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Soulmate Connections for October 16 Zodiac Signs

Soulmate Connections for October 16 Zodiac Signs

Being born on October 16th, makes you a Libra.  Libras are passionate about love. They want to find their soulmate fast in life. From as early as 13 years old, the Libra is searching for their soulmate.  Soulmates are not always romantic partners. They can be friends as well. 

Are Libra and Virgo Compatible?

However, the Libra does bond well with Virgo. Virgos are probably the best love match for Libra.  Virgos have a way of understanding people more than other zodiac signs. They are known to be the psychic, counselor or friend in the relationship. They have a keen understanding for developing an emotional connection with those that are in their life. 

If you want to meet a Virgo man/woman, its time to put your feelings on the line.  Dating websites often allow you to connect with a soulmate through your zodiac sign. In this way, you can use astrology to guide your steps in relationship. 

It’s important to look at your interests together.  Virgos tend to be down to earth, considerate and open to the ideas of the Libra. 

When the two of you are together, the Virgo wants to know the real you. He/she may even say, “Please tell me everything about you. I want to know what you have been through in life.”  They are one of the few zodiac signs that care about what you are going through on a day to day basis. 

Love is something that the Libra man/woman holds dear to their heart. They don’t want to be alone. 

Are Libra and Capricorn Compatible?

Libras also get along great with Capricorns.  The Capricorn and Libra will grow together and eventually be life partners.  You can imagine that the Capricorn man/woman is more of a leader. They tend to make the Libra man/woman feel a sense of comfort.  When they are together, their relationship grows stronger every time. They have a specific way of understanding one another. Libras and Capricorns want to have their relationship work.  They will block out friends and family that try to come in between them.

Capricorn men and women seem to want to have someone come into their life that can understand them. They like to feel that they have someone that gets into their heart. Capricorns are often protective over their family. They look at their family as being the most important in their life. 

Are Aries and Libra Compatible?

Aries are compatible with Libra because they are ultra-sensitive.  They want to make the Libra feel like they can be more in tune with their hearts working together.  When the Aries and Libra come together, they often want the connection to become resourceful. 

Aries and Libra tend to be open and honest about where they will be headed in life.  They often enjoy putting their hearts on the line because they know that their connection together will work for life. 

The one downfall of being with one another is that you will argue often.  The Aries is often “bull headed” with wanting their ways met.  They will often see life as a challenge. When they think that they have the answer, they will expect the Libra to follow along with their idea. 

Ideas don’t always come together for the two of you. It can be hard to make your love connection get to the next level. 

In life, you need to always look at yourself and find truth and answers.  You need to always make yourself feel that you can take on new challenges. 

Are Scorpio and Libra Compatible?

This connection can only work 50% of the time.   Scorpios are not as flexible as Virgos. Many zodiac signs find Scorpios to be hard to have love with. The reason for this is that the Scorpio will often smother the Libra. 

Scorpios do well with a person born on October 16 because Libras often speak their mind. Scorpios like direct answers. The more direct that you are in communication with a Scorpio, the more they are prone to telling you how they feel.

It doesn’t matter which day a Scorpio is born for the close bond to happen. If the two of you want the connection to work well, you will have to learn how to speak your emotions directly. 

Scorpios like being expressive and saying what they feel. They go through stages in which they want the world to know about them.  Don’t think about playing with the mind of a Scorpio.  Scorpios have the tendency of wanting to experience something new. 

Do October 16 Zodiac Signs Live for Romance?

It’s no secret that the planet Venus puts October 16 birthdays at a much higher level than most other zodiac signs when it comes to romance.  Libras tend to be more sensual, understanding and productive when it comes to giving of themselves and learning how to offer their own senses when it comes to building a loving relationship. 

It’s hard to imagine yourself learning more about the person that you have become. It’s important to learn how to listen to your inner soul and figure out what will work best for you.

Libras have the tendency of learning about love as they walk through life. They are often thinking about their own life in ways that makes sense to them alone. They want the world around them to feel like they can cause a sense of love and trust. 

Libras enjoy teaching their partner about love.  He/she is often looking at their love life and feeling like they can take on new challenges that come to them from time to time. 

It’s important for the Libra man/woman to feel a sense of peace when they are connected to their soulmate.  A Libra will often not feel any kind of peace until they have at last bonded with the person that they are meant to be with forever. 

It’s important for anyone connecting with the Libra sign to make sure that they are ready for love.  If you are not ready for love, you will end up breaking their heart. 

