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Why Doesn’t Your Boyfriend Turn You on Anymore?

Why Doesn’t He Turn You On Anymore?

There is nothing worse than having a man in your life that you love, but no longer feel attracted to. For some reason, he feels more like a brother to you, then a lover. 

You feel bad because you both had passion for one another at some point.  He used to turn you on in the bedroom. However, you now feel like he is not meant to be together with you anymore. 

It can be hard to admit that your relationship is no longer stimulating you. If your boyfriend doesn’t turn you on anymore, then its time for you to let the relationship go. 

Often, you will try to hold onto the relationship. You will hope that maybe your feelings will return and then everything will be okay.  After all, you once thought that he was the hottest man alive. Now you feel that he is not for you anymore when it comes to love.

Why Doesn’t Your Boyfriend Turn You on Anymore?

It’s completely understandable when you have a man in your life that you once had feelings for romantically and now, they have just vanished.

It’s hard to let go of someone that you once cared for in a sexual way.  It’s not your fault and don’t blame yourself. Unfortunately, we have no control over who and what we are attracted to. 

Many men and women feel like they can help whom they are going to want romantically.  However, human beings have no control over what turns you on. It’s simply all in the eyes. As they say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” 

You may be trying to find a magical answer as to why he doesn’t turn you on anymore. However, you don’t have to keep on trying to search for answers.  It’s time for you to look at your life and see that sometimes attraction does wear off. 

The longer that you are in a romantic relationship with someone, the more the sexual attraction will ware off. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone that has been married for 20+ years. 

Oh yeah, make sure that they are being honest with you.  Most people won’t even admit to being in a sexless marriage.  Most men and women feel like its to hard for them to admit that the person that they are with are no longer turning them on. 

In order to get yourself to a place where you can deal with this, you must first be honest with yourself. 

Should You Punish Yourself For Feeling Like Your Boyfriend Doees Not Turn You On Anymore?

Don’t try to punish yourself. Many women think that they must punished themselves for not feeling turned on anymore.  You can’t help it if you look at him as a friend. This happens in relationships sometimes. 

You can literally destroy your life if you are with someone that makes you feel disconnected. If you feel that someone is not into you as well, it will make you feel horrible about yourself. 

If you think about it, sexual attraction does come to us at first glance. We often will see someone that we find attractive. Sometimes that person will be on a level 10 with us. We can feel the lustful passion for that person. We may think that they are so attractive and loving. 

However, over time, the attraction begins to fade.  This happens a lot more often than people would like to admit. The good news is that there is hope. You can either choose to be in a relationship that is full of a lot of emotional bonding and not so much intimacy. Millions of relationships are like this in the world and sometimes they work out well. 

Are You Still Attracted To Your Boyfriend?

You will have to decide on whether you can handle a relationship that doesn’t give you the emotional and attraction side that you are looking for. If you think about it, you have a lot to consider in your love life. 

It’s true that you can meat a sizzling hot guy that turns you on completely. However, he might be a cheater or perhaps into you for a short while. It’s a big risk because he might get tired of you as well.

You must weigh the pros and cons.  Is it better to be with someone that is going to be with you forever or take a risk on someone that may/may not be there for you?

It’s important that you feel like you have choices.  You don’t have to force yourself to make a choice quickly. You simply need to take your time and weight out all the options. 

You can also get some opinions from friends and family. Often, friends and family will give us many reasons for thinking things through.

Are You Afraid To Tell Your Boyfriend That He No Longer Turns You On?

You will often feel like you are going to hurt the person that you are involved with. However, don’t feel bad.  After all, you need to learn what makes you feel more connected to someone. He would rather know the truth than to keep your feelings hidden in the dark. There is nothing worse than hiding your true emotions.  This will lead to you feeling bad about lying to him.

If he is doing something in the bedroom that makes you feel upset, let him know. If you think that you need more than what he is giving, tell him. You will find that when you are both alone in the bedroom, you can either make it magical or simply let it lose. You will find that he may not know how to please you. Perhaps he never did. 

You may have thought that just because he was a cute guy, that the relationship was going to work. However, now you are looking at your life and feeling that things are a bit to hard to even look at.

Learn to think about what you want first and then trying to understand what your life will consist of later down the road. 

You will first see that you are able to make choices.   Afterwards, learn to live with the choices that you have made for yourself.