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Air Signs Zodiac Guide For Compatibility

Air Signs Zodiac Guide For Compatibility

What Are The Four Elements?

The twelve zodiac signs are divided into four elements. These are air, earth, water, and fire. All these elements are known for some distinct qualities. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius and earth signs are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo.

The water signs are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio and the air signs zodiac are Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. In this article, we will know more about air signs.

What Are Air Signs Zodiac?

The Air Signs: Libra, Gemini, & Aquarius

All air signs are about emotion, action, and ideas. As the sign element suggests, they are believed to be the winds of change. Air can be mild or strong. When the strong wind will hit, you cannot help much without moving. Some air signs can be true-life airheads.

Others can be very powerful such as the gravity-defying G-force. All three air signs including Libra and Aquarius will bring a breath of fresh air. Like the breeze, people will not be able to catch air zodiac signs. They are expected to live an adventurous life.

Air signs have a great ability to be dynamic. The element of air develops intellectual idealism and superiority complex. Also, this element makes them capable to have a great mental sharpness.

Two air signs have problems with the sun. Both Libra and Aquarius are not supportive of the sun. Libra takes it to fall and the Aquarius element takes it to a detriment. This enmity is understandable since the sun wants everything in order and circling it and the air prefers a free environment to circle the universe.

These elements of air signs will create a problem to fit into a regular order no matter where they are and how preferable the surrounding is. They will always find it hard to be a part of the order. They will not try to please others. They will be following their liberating and brightest ideas without bothering much about others.

What Are the Traits of Air Signs?

Intellectual Idealism

As stated earlier, the air element is related to intellectual idealism. These people are born intellectual. Air signs make people logical, smart, and even practical in their thinking.

Their actions are precise and thought-through. Air signs are popular for being detached. They find difficulties to show their emotions. All the air signs appreciate their freedom and would never prefer to be tied down to something. Though Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra are very sensitive, they never try to express their emotions.

Are Air Signs Quick Thinkers & Disciplined?

Air signs are quick thinkers and curious. They are also very disciplined and well-organized. They will not listen to anyone. They will keep a strong opinion about everything without bothering much about what others are thinking.

As they are born with superiority complex feelings, they do not bother about others and do whatever they think intellectually right. They are mentally strong and keen-witted. They will not be influenced by others and physical factors. Instead, they will rationalize by using their thinking ability.

Great Communicators

Even if air signs possess the virtue of knowledge, they might not be always intelligent than others. But they are well informed and rounded. Also, they have great communication skills. Yes, they are good communicators and many of them have a good command of the language. Their mental sharpness makes them more communicative since they know almost about everything.

Easy to Get Through Personality

Air sign’s personality is easy to get through. They are not complex. As the air represents their mental activity, they are best at many things including reason, comprehension, and knowledge.

They start a new beginning with clarity, friendship, and positive expression. These people are positive and always prefer challenges. They are very good at decision-making and follow their mind. People might not face difficulties to understand their nature.

Brilliant Philosophers

Air signs are outstanding philosophers. They are also known as priests or seers. These people are mentally inclined and acquire knowledge actively through education, communication, associations, and experience.

Their sharp brain makes them better capable to grasp more information and to use them rationally. They observe and judge things by thinking. They do not prefer to rely on other factors to derive a conclusion.

They are the master of their mind. They know where to go and how to react strongly to a particular situation. As they believe themselves most, they do not care about others’ opinions.

Self Appraisers

Air signs would love to enjoy any entertainment. They use their brain to get a meaning for everything. This distinct quality gives them the upper hand in any given situation. They are emotional and sensitive and they believe in the self- appraisal. They have a strong tendency to judge themselves harshly. They can be even rough towards their actions.

Follow Certain Standards

Air signs follow some specific standards. They set their principles and do not like to be guided by others. They decide the hygiene, job performances, education, and the way they will dress.

Also, they decide the way their family will live. Air signs are known as ego-oriented people similar to the fire signs. Sometimes, they are trickery and can do all the possible things to prove their ego. These signs are ingenious, underhanded, and crafty when it comes to the enmity.

Prone to Physical Violence

Though air signs are intellectuals and great communicators, they can be bad enemies. They can be prone to physical violence as well. Fire signs are known for their angry and violent nature.

