How to Plant a Rose Garden

Roses, the plants that represent romance, love, and possibly the dream plant you want in your garden. For all rose lovers, we all wish to have a green enough thumb to grow a bush of those sultry flowers.

However, for those of us who have no clue about the proper handlings of these flowers, we have no idea where to start. But that’s soon about to change. Here we have the know-how about anything to do with roses. We’ll tell you the steps you need to take to have the most beautiful rose garden in your neighborhood!

How to Plant a Rose Garden

Now there are many types of roses and many colors as well. The first thing you need to pick is how you want them to grow, do you want them to grow out of pots or out of the ground. Each one has it’s own pros and cons.

However, it’s recommended that beginners to roses stick to potted. As it’s quicker to establish them in a pot than straight from the ground. Once you have picked the way you want them to grow, let’s select which type of roses you want to grow! There are seven major rose bush types, all which include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Floribunda.

These roses are the most colorful and are a very bushy type of rose. They choose to bloom freely and create a cluster shape, containing three to fifteen blossoms, not the usual one flower a stem. You can choose to grow them individually, but they look most beautiful when planted in rows.

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  1. Hybrid Tea.

The most famous rose you’ll see in people gardens and the florist shops. They grow in a bush and have one blossom per stem.

  1. Grandiflora.

The Grandiflora is the perfect mix between Floribunda and Hybrid Tea, This particular rose type grows up to six feet tall, and they also create the clusters you see of Hybrid Tea.

  1. Shrub and landscape roses.

Now, these roses vary in shape and size and fit with any landscape. They grow close to the ground and are very disease resistant, making them an excellent choice for any garden. They’re also perfect for novices as they require less attention than other roses through the seasons.

  1. Climber roses.

These roses can spice up any old rose garden, adding a whole new look to your garden! These flowers typically grow on a fence or trellis. With there long arching canes that contain many flowers, they can cover pillars, walls, or any structure that supports them. As the name states, they are climber roses.

  1. Miniature roses.

As the name tells us, these are the smallest roses you can obtain for your garden. They grow around or up to six inches to two feet tall. These roses have flowers on its stems continuously, and since they don’t grow that big, they are perfect for potted planting. You can also use them for borders and small spaces.

  1. Tree roses.

Like a trunk of a tree, these roses have sturdy rootstocks, and their grafted to a long stem, and a rose bush top. Tree Roses are very visually stunning roses. However, they take more care for them to last through the winter.

Now that you picked the roses you want to have in your new garden, or the roses you want to add to an existing garden. You are going to need some plant food, or as some call it, fertilizer. You need to nurture the soil all-around your plant to give it the best chance of life. The top fertilizers to put in your soil for roses are:

  1. Miracle-Gro Shake N Feed Rose and Bloom Plant Food.

It comes in four to eight-pound bags so that you can buy by square feet. While this works for roses, it also works for all flower types, so feel free to use it on all your flowers. This fertilizer helps to keep your roses healthy to the roots and helps produce vibrant colors. Altogether it’s perfect for those on a budget and still gives excellent results!

  1. Miracle-Gro Rose Plant Food.

This formula is a water-soluble that comes in a one and half pound container. So its’ uses are minimal. However, this contains the best ingredients that plant food can contain! This fertilizer dissolves in water, making it very easy to use to feed your plants, saving you time from watering every rose plant.

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However, this is specially designed for roses needs, meaning you can’t use it with other plants. This fertilizer, however, can also revive dying roses, a great achievement! But, with its many great features, it’s very time-consuming to use and takes time to situate. But, once correctly set up your roses will bloom like never before!

  1. Bayer Advanced All in One Rose and Flower Care Granules.

This fertilizer provides your roses all-around care! It comes in a four-pound container, which can cover a lovely area of roses. Now, this is the perfect product if you want a one time purchase.

While working as a fertilizer, it also works as a bug-control and a disease control agent. Talk about multi-purpose use; this product does it all! This plant food is great for those who want the most bang for their buck, as you can also use this with not only roses but other flowers as well. So, get your plant food on!

What Is Your Rose Garden Style?

Now you have your planting style, your plants, the fertilizer, and you know their watering schedule. You must be thinking, now what? Well, now go set up your garden, if you haven’t already. And make sure you have all the necessary supplies to care for your roses in the coming months.

Once that’s done, you’ll need to worry about pruning your rose bushes. Pruning rose shrubs require the necessary tools, such as pruning shears, gardening gloves, and a good eye. When you have all the needed tools prepared, get ready to prune your roses.

How Do You Prune Roses?

To prune you have to cut off any rootstocks, those are new plants that grow from the root of the old plant, or canes that are too thin. The reason you cut those are because they rub and cross each other, which cause problems for your roses. Or you could cut the roses that don’t fit the shape you wish they would look like; once your done pruning your roses, they will be better off. Pruning keeps your roses from overcrowding and helps them to stay vibrant.

Having any garden is tough, and is a fight to keep beautiful and alive. But, to have roses, you need to have a love for them. Because they take time and a lot of energy for them to turn into the rose garden others want and envy. So, with this, hopefully, your garden can go to the next level!

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