What is a Clairvoyant Psychic Reader?

What is a Clairvoyant Psychic Reader?

It is quite likely that not many of us may have the right understanding and meaning of clairvoyance. However, there could be thousands of people across the world that could be practicing this psychic reading of the mind and the spirits. We thought it would be a good idea to try and understand the right answer to the question as to who is a clairvoyant psychic reader.

What does he or she do and the pros and cons of such reading of mind. However, before doing so, it would be better if we have a reasonably good understanding about clairvoyant psychic reading and then get to know more about the pros and cons surrounding it.

This will perhaps help us to have a better grasp on the whole subject matter rather than forming our opinions on hear says and other such unreliable pieces and bit of information.

What Is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance basically is a derivative from two French words, Clair and Voyance. Clair means clear and the word voyance means vision. When these are joined together we have a world that talks about having the special ability to get the right perspective and information about a person, object, event or location. This is done using a special extrasensory perception.

A person is supposed to have gained this ability and is said to be a professionally qualified and capable clairvoyant. The actually meaning is about a person who is able to see things clearly. Though the practice of clairvoyance is prevalent amongst many sections of people, there are not enough research papers and other scientific findings that could say a few things positive or good about it.

There is very little evidence on the subject matter. However, there are a few subjects and areas such as parapsychology that perhaps talks something about this. But when you ask the scientifically minded community, they are not willing to accept this.

We need to bear in mind that parapsychology that talks about this issue is a perfect example that says much about pseudoscience and not science in its original and purest form.

What Is The History Of Clairvoyance?

It would be a good idea to have some idea about the history of this practice and then take things forward. When you refer to some historical books and other pieces of information, it is quite possible that you will come across many instances where mention has been made about clairvoyant psychic reading.

There are many references about people who have claimed that they are experts in this subject matter. There are also articles that talk about certainly others may have practiced clairvoyance in their lives for various purposes.

History tells us that many saints belonging to the Christian religion claimed that they had the special power and capability of seeing or knowing things that perhaps were not near or in proximity to their sensor perception. They claimed that it was a special gift from almighty. There are many such names that one could come across if they do the right research.

However a few names do stand out and these include Padre Pio, and Anne Catherine Emmerich amongst others. The mention of this special power is also there in the Bible, and there is mention of this in various Gospels of Jesus Christ.

They talk about the special power of some people who were in a position to know and comprehend about things that were quite far away from human perceptions and that too from an immediate frame of mind. They were also far removed from reality as it existed then and as it exists even today.

Is Clairvoyance Mentioned In Other Religions?

This form of special psychic power is not restricted only to Christianity and there are historical evidences about it in some other forms of religions also. There are stories that talk about certain persons from other religions also who claimed to have special powers that helped them to see and understand things that are not at all very close to their sensory perceptions. There are quite a few such articles and theories. It is found more in Pagan religions and the use of oracles were common amongst them.

When these people prophesied something they always made use of various degrees of clairvoyance. They seemed to have the capability of predicting future events. These people attributed this to their superior psychic power and they claimed that this was attributable to a specially gotten higher power.

There are also many articles that state that this special power was not something that the persons were born with but they were able to acquire it because of some higher power with whom they had regular contacts.

In Jainism also there is some mention of clairvoyance and it is considered as being a part of psychics and also is supposed to be a part of the five different types of knowledge. This special power, according to Jainism, is available with those who are from heaven or hell. They are also referred to as Devas in their language.

This special type of power is referred to as Avadhi. This actually means a special power that allows persons to ascertain mater from a downward range and also helps them to know objects that are within certain limits.

A Look at Some Early Research In Clairvoyance

Before getting into the special attributes of a clairvoyant psychic reader, we would be able to understand it better if we go through a few old research papers on the subject matter of clairvoyance. There are many such articles and it would simply not possible to talk about each and every one of them.

The first and the oldest record of this subject matter perhaps were recorded by a person by the name Marquis de Puysegur. He was a follower and believer of Franz Mesmer. He was giving treatment to a simple peasant by the name Victor Trace. During the process of treatment, it was found that the peasant Race would often get into uncontrolled bouts of trances. He also would become a changed personality suddenly and not the dull and dull witted person he was known to be.

