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What Are The Different Types of Psychic Readings?

What Are The Different Types of Psychic Readings?
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When you think of a psychic reading, many thoughts may come into your mind.  If you are new to the psychic industry, you may think of a psychic as being one dimensional. 

However, there are many different types of reading styles that clairvoyants use.  You may have heard of some of these types of readings that we will be discussing here. I hope to introduce you to some psychic reading styles that you may have never heard of as well. 

What Are The Different Types of Psychic Readings?

#1 Love psychic readings – Love readings have become rather powerful in the 21st century.  Love psychic readings are often popular amongst people of all age groups.  Today, love is hard to find.  Many people have even given up on love because they feel that every relationship that they get themselves into ends up in disaster.  However, love psychics can give you a whole different perspective on your love life. 

We are living in a time period in which “love has grown cold”.  Most people want to have a loving relationship, but often can’t find someone to share it with.  We often want to take our chance on love and yet, it may not always work out for us. 

Love psychics will get a vision of your love life and tell you what they see in your future. You may be shocked to learn that the clairvoyant can pick up on specific details concerning your romantic situation. 

You can talk to a love psychic online chat or by phone. Astrology websites are developing advanced technology.

#2 Money Psychic ReadingsMoney readings are high in demand because wealth is hard to come by now a day.  It’s important to get a money reading when you feel that you have exhausted all attempts to make money on your own. 

The money psychic reading helps your 7 chakras to open and to see whether you are going to come into money anytime soon. Believe it or not, the money reading can lead you to a better paying job or perhaps some money that you have forgotten about. 

People often find the money reading to be fascinating because it helps people to understand their lives and what they are going through. 

#3 Career Psychic Readings – A career reading helps you to see yourself a lot more differently. It’s important to get a career reading when you feel that you need to make a choice as what to do with your life. Often, we come to a point in which we want to feel like our job has meaning. A career is often built out of our likes and interests. If you love to take care of people, perhaps a career in nursing would work out for you. 

If you like building and working with your hands, a blue-collar career in architecture may be worth your while.  It’s important to understand what you are going through. 

A career psychic reading opens your mind up to the possibilities of the impossible.  You may not know that even though you like music, it may not be the best career choice for you. The psychic may tell you that a career in music is going to be full of low paying wages and that you are better off doing something else.  You may be guided to take on another passion of yours such as selling homes or maybe taking care of animals as a veterinarian.  Either way, you can fulfill a dream. 

#4 Spiritual Psychic Readings – Today, people are trying to discover who they are spiritually.  Are they better off being a Christian, Buddhist or another spiritual practice? The spiritual reading can help you to decide on this.

The psychic reader will often point out what they see in your future regarding spirituality. They may even tell you that its important to do some meditation before deciding on which faith to follow.

People are often wondering what the future is going to have in store for them.  People often want to think of their life as constantly growing.  You should always have your own agenda set on what you feel is right for yourself and where you see yourself going a few years from now. 

It’s important to look at your spiritual path and find out what you are going to be doing next. Ask the psychic important questions about your life and don’t hold back on what you want to know. 

# 5 Pet Psychic Readings – Did you know that pets are always speaking to one another?  Pets even speak to humans through their energy.  Pet psychics like Sonya Fitzpatrick are specialists in this field. 

We often want to know what our pets are saying to us. We don’t always have answers when our pets are not eating or when they are ripping up phone books in the house.  They may be trying to tell you something.  The pet psychic can point out information for you.  This can be helpful in giving you a glimpse into your pet’s emotions. It will allow you to see that you can help your pet to see their own life and yours bonding together. 

#6 Past Life Psychic Reading – Have you ever wondered if you had a past life?  Millions of people around the world have wondered about their past life and have wondered if they could see something from the past. 

Past lives are becoming more popular in the 21st century because people are more open minded now then ever before. Men and women want to know what the future has in store for them based on something that happened in a previous life. 

Many religions and faiths teach that we are rewarded or punished in each life based on what we have done in a previous life.  If you are a good person now, you may be elevated to a much better life in your next one.  

Many children have been screened by past life psychics and often tell stories of themselves from a lifetime ago. They can often pick up on specific details that may have happened to them 100 or more years ago. They often can recall specific places and times that something happened.  Many of their stories have been verified. 

#7 Mediumship Psychic Reading – Have you ever wanted to know if the dead speak?  Millions of men and women today want to know if the dead are speaking and if they are listening to what they are saying. 

