Do You Need a Break from Your Boyfriend?

How Hard Is It To Have A Boyfriend?

Having a relationship is a lot harder than most people realize.  When you first meet the love of your life, it feels like a honeymoon. The two of you are always excited to see one another.  You may be making love several times a week.  However, what happens when the two of you can’t see to get along anymore?  When is it time to call it a rest? 

If you are having trouble with your boyfriend, taking a break from the relationship is often for the best. In order to do this, you are going to have to tell your boyfriend that you need to let the relationship rest for a while.  He may not like it, but its necessary if you feel that you don’t have enough time for yourself. Perhaps it’s because he is not giving into your demands. 

Do You Need a Break from Your Boyfriend?

Often, a break can also mean that you have your eyes on someone else. Perhaps any other man has captured your attention and now you would like to see where things could go.  Breaks don’t have to be a bad thing if you both set the rules of what the break will entail.

Will you both be allowed to date other people while you are on a break?  What happens if one of you breaks the rules? Are you willing to forgive and forget?  What are you trying to accomplish from the break? 

break it for a bit
Taking A Break From Your Boyfriend Is Needed Sometimes

Making the rules before you take a break will allow the relationship to have some thought.  You and your boyfriend can think about the good and the bad of the relationship. The both of you may want to decide on what to do next.  If you both care about one another a lot, you may feel that you have a lot of love to give to one another.  You may feel like you are both meant to be together. 

Can Love Work For You And Your Boyfriend?

Love is something that does work out well. You may not know it now, but love will happen when you least expect.  You need to stay focused on what is going to be best for yourself.

If you want to see what life would be like without your boyfriend, breaks will give you that answer.  You can easily see for yourself that your connection is full of love and needs work. 

When you take time out of your busy schedule to learn more about yourself and your love for one another, you are doing a good thing. 

Never think that you must rush the relationship.  Often, we think that we want to have something and then later find out that we don’t. 

When To Know That You Need A Break From Your Boyfriend

Relationship breaks help us to see that we are not going to have to settle for anything that we don’t want. They also allow you to see if you are truly in love with your boyfriend.

Hopefully, you will have a rough idea of what to expect in the future.  You may want to see the two of you talking a lot more.  Relationship breaks can often make the two of you talk more through text. You may feel that you get along better as friends than lovers. 

You will feel that you are missing your boyfriend when you are on a break. Unfortunately, he may not like the idea of being on a break.  However, it will send him a message that maybe you are not entirely happy about the way that things have been going between the two of you. 

Sometimes, breaks can be hard to handle because we don’t always know what the future is going to hold with them.  You may find a new boyfriend during your break. 

It’s important to ask yourself what the next stage is going to be for you. Keep a journal and write out what your true feelings are for the man of your dreams. What is it that you are wanting to get out of a relationship?

you need a break from your boyfriend
You Need A Break From Your Boyfriend When You Feel LIke He Is Getting On Your Nerves

How A Daily Journal Can Help With Your Break 

Keeping a daily journal will allow you to see that you don’t have to keep your feelings within any longer. When you begin to see your feelings on paper, you begin to see that you are holding in a lot of pain and suffering. 

When you tend to hold a lot of emotions inward, you tend to not give yourself enough peace. You want to have peace in your life, but don’t understand fully what the future will be. 

You need to always look at yourself and feel that you can take ownership of what you want to achieve in life. You will find a lot out about yourself during relationship breaks. You may feel that you are not into having a physical connection with one person. Perhaps you want to have a relationship with several guys. 

Sometimes, when you are in your 20’s and 30’s, the idea of being with one person for the rest of your life can be scary.  In today’s dating world, most men and women are hopping from one relationship to another.  It’s hard to get someone to commit to you for life. 

Do You Want To Be With Him Forever?

Everyone doesn’t always feel like they want to be with someone forever.  You need to always look at yourself and discover a new beginning and learn what you can do with that.  It’s important to look at your own self and see which way you can walk.

You must be in control of your own destiny. Don’t let another person dictate what you are feeling. If your boyfriend is giving you a hard time about self-discovery, let him know how you feel. Let him know how important this stage is for you.  Learn as much you as can about yourself and try to understand what life is really going to be all about. 

You need to seriously learn that you are not going to struggle forever. Sometimes, we need to look deep down inside and see that breaks just give us time to move from A to Z. 

You can easily learn more about yourself by taking the time out to have fun.  Remember, you can slowly come into your own person this way.

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