However, they show anger for the moment and forget it later. But air signs are mean. They will never forgive and carry a grudge. They are opinioned and very fast to express their opinion when it comes to anger.

All the air signs are violent to some extent. But the severe one is Gemini. Libra and Aquarius are better compared to Gemini. All these signs will not think for a second to display anger verbally and also, they will not hesitate for physical violence. It will be their first resort during a fight. Gemini will act instantly and will never hesitate to hurt.

Do Air Signs Make Good Friends?

Air signs can be aggressive and can display anger whenever they find it justified. However, they are good friends as well. They have an immense and selfless heart. They will not enjoy others’ difficulties. They will come forward to help you. They will behave as if they are dealing with their problems. Friendship is important to them. Air signs are affectionate and believe in true friendship.

They would prefer to be accompanied by others and would love to mix different ideas without being influenced by them. They have an exceptional ability to understand things from others’ points of view.

Like the air, they love a free environment and do not want to be influenced by others. Even in love, they would like to feel free. It is important for them. This ability does not allow them to establish a relationship easily. They always want the freedom to enjoy their life and to remain calm.

Air signs are compatible with the Aries element. Yes, they are compatible with the elements of fire. Fire signs are believed to have a great vital force and they share a similar interest.

They are balanced and can make the perfect match. However, air signs will not find them comfortable with the elements of water. They are opposite by nature. But they feel attracted to each other. When the air is more sociable, water wants more complements and an agreeable partner. Therefore, it is difficult to make a balance between these two signs.

Broken Down By Sign

Now you have an idea about air signs and their distinct qualities. They have some best qualities and that gives them preference over other elements. Now, we will know more about the particular air signs and their specific characteristics.

Needless to mention, they have many similarities. You will find many similar natures in most of the air signs. But with close observation, you will know how different they are. Yes, they are different in thinking ability, behavior, and even in intellectualism. Here are the more details.

Gemini Air Sign

Gemini has the element of the air. This sign is very sharp and intelligent. Gemini element is capable to instantly understand and even communicate about almost everything in the surrounding. They are clever, great artists, and are known as the social butterfly.

Have you ever noticed somebody dancing at a party and flattering to everyone? If yes, then you will be surprised to know that he might have born under the influence of the Gemini element. After all, these air signs are ruled by Mercury. This planet is very good for communication.

In brief, you can say that Gemini people are communicative. They can easily draw attention. This air sign is popular for adapting to any social situation at ease. They can exude their charisma and can become the center of the attraction wherever they go.

Also, they are multi-tasking and creative thinkers. They can easily solve complex problems. They are super capable to promote an artistic vision. Gemini people will never have difficulty finding their way regardless of the complexities of the situation.

Gemini Personality

Gemini people are good communicators and self-expressive. The air element will help to boost the perceptivity of the Gemini and will enable him/her to find the best word for any given situation. Also, the air element is responsible for the double personality and unpredictability of the Gemini sign. They would not hesitate to do physical violence in anger. They are mostly unpredictable.

Libra Air Sign

Libra element is a bit different from the Gemini element. This element makes people more intelligent and sociable. They believe in social harmony. Libra people are diplomats, romantic, and also great poets. These people can flirt effortlessly and easily.

They are very attractive and charming. You can fall in love with them in no time. Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus is the planet of beauty and love. This zodiac sign will always have a natural aura in their surroundings. They might not take a long to attract anyone.

Libra people are also known for their great sense of the style. They are very romantic and great lovers. You will not find this quality in other air signs. They can die or live for their interpersonal relationship. They are symbolized by the scales. Libra signs will be constantly looking for balance and harmony in their life. If you are born with this air sign, you will be capable to navigate any conflict like a diplomat. You can handle any situation.

Libra Personality

The Libra air element will enable people to freely express their emotions and feeling. Naturally, Libra is elegant and graceful. They use their natural talent and charm to attract people.

They love social harmony and justice. The air element helps them to achieve the love and success they strive for. They are an admirer of beauty and do not prefer conflict. However, they can display anger and involve in physical violence.

Aquarius Air Sign

Aquarius element can help people to dream something big in their life. This element can support them to achieve great detached ability. The air element enables them to handle any given situation. Aquarius air sign is a born leader. They are revolutionary and eccentric.