It is a spiritual belief that spirits are around us all the time and are trying to get our attention. Psychic mediums believe that they can speak to the dead. They often say that they receive messages beyond the grave and can translate it to the living. Popular tourist attractions like Lily Dale Assemblies in Lily Dale New York have mediums living on campus. Visitors can get a live psychic reading with one of their board-certified mediums.  Their psychics are tested before being able to give psychic readings to the public. Lily Dale is a place that many people go to pick up on voices beyond the grave. 

You may have a mother, father or aunt that is trying to get your attention.  Perhaps you have a question about a will that cannot be found or perhaps wanting to know if they had a message to say to you because you didn’t see them in time before they died.

#8 General Psychic Reading – A general psychic reading is an area in which the psychic tells you what they see for your life.  You may not know why you are coming for a psychic reading. Perhaps you are a skeptic and want to see what the psychic picks up about you.  The general psychic reading can lead you down a path of careful explanation. In this way, you can see on your own what the future may hold for you in any aspect of life. 

The general reading is often best used with tarot cards or astrology charts. In this way, you can ask the tarot cards something ang get an answer.  People often get what they are looking for through the general psychic reading. 

What Are the Different Psychic Reading Styles?

When it comes to psychic readings, there are literally hundreds of different styles that a clairvoyant can read for you.  Let us look at some of the most popular. 

A – Clairvoyant Psychic Reading – The clairvoyant uses their sixth sense and third eye to get a glimpse of your future. The third eye is located at the center of your forehead It is where the clairvoyant reader gets information from.  They will often see a vision or get a picture of something in their mind about your situation. You may feel that they are genuinely “psychic”.  Many clairvoyant psychic readers say that they can easily investigate the spirit world and get the answers that they are hoping for. They often want to see what the future will have in store for you. Psychics that have a natural clairvoyant ability often say that they can see something through their third eye for you. 

Clairvoyants are often born with a gift for seeing visions.  Many clairvoyants say that they have had this gift from as early as they can remember.  Many clairvoyants say that they had a relative that had the same gift as they did. 

B- Tarot Card Readings – Tarot cards have been used for centuries in order to predict the future.  The major and minor arcana give predictions about love, money, career and other areas of your life.  You may ask the tarot cards a question about anything and you will get an answer. Many tarot card readers use their clairvoyant and tarot card readings skills together. You will probably benefit from this kind of psychic reading if you want to receive powerful messages without much judgement. The tarot card reader just works as the interpreter of the cards. 

C- Astrology Charts – Astrology has been around for thousands of years.  Many astrologers say that the astrology chart is a pseudoscience. Although it cannot be proven every single time, astrology has predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the coming age of Hitler and the collapse of the world trade centers.  It’s amazing that astrology can be used for any kind of question.

The astrologer will create the chart using your date of birth and time as well.  When you combine these two together, the astrologer sees into the future and gives you an answer based on what they are seeing for your life. 

You may be shocked to learn that astrology has its pros and cons. You need to look at your life and feel like you can take on new challenges and work towards a specific goal.  Astrology charts can often be created in as little as 24 hours.

Astrologers often like to get your specific birthday details in order to tell you exactly what will happen. If you don’t have specific details to give, its best that you get them so that you can have an accurate astrology chart created for you.

D – Numerology Psychic Readings – Numerology is the study of numbers.  Numerologists believe in that numbers can predict the future. If you have ever thought about lucky number 7 or bad luck 13, it comes from numerology.   It’s interesting that in the Holy Bible, it says that Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights. Moses was on Mount Sanai for 40 days as well. 

Numerology can predict anything from love to career.  You can learn how many letters are in your name and if it is a sign for good luck. For instance, if your name has six letters in it, it is represented by the # 6.  If it has seven, its represented by the number 7.  What can you learn about the number 6 or 7.  Is there anything lucky that will happen with this?

The study of numerology takes time and patience.  If you would like to have a numerology reading, its best to find someone that is highly experienced. 

E – Angel Card Readings – Angel card readings are often for people that don’t believe in anything outside of their spiritual faith. Many spiritual practices forbid the use of numerology and astrology. Angel cards believe that your messages come from angels. Since most religions believe that angels are okay, they often don’t frown on angel card readings.  This kind of psychic reading is often popular around generation x. 

F – Tea Leaf Psychic Readings – These kinds of psychic readings are great if you are wondering about the future. You can learn by having tea leaves read for you. In this way, you can begin learning about your future through the power of teat leaves.  You may not know it now, but there are answers in the tea leaves that you may be drinking every day if you are a tea drinker. 

As you can see, there are many styles and forms of psychic readings that you can get.  If you are curious about which reading style works best for you, I highly encourage you to try some of these styles out. You may be surprised to find that one psychic reading style works out better than another for you.