He would also become very articulate and expressive in what he says. He also would be in a position to give a perfect diagnosis about his medical condition and also prescribe medicines for the disease or medical condition he was suffering from.

This happened in 1784 and since this practice has been increasing. It found many acceptors during the 19th and even in the early part of the 20th Century. There have been many psychics of various shades and descriptions who have believe that they continue to have the best of clairvoyant ability to this present day.

A few names that come to the mind are as follows:

James Fenwick who called himself an accomplished character reader.

William Gregory

Rudolf Tischner

Gustav Pagenstecher

Chrles Richet and a few more

All of them were seemingly active during the period 1880 to 1957

What Is The Usage Of Clairvoyance?

When a person is supposed to be at clairvoyant psychic reading, he or she can put it to various uses. This is because the person concerned seemingly has the paranormal capacity and ability to have a look at events and persons that could be located distant in space or in time. When we talk about the science of clairvoyance we need to understand that it could be basically broken into three different stages or classes. They are as follows:

Precognition – This is a stage where a person has the special ability to predict and perceive and also have a reasonably accurate prediction about future events.

Retrocognition – This is the second stage where the person is capable to see past events

Remote viewing – This is the third class where the person has the special power and wherewithal to have the right perception of contemporary events that happen outside the range of normal perception.

This is also referred to remote sensing, traveling clairvoyance or even telesthesia. This is often considered to be an abnormal or even paranormal ability. Here the person has the special and unique ability to perceive and even understand a hidden target without taking recourse the various senses.

Is There Government Funded Research For Clairvoyance?

While there is quite a bit of debate and controversy surrounding the areas of psychic reading, we need to also bear in mind that the government of the United States did actually fund a project on the subject matter and the research was done by the famous Stanford Institute. The study was done during the period 1970 to mid 1990s. There were a number of studies that were conducted on the subject matter.

The main objective was to try and determine whether the participants, including percipients and viewers were in a position to identify reliably or even describe accurately the various important features of the targets or remote locations that were supposedly within their perceptions. When the studies were being done in the early stages, the research team used a human being and he or she was present at the location where things were presumably happening. This was done as a part of the overall experiment protocol.

The whole experiment was done using a process of a three way approach and they are as follows:

The first was to try and identify and pickup the target conditions randomly and these had to be special because they have to be experienced by the senders.

Secondly, the participants were asked to express verbally or even sketch the impressions that they had about the scene located remotely.

The third and final step was called the step of judging. In this step the descriptions were researched and carefully matched and this was done independently by separate judges. The intended targets were matched as perfectly as possible with the descriptions. This perhaps explains the word and phrase remote viewing because it was supposed to describe the overall process as closely as possible.

The first report that was submitted did talk about varying degrees of remote viewing success. Once this report was submitted, there were other such attempts that were made. The objective was to replicate the experiments that were carried out.

Remotely linked groups were used and computers were also put into use and conferencing was also tried out. However, the results that came out were not very successful when compared to the initial results that were available through senders.

What Are The Benefits of Clairvoyance ?

Given the fact that there are different opinions, belief systems and points of view about Clairvoyance, it would be interesting to have some idea about the benefits and advantages associated with this unique way of looking at the future, past. There are many who believe that there is no need to be a clairvoyant to make this possible.

This is because with some bit of training and practice, we may still be able to control our minds to a certain degree. When we talk about clairvoyants, they make use of their minds to contact or reach some thing or move to some places that are away from their normal possibilities. They also may have been able to master the art of giving that information back to you.

We need to understand that almost all of us may have some degree of psychic ability. It could be brought to the fore and there are many who believe that meditation could help to make better use of these psychic skills. It is quite obvious that all of must have come across sixth sense and research has proven that our mind can possibly access this when they practice clairvoyance techniques on a regular basis.

There are some articles that make mention about situations where clairvoyants have been able to communicate with external spirits. There are others who can also perceive knowledge making use of vibration from people and obviously these emanate from the human body.

Are There Things That You May Require For Clairvoyance?

If you are able to put in the right kind of effort and are also ready to patient it is quite possible that you may be in a position to improve your psychic abilities. However, there are a few things that one needs to be in place. First and foremost, you must understand the importance of staying calm. You must choose the right place to do this.

