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Bitch: Why He Keeps Calling You That Name

Bitch: Why He Keeps Calling You That Name

Why He May Be Calling You A Bitch

You know the word that I am talking about.  When your man calls you the bitch word, it makes you feel rage.  After all that you do for him, he has the nerve to call you a Bitch.  How dare he! 

Not only has he called this to your face once, but he keeps on doing it. You want him to stop name calling. However, he doesn’t see any point in stopping this kind of speech. Its time for you to take a stand for yourself.

However, you must also try and figure out why he keeps on calling you the bitch word.  It is because you are annoying him so much that he blurts this out. Is he calling you a bitch because he feels frustrated with you?

Are you calling him a bad name first and this is his response to you?  As you can see, there are many different scenarios as to why a guy would say something like this to you. 

Why Does He Keep Calling You a Bitch?

Name calling is never okay under any circumstance. However, you are trying to get him to stop. For starters, take him aside and make him understand how offensive this word is to you and that he can’t keep on using it when the two of you have a blown-up argument. Let him know that this is one of the most hurtful words that he can say to you. 

Often, when a guy sees how hurt you are from saying this word, he will often stop.  It’s up to you to make him feel that you both can be together for the right reasons. 

It’s up to you to address this conversation with him since many men don’t seem to understand how offensive this word is. However, you also want to try and see things from his side as well. Perhaps you are doing something that is making him lash out at you.  Are you texting him to much?  Are you trying to interrogate him with question after question to get some words out of him?

you are not a bitch
Nobody Deserves To Be Called A Bitch

Often, guys don’t like to be pushed.  They don’t like it when you try to ask him to many questions if he doesn’t feel comfortable talking.  You need to know what his limits are so that you don’t reach a high level of lashing out.  You will often feel like he walks away from you as well when he feels to frustrated. 

Over time, you will be able to see for yourself that you give him a lot of peace and happiness. He is someone that will make you feel a sense of belonging with him.  The energy between the two of you needs to shift and get better over time.

Will He Ever Stop Calling You A Bitch?

You may not know it now, but the use of the bitch word can cease once you have addressed it completely.  You must also let him know that if he chooses to use the B word with you again, the relationship can be over with. 

When you start to learn more about yourself and the future of your relationship, you will come to see your love bond is a lot greater than you may have thought. 

why are you a bitch
Why Do You Think He Calls You A Bitch?

We are living in changing times.  You may never fully understand what your life is going to consist of entirely. Guys are often sensitive about words as well. If he knows that you won’t call him any names either, he is more prone to stop his abusive word behavior as well. 

At times, you will be able to see that your physical and emotional connection improves with time. It’s all about making something work out for the best.  Learn how to look at your life and feel like you can easily learn more about the future of who you are and where you are headed. 

Life is something that doesn’t always work out the way that we want it to. Your man may not change as fast as you would like him to.  Perhaps you want him to change quickly and he simply doesn’t budge.

are you a bitch
Why Does He Call You A Bitch

Does He Know That Calling You A Bitch Is Hurtful?

Most men often don’t know the harmful effects of what this word does to you and your self-esteem. You may have been called the bitch word by other men before as well. When he says it to you, it tends to cause you to feel a rage that you have never felt before.

It’s important for you to talk your feelings out with your man. If you don’t do it now, it most likely won’t end. If he keeps on calling you a bit** even after you have told him not to, it may be time to cut the relationship lose. 

You will have to make him respect you one way or another. I know that you don’t want him to continue to call you these types of names.  You should be strong and stand up for yourself no matter what. 

If he is the kind of guy that is sorry for what he has said and done, he is a keeper. Most men will want to say that they are sorry after hurting your feelings.

Deep down inside of his heart, he probably feels that his choice of words was not right. He will have to learn what is going to work out best for the two of you. 

You will both be able to learn what is going to be in store for the two for you at some point.  You can easily learn more about yourself by trying to understand who you are as a person.

If you are thinking about your own personal life right now, it’s a good thing. You should be thinking about how you will address problems in the relationship as they arise.

As you do this, you will come to see that your love can come to a place in which you can both feel a sense of happiness and trust with one another. In life, you must learn from your past mistakes and move on from them.