They can handle complex situations and can display all the qualities of a leader. If you find someone is rebelling against the social order or status quo, then the person might have born with an Aquarius air sign. This air sign is ruled by Uranus. The Uranus planet is the symbol of the revolution and erratic change. Also, it is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the symbol of long-lasting traditions and authority. Aquarius people will display different characteristics.

They will be trying to take the human force in a progressive direction. Aquarius air sign is popular for their distinct qualities and unique nature. Their versatility and strong will make them stand out in a crowd. If you are born with this sign, you will be appreciated for your leadership ability. You will never have difficulty to create a different identity.

Aquarius Personality

Aquarius sign people are great leaders and display the best revolutionary features. They can inspire any. They are popular for their exceptional unique qualities. Aquarius sign can be great influencers. But they are not good communicators. Aquarius air element makes it difficult to connect with people and to get deep inside them. They live with great ambitions and love traveling.

These are three air signs and their unique qualities. All of them are different and display some distinct characteristics. When some of them are romantic and great lovers, others believe in the change.

Differences between Three Air Signs

These three air signs have many things similar. However, they have some distinct qualities. Aquarius is believed to be more independent, stubborn, and optimistic. They can be positive even in adverse conditions. Gemini is a talkative, creative, empathetic, and excellent imitators.

When it comes to the Libra, it can make you intellectual, passionate, diplomatic, and confident. All of them have some specific preferences when it comes to love. In the following, we will know more about the compatibility of the air signs.

Love & Air Element

When it comes to love, all the signs behave differently. Though Gemini and Libra can attract people, they find it hard to express their feeling, like Aquarius. Most of them have good communication skills. They can communicate with everyone.

But they cannot express their love and emotions. As air signs are great intellectuals, they always use their head instead of the heart. This ability causes a problem for them. They will never allow their passion to overshadow their head.

Also, the air element in these signs does not make them spontaneous when it comes to the feeling. They will not give in to the feeling. Commitment is a great challenge for them. They find it risky and do not prefer to jump into an unknown.

You can say that they do not want to involve in a relationship as it demands a lot of effort. They follow their mind, not their heart. However, they can be great partners when they find the best match.

Air Signs Compatibility

To know the compatibility, it is important to know different elements. Some elements work exceptionally well together. Others can be a hurdle for growth and success in every sphere of life. Compatible signs can exchange energy leading to vitalization, satisfaction, and a feeling of completeness.

The most harmonious zodiac signs with air signs are fire signs. Aries element can complement air signs. All the fire signs including Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are compatible with air signs. Also, all the earth signs that include Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are compatible with air signs.

In particular, Gemini is the perfect match for Cancer. Libra and Capricorn can make a sweet couple and the Aquarius is most compatible with Scorpio. Though cancer is a water sign, it matches well with Gemini. They can be the best couple and contribute to each other’s growth.

Air & Fire

Air and fire are compatible. Fire burns brighter when it comes to the contact of the air. Similarly, air will rise to greater heights while making contact with fire. Both contribute to each others’ height and growth. In this dynamic duo, the enthusiastic, energetic, and competitive traits of fire signs can complement the versatile, changeable, and expedient characteristics of the air sign. However, both of these signs love freedom and that might cause a problem in a relationship. Some might not prefer to settle down.

Air & Earth

Earth and air are closely associated. They need each other for smooth growth. An air sign person can be immensely benefited from an earth sign partner.

Earth sign people will also enjoy the intellectual and stimulating flow of ideas of air sign people. It is a perfect union and can contribute to each other’s success. However, different modes of behavior of these two signs can cause problems in the end.

Air & Air

Many people believe that air and air can be the perfect match. As they have a similar nature, they can understand each other. There is no doubt that they can make an ideal couple. Their kindred spirit and relationship can be stimulating for both.

However, their superiority complex might not go in their favor. They like debating and that might lead to arguments more often. Also, when there will be no balance of other elements, they might have very little emotional bonding even physical touch. So, air signs should not prefer the same sign when it comes to love and committed relationships.

How Do People With Air Signs Make A Balance?

Air signs are not dominating by nature. But they love and follow their ideas. The major challenge with the people born under the influence of the air is to understand the body and its importance.