Further, you should understand that you will not be able to reach the clairvoyant levels unless there is complete silence around you. However, you may be able to experience increased and more noticeable psychic ability and these may include intuition and you also may be able to understand that there is something right or wrong for you.

It Could Be Enlightening

If you are able to find the right clairvoyant reading, it could also be very enlightening and interesting. You will be in a position to get a lot of information and this could pertain to various events that are happening in your life. You also perhaps could be able to have a clear picture about what is going to happen to you in the future too. This might sound a bit far-fetched, but there are many who believe that this is very much possible.

We also may like to know as to where these clairvoyants get their messages from. The answer is not very easy to give and it is perhaps because of increased practice and the skills take time and effort to develop. It could take years for them to master these skills and it also is quite possible that many of them could have been born with these skills, but there are again opinions that are sharply divided on this.

It Helps You To Have An Open Mind

When you are into clairvoyance with the real intent and objectives, is may be possible for you to have an open mind. When your reading is done properly, you may have enough knowledge that may be able to help you with things that you may not have understood at that time. You may be able to learn about it and it may come to your knowledge only when the clairvoyant lessons told you that it would happen to you.

However, you must be regularly at it because these lessons often tend to slip away from the mind. It would always be advisable to have a pen and paper in hand and you must make it a point to write down everything that is being told by the clairvoyant so that you do not run the risk of forgetting even the smallest things

They Could Have Many Things To Offer

Those who have belief in Clairvoyance believe that it may have many things to offer though scientists and other rational thinkers may not be able to agree on this. Yes they have reasons not to agree but at the same time it does not prevent believers from moving forward with what they think is the right thing. Those who have firm belief in this skill set that it could be a life changing experience for them.

You will start realizing that they would be able to understand about a few personal things pertaining to your life. You are the only person who would know that something real could be happening or could happen within a short period of time. A good clairvoyant reader could perhaps help you in getting touch with people who you may have missed out in the journey of life. There are some researches by scientists and they are constrained to partially agree with this.

There is Nothing To Fear

We also need to bear in mind that the main objective of clairvoyance is to help people. However, they master their skills over a period of time and it will not happen overnight and for many it could take years and perhaps even decades. It is all about regular practice and also having a firm belief in this art and not being swayed or distracted by those who believe that it will not work.

Further, if you want to get the full benefit of this art, you must not be in the least frightened about it. It is quite safe and you could easily take a friendly along even if it is for one reading. You are also free to take a friend for a few reading and lessons if you so wish but that may not always be necessary or even recommended.

You could easily decide to have a private setting with a person and it should not take more than 30 minutes. There are many people who have shared amazing stories about the benefits and end results associated with it. Many of them would love to come back again for many times and when you need to know something that is really important it is quite obvious that there would be a motivation to pay regular visits.

What Does Science Say About Clairvoyance?

Science has not taken very positively as far as clairvoyant psychic reading is concerned. They believe that it is because of a case of total bias, expectancy bias and plain and simple hallucination, fraud, accompanied by self-delusion and perhaps also sensory leakage.

According to them it could also be because of validation that is irrational and subjective and there also could be quite a bit of wishful thinking associated with it. The failures to take note of chance occurrences and equating them with paranormal power is also something that is not accepted by scientists.

This perhaps could be one of the main reasons as to why Parapsychology is also referred to as pseudoscience. In 1988 the committee that was funded by the government concluded that there is something known as parapsycyhological phenomena. When we look at mainstream psychiatry and find out what it has to say, there would not be anything worthwhile as far as this practice is concerned. Mainstream psychiatry considers this plain and simple hallucination.

The Final Word

For many the world of psychic reading is considered to be eerie, unnatural and even frightening as the clairvoyant readers try and get in touch with spirits, people and even reach places that would be impossible for ordinary human being to reach. There are others who are driven by logic and they would simply refuse to believe it because of obvious reasons.

However, there are other groups of people who have a firm belief that there are some obvious benefits and advantages associated with clairvoyant psychic reading. It is still evolving and though the number of readers of this form of art is not very big, there are quite a few who have unbridled belief and faith in this form of art and they are even ready to call it a science that has been not properly understood. But it is quite obvious that it is very safe and there is nothing to be afraid or concerned about the safety and well being of the psychic readers.

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