the outer you.

#2 Your Inner Star – This is who you are during your first 2 phases of your nine-year cycle.  This means that you have a 9-year cycle between the ages of 1 to 9 and then from 10 to 18.  The inner star represents who you were during your childhood.  The I-Ching teaches us that you become “you” after your 18th birthday. 

the Best I-ching
The I-Ching Is An Ancient Astrology Form

As we grow into adulthood, we often respond to problems and situations based on how we were as a child. If you were a child that threw tantrums, as an adult you will more than likely do the same.  If you treated people with love and respect before 18, you will more than likely do this after your 18th birthday. You will carry on who you were before. 

Most people cannot see your inner star because they did not know you between the ages of 1 – 18.  Only those that you may have grown up with, family members, close friends and co-workers may know this part of you if you keep in contact with them. 

The Birth Star – The birth star is probably the most important part of your life.  This will sum up your personality based on the year that you were born. You will have a certain personality throughout your life depending on the year that you were born. 

As you can see, the I-Ching can help you to find your soulmate or to make your life more impactful. When you find someone that you feel a connection with, its important to use the I-Ching to see the future of life. You may not know it now, but the I-Ching has a lot to say about you and your love life. 

Most people today feel that the I-Ching is outdated. However, it is still being used mostly in China today. In the United States, Canada and the UK, most people prefer using traditional astrology.  The main reason is because this is what is most talked about and used by modern day astrologers.

Most people today will check their daily horoscope in the newspaper or magazine. They will often check it to see if it has anything to say about their current situation. Most people find modern day astrology to be most comforting.  You may feel that when you are studying astrology, there is always something new to learn. You may feel that you can easily read astrology books by popular authors.  A well-known author of astrology is Linda Goodman.

The I-Ching can also predict when money is going to be coming into your life. You may wonder if you are going to hit the lottery at a certain given time. It’s important to study the I-Ching if you want to feel like it can have a prediction over what will happen. 

The reason why the I-Ching is still being used today is because it is proven factual in many cases. It’s important to keep a diary of accurate predictions that have come to pass for you while using this style of astrology. 

You may find that the I-Ching is more accurate than Chinese astrology.  I find that when I learn more about astrology, more doors open for me. I begin to see the future for what it is, and I tend to look at my life a lot more open than I did before.  I find that astrology is something that has been used for centuries and people will continue to use it even ten years from now.  It’s an important step to take when it comes to getting what you want from an astrology session.

It’s important to look at your life and feel like you can take control over yourself and learn who you are as a person. If you are like me, you probably have a rough idea of how you are going to go about studying your astrological sign. I sometimes like to read my horoscope in the newspaper. However, I find that it’s a lot more accurate if I study my individual year and time of birth.  To me, this helps to put everything into proper perspective.

As you can see, we all have a new beginning and outlook for each year that passes to us.  When you are upon a new year, its important to get a new reading on what you can expect for that given year.

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