Libras are highly sensitive when it comes to love.  They want to let the world know that they mean business when it comes to giving of themselves.  They like to make others see that they have an open mind about the future and where they see themselves going.

What Do Libras Want in a Soulmate?

Libras like to feel that they have either had a past life with someone or that the person they are with is sent to them from a higher power. They want to make sure that they are learning a lot about life as they walk through life.  It’s often hard for Libras to figure out what they want in life as they start to express their interests and desires. 

Libras tend to want a soulmate that can understand their own life path. They often want to make sure that someone does get their spontaneous ways.  Libras will often say that they are tired, but then change their minds in just a few hours when they feel that something is going to benefit them. 

It’s hard for a Libra man or woman to feel like they can learn the future and what is going to happen to them in their life.  Libras like to feel that they can be open minded about what their life partner is going through emotionally and spiritually.

If a problem arises in the relationship, the Libra man or woman expects their lover to talk about the problem.  If the person doesn’t like talking through problems, the Libra will grow in frustration. 

Men and women born on October 16, often feel a sense of responsibility for their life partner. They tend to want to fix that person and make them feel that they should open their minds up to the future and what the possibilities can be. 

Libra men and women like to put positive thoughts into the minds of those that want to bond together with them.  They like to make someone feel that they can carry on long discussions about what they are experiencing.

It’s important for the Libra man or woman to talk about what is on their mind regularly. Holding back feelings never helps anyone. It’s important for you to feel a sense of connection with someone that is always going to love you. 

When you have someone on your mind, its hard to imagine things not always going your way.  You need to always take into consideration what the future is going to hold for you. 

If the Libra man or woman says that they are into you, they mean it.  They don’t say things that they don’t mean.  It’s important to speak your mind and to give your lover a sense of bonding and trust. 

Libras like to receive thank you cards or romantic greeting cards. If you want to tell a Libra that you love them, its important that you tell them how you feel in both writing and words.  In this way, you begin to see and feel what the next format is going to be in your life. 

It’s important to look at your life and feel like you can please one another in some way, shape or form.  The Libra often has the most power in the relationship. It’s because they often want it to be this way. They don’t like to be told what to do.  They enjoy playing games and having fun in their spare time. 

When Is the Best Time to Marry a Libra Zodiac Sign?

For Libras born on October 16, the best time to marry is during the fall months. This is mainly because you are born in the fall and basically fall into a spiritual time in your existence when it makes sense to have love at this point.

You will feel that the energy around you grows and gets a lot higher. You will also feel that when you are bonding with someone that understands you well, then something happens inside of you that makes a lot of sense. 

It’s important for you to look at your life and understand marriage.  Libras may not always have a good understanding of who they are before marriage. In fact, most Libra zodiac signs say that they don’t feel complete until they have met their life partner.  Only after meeting their life partner do they feel complete as a person. 

Men and women born on October 16 often say that they like to feel that their marriage partner is with them all the way.  It’s best to get married during the fall because its right before the new year. Libras like new beginnings and the new year will give them just that. 

The Libra will often feel less stress around this time of year to.  They will be able to celebrate their birthday and feel like they can settle down at the right moment. 

Why Are Libras Born on October 16 Picky About Their Romantic Partners?

Libras are dedicated to making a relationship work no matter what. They want to let the world know that when they have themselves fixated on someone, the relationship will have to work out through good and bad times. 

Libras zodiac signs like to feel that their life partner is just as committed as they are.  It’s important to know that many marriages that last beyond 25 years have the Libra sign attached to it. 

Most zodiac signs see the Libra man or woman as being independent, loyal, good hearted and easy to bond together with.  Other zodiac signs know that the Libra sign wants the world to be more at peace when it comes to their love life.

Having knowledge beyond this world is impactful. One only must look their life and feel that they can have something that goes well beyond what they can see naturally through their own eyes. 

Libra men and women want others to know that they have something within them that wants to work for change, opportunity and growth.  When the Libra man or woman comes together with someone that will always love them, they tend to give more of themselves. 

If you are thinking about your own life, you must see that you are happy with who you are and what will happen to you in the future as well. Know that you don’t have to worry about things not going your way.   Libras tend to get what they want.  Libras can make relationships work when other zodiac signs give up. 

Libra zodiac signs have a good understanding of letting their feelings out when other zodiac signs may try to hold onto their own truth. 

The Libra man or woman must come to the acceptance of learning more about love and a new beginning at life. 

