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What is the 1975 Chinese Zodiac?

What is the 1975 Chinese Zodiac?

Those who were born between February 11, 1975, to January 30, 1976, are no doubt a Wood-Rabbit. This animal has many symbolic beliefs and is associated with an Earthly Branch (支—dì zhī) mǎo (卯) and the early morning hours from 5-7 am. According to the everyday Yin Yang belief (—yīn yang), the rabbit is considered a Yin. Read with us further as we focus on who the 1975 Chinese zodiac really is.

What Recent Years Are Included?

1975, 1987, 1999, 201, 2023, and 2035 (the 60 year cycle)

Rabbits are paired with Celestial Stems (天干—Tin gn) within a 60-year calendar-linked cycle. The five elements of nature (五行—wǔ xíng) also associate the mǎo with metal.

• Celestial stem: yǐ

• Earthly branch: mǎo

• Element: wood

• Yin Yang: yīn

Personality and Characteristics of the Wood Rabbit

Already you can see the elements of Chinese astrology developing a very characteristic-driven person. Although, what the Wood Rabbit has to tell is a story that differs greatly from Men and Women.

• Fortune

The element of wood for rabbits only appears twice in the years for 1975 and 2035, completing a 60-year cycle. As luck would have it wood rabbits are none-the-least sly in their personality. But expect they will have plenty of surprise tricks to fool everyone. Not only is their career success an early one, but the fortune also continues well after they are retired.

• Men

It would be no surprise that wood rabbit men are very polite and will avoid confrontation at all costs. On top of self-control at all times, you might also think they are something conservative in their actions. What may appear to be someone who always agrees with the Boss, they always hold their own bottom-line opinions, likewise.

They have a flair for decoration and organize their home like a palace. If they are married they often assist with household chores. This doesn’t mean that they like to be the one responsible for doing any cleanup. And though they might be a good friend of yours, they’ll prefer to not get too close.

• Women

Wood rabbit women, on the other hand, are incredibly social while remaining polite and thoughtful. They are seen by others through their conscious efforts to remain in a respectable public image, though they deplore arguments and violence. When it comes to matters of love, one can say they’re real love-bunnies.

So you’ll know right away who they love and who they don’t. This is their bottom-line they never like to cross. Their enthusiasm is so great that sometimes all the effort that’s gone into a relationship can turn to hurt. When their lover doesn’t return that level she put-in, they will become emotionally wrecked. Wood rabbit women are sensitive to insecurities and need that reassurance very often.

What Is The Compatibility for Wood Rabbit?

• Dogs, pigs, and goats

Their best relationships are with dogs and pigs because the rabbit will find similar personality strengths with each. They are both looking for peaceful, quiet lives that they can spend together enjoying that journey. Goats will need a dependable partner and the rabbit provides this. As the rabbit enjoys taking care of others, the goat makes a suitable partner.

Least compatible with:

• Roosters, dragons, and rats

The rooster and rabbit will not be compatible because of their tendency to argue. It’s so severe that even minor topics such as small talk, off-hand topics, and even weather can start a fight. And even though dragons have lots of things in common with rabbits, the difference in personalities will lead them to argue or clash. Relations with rats are troubled over some time, until neither of the two will want to deal with each other.

Romance match

• Rabbit and Sheep

Both rabbits and sheep share a mirrored personality of each other. They reflect that with their interests and personality traits, and even the same outlook on life. Their love for the arts and home decorations is a tribute to their love for everything worldly. These qualities will be natural for them and they will often retreat to their private hideaway for long periods.

Besides being a natural pair, they complement each other easily. The sheep is a good listener and listens to the rabbit’s insecurities. The sheep will also enjoy receiving constant care from the rabbit. As long as they understand each other through good communications, they are meant to fit together. Even in times where they are at odds with one another, they can find ways to sympathize with each other.

• Rabbit and Pig

The spark of love between the rabbit and pig comes from their intuitive understanding of life and compassionate outlook on the world. Their easygoing personalities combined with a need to avoid conflict is what brings them together. The pig is a loving and compassionate partner, which is what the rabbit needs emotionally. The rabbit endures with social grace and attracts connections for an opportunity.

Both enjoy the best in life and spend their time together with lavish meals, admiring the arts, and dance or music events. And though the pig does have problems understanding the rabbit, his willfulness makes it worse. The rabbit’s gentle caring nature can reassure the pig that he is loved and understood all the time

Lucky numbers and more

• Colors: red, blue, purple, pink, green

• Numbers: 3, 4, and 9

• The direction of Wealth: northeast and southwest

• The direction of Love: east

• The direction of Auspiciousness: southeast

Unlucky things to avoid

• Colors: brown, white, and gray

• Numbers: 5 and 11

A life of success and career

Rabbits have a natural knack for being connected to the empathy of people. They will most likely find they can talk to nearly anyone comfortably about their passions. For this reason, they will find work related to the arts, literature, music, and architecture. But not limited to jobs that require paying attention to fine details and careful observations.

These abilities can lead to professions in social services and health-related jobs. They also have strong senses for understanding law and order and even diplomatic work. If it related to people in need, the rabbit is prepared to help. And because of their passion, they usually are quick friends with politicians and government officials. Money simply is a perk to them and they lavish the freedom it gives them. But they are never unwilling to give money when they can.

What Is The Life, Health, and Lifestyle For 1975 Zodiac Signs?

Rabbits are very good at keeping up at day to day maintenance. If they feel they’re getting sick they take precautions before it gets worse. When it comes to dietary needs, they are often missing essential nutrients that they need. In a nutshell, they have bad eating habits. If they don’t carefully pay attention to this, many rabbits have bladder problems later in life. This is an upside for anyone who was born as a wood rabbit for the 1975 Chinese zodiac sign.

Due to their weak spot of insecurity, this can lead to growing anxiety and even depression. Combine this with a need to help others at all costs and stress levels can be added to the list. If the wood rabbit doesn’t have a partner to talk about their problems, they will seek means to solve them. They might find their social settings a better way to cope, with plenty of ears that are willing to hear.