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Why Does My Best Guy Friend See Me as a Romantic Interest?

Is Being Best Friends With A Guy Fun?

Every woman knows that being best friends with a guy can be a lot of fun. He can be there for you when you need him the most and even tell you how beautiful you look. 

He is sometimes not the guy that you imagine yourself being with forever. Perhaps he is someone that you feel is a good friend or now, but not someone that you can see yourself marrying.

However, there are guy friends that are more than just a friend to you.  He may not be into you, but you are into him.  He never shows interest in your romantically and doesn’t express his feelings to you in a “love” sense. 

However, what happens when your guy friend tells you that he is not interested in your romantically?  How can you handle a guy friend telling you that he no longer wants you as his friend anymore? Instead, he confesses that he has had a secret crush on you for a long time and wonders if you feel the same way about him.

 In cases like this, your friend may have felt that you were not into him. Perhaps you were not flirting with him enough in his eyes. He may have never got the vibe from you that you were interested in him. He may have felt that you were to good for him.

Why Does My Best Guy Friend See Me as a Romantic Interest?

You may have been a woman that was “way out of his league.” This can happen from time to time. When this happens, it can become hurtful.  It’s important to take your guy friend and acknowledge how you feel about him.  Let him know what is going on inside of your heart and why. 

Our spiritual energy must be in tune with someone for a specific reason.  I believe that when we take ourselves and learn to work with what we have inside of ourselves, we become better people. 

It’s important to let your guy friend know what is happening inside of your heart and why. If you do have feelings for him, its time to tell him how you feel. It’s not easy to let a guy know that you are attracted to him.

If you feel like he is more like a brother to you now, it can be hard to turn on your romantic feelings for him.  Perhaps you have always felt something for him as well and never said anything.

Often, men and women become friends because they feel that they have something in common.  The friendship can start in high school or college.  Perhaps you met your guy friend at work. 

No matter where the two of you met, you can now see that the relationship has come to a point of bonding. The bond can often feel a little bit more secure for the two of you.  Learning to listen to your own heart is what makes the connection become much more impactful. 

It’s hard to imagine your life not feeling completely bonded to someone forever.  You may fear losing your best friend if things don’t work out romantically.

Doe Men Fear Losing You As A Friend?

Many men fear losing their best friend if they try and get to close. When you see him, he may act a bit standoffish at first if you don’t know where the relationship is going to go.  He may feel like you are not “feeling him” at all like he is you. It’s important to let him know what is on his mind if he confronts you. 

You might be surprised that the two of you are soulmates and don’t even know it. Perhaps the universe is leading the two of you together and your relationship is going to become much more impactful over time.

If you feel that you are in love with him, there is a good way of letting him know. Don’t wait to tell him how you feel if you feel connected to him.  After all, if he is a good-looking guy, he will probably meet a new woman rather fast. He may feel an instant connection with someone that you may feel is not the best suiter for him. You may have seen him go through many ups and downs with past lovers. 

It’s important to give him your undivided attention if you sense that he can give you his heart. It’s always important to show him what is on your mind if he asks. There is nothing better than telling him how you feel and what you are thinking about if this is the first time that you wish to express it. 

Do Guys Fear Rejection?

Guys often fear rejection. They often fear that something is going to go wrong if they express how they feel. Good thing is that we are living in a time period in which more men are willing to express how they feel than ever before in history. In previous generations, men were often taught that they should not express how they feel and instead hold in their true emotions. The fact that you are in his life right now says a lot. 

If you feel that he is trying to get the courage up to tell you how he feels, then this could be a good thing for the two of you. If you are not into him, tell him that you are not into him.

Sometimes its best to tell him up front about how you feel for him. He may not see this as being good news. However, he will appreciate you being honest with him. As the saying goes, “honesty is always the best policy.” 

Now that you have a brief understanding of telling him how you feel, I hope that you put your thoughts and emotions into consideration and start telling him what is on your mind a lot more.

You might be surprised to find out that your connection to him is going to keep on moving along in a rather profound way.  Remember, you have the power in your hands right now to make the relationship become much more than what it is right now.