Libra men and women want to make sure that you understand where they are coming from. Long discussions often take place in their relationships.  They tend to understand people well. They often enjoy talking about their hardships with their life partners as well.

If the Libra sign senses that you are not into them, they may drop you like a hot potato.  Being with a Libra man or woman requires a know-how of their traits before being involved for the long term.

What Does Family Mean to Libras Born on October 16?

Family is what holds the Libra man/woman together.  When they want family, they mean that they want to be with someone that supports their values.  Libra men and women want to know that you are into family as well.

Many Libra men and women want to have children in their marriage/life partnership.  They have a passion and a desire for settling down with someone because family is important. 

Libras are often more devoted to their significant romantic partner over their own family members that they grew up with.  The Libra will prove to you that they will stand by your side under any situation. Libras will fight for your love and allow you to see that you can have a great blessing in your life by being with them. 

Libra men and women want to let everyone know that they are not into having outsiders bonding with their family unless they can see it as generally good. 

In today’s world, a person must stop and realize that they can indeed learn more about who they are as a persona and the life that they would like to live as time moves on. 

Life is more about learning to grow and having a new significance in time that doesn’t make much sense to other people. Libras tend to stay at home a lot with t heir family members. When they are not at work/school, they are often spending time with their families. They enjoy family over friendships. 

Some Libras to suffer from loneliness if they feel that their families are not wanting them. If they feel rejected by their family members, they will often stay sad about it until conversation can be resumed together. 

It’s important for the Libra man/woman to feel a sense of everyone getting along.  Around the holidays, the Libra wants everyone on both sides of the family to come together. At times, there could be 20 or more people in one home visiting for the holiday. 

When the Libra man/woman throws a party, they want to see everyone getting along and enjoying their life.  Breaking bread around the dinner table is something that October 16 birthdays enjoy. 

How Intelligent Are October 16 Zodiac Signs?

Libras born on October 16 have a high level of intelligence. They tend to be more educated than most other zodiac signs. It’s not uncommon to see a Libra zodiac sign having bachelors of master’s degree.

Libras like deep and intellectual communication. Libras love talking about politics, healthcare and the spirituality of every person on the planet.  If you can learn how to talk about religion together, you will feel tat you both come together for the right moments. 

October 16th birthdays often want to express their love with other people. They want to make sure that everyone around them is intelligent as well. They hate having dull and boring conversations.

Libras want the world to know that they can discuss their troubles together and learn from their mistakes.

Libras like to keep everyone in line with what is going on in the outside world.  If you watch a television show with a Libra, you will often find that they comment about what they are seeing on TV.  It’s a fun way to express and learn about everyone that is in the same room as you are. 

Libras are honest and tell you how they feel about a certain topic. They are known to love philosophy, religion, spirituality and psychology in school.  A Libra may find themselves reading books and being supportive to those that need them the most. 

Libra zodiac signs have a keen sense on spotting intelligence within another person. They are a bit “psychic” when it comes to evolving with the times.  They tend to not hold onto the past and they often feel like they are free spirited and ready to work on changing themselves. 

How Are Libras When It Comes to Charity? 

Libras are givers.  Those that are born on October 16 tend to give a lot more than Libras born on a different day. Perhaps its because they have a higher sense of purpose during the fall and winter months. When holiday season comes around, they are more interested in taking care for their fellow man. They want to let the rest of the world to know that they can come to them for help when needed. 

Many Libra zodiac signs feel like they can be open and honest with what comes to them directly.  It’s always a positive life experience to see changes happening within the spiritual community.  Libras often donate to churches, religious organizations or charities that are in need. 

Libras like to feel that they are contributing to the rest of the world in some way, shape or form. Libra zodiac signs want everyone else around them to know that giving of yourself is an important first step to take in life.

Not everyone understands the giving heart of the Libra. However, you can be rest assured that they are an active contributor to the household. Whether they are doing physical work or spiritual work, they enjoy helping and assisting those that need support. 

As you can see, there are many fine qualities about an October 16 birthday.  As you begin your journey with a Libra man/woman, you will come to see that they have a significant way of expressing emotion.  Allow the Libra to come to you and show you that you can connect with them in ways that you may have never connected with another human being. 

When it comes to true love and happiness, you will find that everyone around you wants to be closest to you. Libra, you have an inner power that guides your every step each day. Embrace it and know that you are much different than other zodiac signs. In a sense, you are a “light” for all other zodiac signs to see.