They will always want to be in the higher sphere. They find everything possible and achievable. However, they will have difficulties to implement intelligence and ideas into practical things. The air people should focus more on practical things, overall development, and personal growth instead of always trying to achieve something big.

Their life can be balanced by the earth element. They need a healthy daily routine. They need to understand the body and its limits. Air signs should make a balance between their intellectual idealism and practical life.

They are incomparable when it comes to ideas and creativity. They can handle any situation. However, they are a bit aggressive. They can be physically violent as well. They can correct their behavior through rational thinking. Also, air signs need to be very careful while taking decisions on love. Compatibility is a must for a committed relationship.

Wrapping Up

People, who are born under the influence of the air, are naturally intelligent and smart. They have good decision-making abilities. Their decisions are always supported by logical reasoning. Air signs people love their minds and find a way in any situation. They can be great friends, managers, writers, poets, and leaders.

What Are Air Signs Attracted To?

The Air sign is the most social of all the zodiac signs. They are known for their easygoing, friendly, and easygoing personalities. They tend to attract a wide variety of people, but they are especially drawn to the like-minded. Here are some of the things that Air signs are attracted to. The Libra is one of the most intuitive and passionate zodiac signs. The Pisces is a mutable sign.

Libras are sociable, harmony-seeking social butterflies. They are attracted to dance, music, and art. They are also very connected to people. Gemini is the most sensitive sign, but can’t resist the chasm of facades. This is why the Gemini is a popular target for Air Signs. It’s hard for this sociable sign to resist someone who hides who they really are.

The Gemini is the most romantic and compatible air sign. It enjoys sociability and can make new friends easily. This air sign will find it difficult to resist people who are a facade. It’s a good thing they are easy to get along with! These people are often very friendly. These people will be the most compatible for an Air Sign. These people are very positive and fun-loving. A Gemini is likely to be the opposite of a Taurus.

While these signs can make an attractive partner, they don’t need a lot of time to develop a relationship. They are easy to date, and are very flexible. They enjoy a wide variety of people, and are willing to change plans in the middle. They also want to spend time with people who are happy and full of life. The more positive and fun-loving you are, the better the chances of dating someone like this.

The Libra is the most personable zodiac sign. They are social, compassionate, and highly social. They are attracted to people who share similar values. They also tend to be very friendly. They are the best candidates for relationships if you want a serious relationship. A Gemini can be a great partner for a long term. These two signs can be very similar. A Libra is not a mate for life.

The Libra is the first air sign of the zodiac. It comes at the beginning of the fall season. This sign is an excellent leader and is known to be a leader in society. However, Libras are also known to be flirts. They are the zodiac sign that is attracted to people who don’t show their true nature. Their air signs can be very open and approachable, but they are also very reserved.

The Libra is a social butterfly. As the seventh sign overall, the Libra is attracted to art and music, dance, and connecting with other people. The Libra is the eighth sign in the zodiac, and is the eighth in the water. The Air sign is most likely to be attracted to a fellow water bearer because they share a similar goal. These people enjoy having conversations and are often good companions.

The Air sign is a very flexible sign. They are open to most people, and are good at forming relationships. They are easy to date and are social. They are also easy-going and have an amiable nature. While they are easily distracted by the sun, they are a great match for those who like to be outgoing and fun. If you have a Gemini in your life, you’ll be able to meet someone who will suit your needs.

Air signs are often social, but are also very sensitive. They love to meet new people and are always looking for a good conversation partner. If you’re a Gemini, you’ll find it hard to resist them because they are naturally social. They can’t resist the charm of a person wearing a facade. The same goes for air signs. You’ll have a hard time convincing them that you’re not attracted to an Air sign unless they show you their true colors.

Are Air Signs the Smartest?

People born under the sign of air are known for their speedy mental processes. They’ve been known to have strokes of genius and excel at anything that requires quick thinking. They’re good company, too, and will keep things fresh and exciting by putting their heads together instead of letting their emotions dictate what they do. Despite their airy personality, they can also be the most stubborn of zodiac signs, so be prepared to get a lot of criticism.

Gemini – The Gemini air sign is one of the smartest zodiac signs. This sign is the best communicator and is the most adaptable. They’re creative, resourceful, and can get along with just about everyone. These mutable personalities can be great at almost anything, and they can blend in with most people. Their twin nature is often mistaken for being two-faced, but that’s their dual nature. The Gemini is a great communicator and is very curious.

