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Why Do Men Keep on Leaving Me?

Why Do Men Keep on Leaving Me?
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Is The Man In Your Life Working Out For You?

Nobody wants to be alone in life.  Women across the United States and around the world are wondering why their love relationships are not working out. It’s hard to imagine spending your life alone when you are such a beautiful and hard-working person. 

It’s clear that love today is a lot harder to keep on your life than it was 20 years ago. Today, woman is having a hard time keeping a guy for a long period of time. I have my own philosophy as to why this may be going on. 

For starters, men have a large selection of women to choose from on dating apps, in person, social media and many other platforms. When a man has many women to choose from, you may not stand out as much anymore.

Take for instance in the 1980’s, it was hard to meet a person for companionship. You either had to meet them face to face or through a friend.  You often only met a man in your local area. The internet was not around yet. You couldn’t surf the computer for someone to date a few states or even a country away. 

Why Do Men Keep on Leaving Me?

Men today have many options and people today seem to want a perfect soulmate match. Unfortunately, there is no perfect life partner. I often see that when problems arise in a dating relationship, the man or woman chooses to bail out of the relationship rather fast. 

I can remember in the 1980’s, couples used to fight harder for their love. They were often determined to make the relationship work even though it had its problems. For starters, you couldn’t just go on a dating app looking for a fast replacement. 

Today, its to easy to get a fast “hook up” if your relationship is not working out so well. Many relationships today fail because someone in the relationship doesn’t want to deal with the stress of any problems.

For some reason, the generations that are dating today seem to think that its okay to hop from one relationship to the next if they sense a problem.  Most people have lost the fight in them to stick it out with the person that they are involved in. 

Does Society Dictate If Its Okay To Sleep Around?

The breakdown of spirituality is often making people think that it’s okay to sleep around or to simply do whatever you feel like. 

It’s hard to convince a man to be faithful to you when he wants to check out the variety of women that are out there in the world today. 

You need to always be open and honest with yourself. Try to figure out how your relationship can work out despite what is happening behind the scenes. You may be shocked to learn that you can easily give the relationship a new fresh start. 

If you have a man that doesn’t want you anymore, you need to find out why.  If he is not into you anymore, either you are doing something wrong or he is not feeling the physical connection with you anymore. 

Many men feel that their physical connection with a woman often ends fast if the sexual part of it moves to quickly. You may be in a situation right now in which you are trying to see what is wrong with the relationship. 

The man must tell you what is wrong or else you will never know. It’s important to let him know how badly you feel about your relationship.  Sometimes, he will make it seem like you are doing something bad to him. However, it’s important to make the two of you always feel a deep connection together.

If he starts to tell you that he finds another woman more attractive then you or simply more appealing, you know that his heart and mind has left the relationship entirely. 

Can You Win A Man Back That Does Not Want To Be With You?

You can’t win a man back that simply doesn’t want you. Sometimes its hard to imagine a man not wanting you if you feel that you are pretty and have it all going on for yourself. 

You need to stay focused on what you want in your life and continue to go after it. It’s hard to imagine a man not wanting to be together with you. However, in today’s world, dating moves quickly. We are no longer living in the 1980’s and the internet has messed dating up for most women.  When men have women at the touch of a button through the internet, it makes it easy for them to get something sexual or a woman that will give them some companionship. 

Women today need to take a stand again of loyalty to one another. There used to be such a thing as respecting another woman if their hands are on another man.  There was a karmic rule that you don’t cheat or steal another woman’s guy if he is already taken.

However, in today’s world, there is a lot of sneaky dating behavior.  Dating today can be hard for people to hand at times because it tends to move so fast.

Should You Date A Man That You Admire?

If you have someone in your life that you really do admire, try to date them and see where it goes. If guys keep on leaving you, maybe there is something wrong with what you are doing.  

Learn how to let go of the negative energy that your past lovers have given to you.  It’s important to cut your losses and not focus on them so much. It can be hard to say goodbye to yesterday. However, you often must do this in order to figure out what will work out best for yourself in the long run. 

Remember, the problem may not only be about you. The dating world is not the same as it was 20 years ago.  I believe that the 21st century will teach you more about dating in this new age that we have today. 

It’s important to talk about your feelings if you feel like nobody loves you. Often, our friends and family can help us through these painful moments.