The mutable air sign, Gemini, comes at the end of spring season. The Gemini personality is flexible and chatty, making them easy to understand situations. They’re incredibly analytical, and can reflect on situations from every angle. Their analytical nature means that they’ll be able to make the best decisions possible. In fact, they’re often considered the smartest zodiac sign. The only downside to having this sign is the fact that February is the shortest month. However, the brighter side is that they’re very easy to get along with, and they’re generally very adaptable.

When it comes to analytical ability, the Air signs are the smartest. They have the ability to analyze situations from every angle and reflect on them from all sides. This means that they’re often the most outgoing and social signs. And they’re also the most intellectual. They can process situations much slower than other zodiacs. This means that they’ll think through situations more slowly than their counterparts. When they process a situation, they’ll look at it from the big picture. They’ll try to see how the information they’ve gathered can advance society.

When it comes to analytical abilities, the Air signs are the most intelligent. They’re the most analytical zodiac sign and can see the world from any angle. They’ll be able to see a situation from every angle and can reflect on it without hesitation. In addition, they’ll be able to think about the future with great clarity. These are the smartest of all the zodiac signs.

The smartest air signs are those who think in logical ways. They’ll solve problems faster than you can ask them. They’ll also be good leaders. They don’t care about what others think, and they’ll always feel that they’re right. It’s important to remember that the most intelligent zodiac signs aren’t necessarily the smartest. They’ll be the ones who are the most creative.

Aquarius: The water bearer of the water element is the symbol of the Aquarian. They’re also known for being stubborn, but their stubbornness isn’t their only flaw. They’ll be the ones to tell you the truth when they’re wrong. If they’re right, they’ll even let you know that they’re wrong. If they’re wrong, they’ll blame their partners and blame the problem on the problem.

The Air signs are the most analytical stars. These people are highly rational and can see a situation from many perspectives. Their IQs are 160 to 175. The Air sign has a higher IQ than any other star sign, but this trait can be difficult to identify in someone with this sign. In general, however, Aquarians are the smartest of all the zodiac signs. If you are an Air sign, you are a great leader.

Libras: The Libra sign is a mutable air sign that comes at the end of the spring season. This mutable sign is a chatty and flexible sign. Because of this, they are incredibly apt to understand situations and make quick decisions. But despite their many strengths, their ambiguity can make them the worst leaders. Regardless of their intelligence, they are very good communicators.

What is an Air Sign Personality?

Air signs are logical and practical. They are always thinking about what to do next. They are driven by their ability to understand people and the world around them. They are not driven by emotion and rely on their logical minds to make their decisions. This can make it difficult for them to make decisions, but it makes their lives much easier. They can make great decision makers, and will always make good choices. However, they can be hard to understand and can be unreliable.

The greatest quality of an air sign is their quickness to analyze situations. They are problem-solvers and are always ready to help their loved ones look at problems objectively. They are big talkers and enjoy talking about their ideas. They love philosophical discussions and love to communicate with others. This can make them a challenge in a relationship. They are good communicators, but they can be prone to arguing and can be impulsive.

The air signs are good communicators and are highly intellectual. They love to discuss things, and they tend to have their head in the clouds. This type of person will be highly creative and will be able to stimulate conversations. They are also a good match for those who enjoy humor and socializing. These signs are usually humorous. But be careful. They can easily lose their temper if they are upset, so be prepared to be a good partner!

People born under the sign of the air are known to be quick to analyze and rationalize things. They are very quick to analyze anything and everything, and are usually willing to help their loved ones see things from an objective viewpoint. They are also known for being big talkers and like to talk about themselves and their experiences. Often, they will engage in philosophical conversations with their loved ones, and will share these ideas with others. So don’t be afraid of them if you want to have a great relationship.

Air signs are often calm and collected, but they can be very emotional. When they are upset, they may appear cold and distant. But they are a good example of a person with an air sign personality. These individuals are usually cooperative, but they can be a bit clingy if they feel they are being criticized too harshly. But they don’t like being treated unfairly, so they are likely to treat their partners well.

People born under the air sign are logical, cooperative, and friendly. They’re very perceptive and often have a good sense of balance. Despite their logical and analytical abilities, air signs tend to be cold when they are upset. They are very patient and friendly, but they’re also very sensitive, so they shouldn’t be a good choice for those with emotional problems. If you have an air sign personality, this is a good choice.

Geminis are great at analyzing and rationalizing difficult situations. They’re good at negotiating, and they’re also excellent negotiators. They’re also impulsive, and they’re likely to enjoy spontaneous trips with friends. In addition to being outgoing and adventurous, air signs are analytical. They’re very outgoing and like to make decisions based on facts. If they’re feeling down about something, they will tend to hide it and try to convince themselves it’s okay.

Air signs are cold to emotional water signs. They’re also stale and stable, and they can be a bit cold when they’re upset. Fortunately, the air sign personality is one of the most tolerant and cooperative people in the world. Whether they’re a teacher, a parent, or a colleague, they’ll be able to work well with air signs. If you’re an air sign, they can be a great help to you in many aspects of your life.

The air sign is a very calm and collected person. They can become cold when they’re upset. They have no prejudice. They’re cooperative and friendly, but can be dramatic in relationships. Unlike their earthly counterparts, air signs are prone to being overly critical. A Libra is a good example of an air sign personality. There’s no one who has ever been a “perfect” person.

What Zodiac Sign is an Air?

What zodiac sign is an Air? This question may sound complicated, but the truth is that each element represents a different personality trait. In astrology, each zodiac is represented by one of the four elements – fire, water, and earth. Understanding the differences between each element is crucial to understanding your own compatibility. Here are some common characteristics of air signs. Read on to learn more about this type of personality!

Known as social butterflies, air signs are extremely intelligent. These are not “airheads,” but rather switched on creatures who are always thinking. They enjoy intellectual debate and travel, as well as intense conversation. They are very practical, and their ability to see the big picture helps them stay focused in their work. As an air sign, you’ll find that you’re constantly solving problems, tackling new challenges, and making smart decisions.

An air sign is very adaptable. It may disappear from a relationship quickly, but it’s worth it because you’ll end up with an interesting and fulfilling life. They’ll spend a lot of time expanding their library and friend circle. Their passion for knowledge is one of the main reasons why they are the most creative element in the zodiac. The air sign is an expert in improvisation, so if you’re looking for a partner who can match your own unique characteristics, you’ve come to the right place.

As a sign of the air element, you’ll find that an air sign is incredibly intelligent. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re ‘airheads,’ but that they’re very switched on, so they tend to vibe with each other. But don’t expect the same things from a fire sign. Despite being similar in nature, these two elements are very different!

An air sign is one of the most personable zodiac signs. They’re also the most humanitarian. They’re quick and smart, and they’re great communicators and charmers. They’re also known to be a little unpredictable, but they have the potential to become a very good friend. They’re often quick and clever, and they’re good at getting things done.

In addition to being fast and easy-going, air signs are usually intelligent, flirty, and open-minded. They’re also good writers and artists, and they’re great communicators. Their light and changeable nature makes them ideal candidates for many jobs in the business and communications sectors. The air sign can be aloof or outgoing, so they might not be the best choice for every job.

Although they have many common traits, air signs are unique in their own way. They are sociable and humanitarian, but there are also some characteristics that are very common to all of them. Their elemental signature is the air, which is why they are considered the most personable of the four zodiac. In other words, they value communication and intellectual connections above all else. This means they are easy to connect with and get along with.

While some people may be prone to clumsiness and overly-criticalness, air signs are master communicators. Their strong minds and ability to connect with others can be a source of inspiration. And they can be as powerful as a tornado. A few of the most popular air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The first two of these are the Air signs, and they are the most communicative.

Air signs are among the most adaptable zodiac elements. They will need an interesting partner and will likely leave you alone if they feel no interest in you. They’ll need to expand their book collection, music library, and friends. They’ll also need to expand their minds, as they’re always on the lookout for information. As an Air sign, you’ll need to expand your mind to find the perfect partner for your unique personality.

The air element in astrology represents the brain. Those born under this sign are active thinkers and communicators. They are very intelligent and can make good decisions. They can be impulsive, however. A good partner is a friend who can balance their emotions and their brains. If you’re not sure what Zodiac sign you’re, start with your zodiac signs’ personalities.