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Zodiac Signs Birthdays Definitive Guide

Zodiac Signs Birthdays Definitive Guide

What Are The Zodiac Signs Birthdays?

Birthdays are significant and treasured moments in the life of every person. It is due to this reason that many people hold sentimental attachments to these dates. There are zodiac signs that have been assigned to different birthdays.

Zodiacs are generated through analysis of the projection and positions of the planets, sun, and moon. With the help of astrology, one can derive the characteristics, preferences, flaws, and fears of a person.

This article has tried to analyze and interpret the different zodiac signs in detail. It provides a complete profile and the compatibility of the different zodiac signs. It has underlined the sign date list, its horoscope, traits, profiles, history, myths, and love compatibility.

There are twelve horoscope signs that belong to either of the four elements; air, fire, water, and earth. The Horoscope signs are; Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries, Virgo, Taurus, and Libra.

The elements here represent the vital energy type that is possessed and acts in an individual. With the help of astrology, one is in apposition to gain a better understanding and insight into the positive aspects, potential traits and learn to handle the negative ones.

The elements, on the other hand, are meant to describe the unique personality traits and types in accordance with the astrological signs. Here are the four zodiac elements and the profound character they exhibit.

Water signs

This is associated with individuals that are emotional and sensitive. This leads them to be as mysterious as the ocean and have a high sense of intuition. The thing with people in this category is that they do appreciate intimate conversation and love profound conversations. They tend to be secretive, and thus you hardly find them doing anything in the open. They are very supportive, also, especially to their loved ones. Water sign is associated with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Fire Signs

These are individuals that tend to be passionate, dynamic and temperamental. It is due to this reason that you find them so quick to anger. The positive thing with them is that they easily forgive. They are also adventurers and have great energy to explore.

When it comes to physical strength, no one can be compared to them. They are self-aware, creative, intelligent, always ready to act and idealist. These are the kinds of traits that make them a source of inspiration. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Earth Signs

As the name suggests, these are the kind of people that can be termed as grounded. They are humble, or rather the people that help others be humble. Earth signs individuals are conservative and realistic. The other aspect that describes them is that they are emotional individuals.

They hold so much connection to our material being that at times people might turn them to material goods. They are termed to be realistic with the fact that they are practical. To them, loyalty is key and therefore, they hold their loved ones so dear. They will stick to people through tough times and harsh realities. The Earth Signs are; Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn.

Air Signs

These are individuals that are termed to be rational, social and outgoing. It is due to these elements that you find it easy to make communications and create relationships with others. This is what makes them social beings and easy going. The social aspect makes them friendly, communicative, intellectual and analytical.

You will always find these individuals in philosophical discussions, being part of social gatherings and often read books. It is in their nature to appreciate good advice from people, for they are good listeners. They also love giving advice but at times tend to be superficial. The Air Signs are; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

What Are The Different Zodiac Signs?


First in the list of astrological zodiac signs is the Aries. The symbol for the sign is a flying ram. In astrology, it is among the six positive signs. Aries is represented by colors red and white, and it is the cardinal sign for fire trigon. Aries is the birthday zodiac sign for individuals born between the months of March and April, the dates being March 21 zodiac to April 19 zodiac.

Personality and traits

Being the first zodiac sign in astrology, the individuals born in these months love to be number one. People born in Aries are described as bold and ambitious. This is because of the tendency to dive headfirst into situations and even becoming more challenging in the process.

With Aries being associated with planet Mars, the god of Wars, being ambitious and challenging, defines their characteristics and personalities. The individuals born in Aries are described as confident, passionate and motivated, especially when in leadership. They love to take responsibility and look after others well. With such leadership skills, they are also able to create loyalty and build community through their determinations.

Aries is, however, described as the leaders who leap first and think later and which becomes their limitations. With their high optimism, they tend to go into situations blindly. This, for some reason, tends to affect their lives in the process.


Second in the list of astrological zodiac sign is the Taurus. A bull is a symbol for the sign. The zodiac sign is represented by planet Earth but ruled by Venus and hence taking more of feminine polarity compare to other signs. Taurus is the birth zodiac sign for individuals born between the months of April 20 and May 20.

Personality and traits

Being the earth sign and represented by the bull, people born in this zodiac sign are described by their spirit of a bull. For Taureans, being surrounded by soft sounds, aromas, and being in a relaxing and serene environment makes them happier. With the fact that Taurus is ruled by Venus, love, beauty, and money tends to follow the individuals born in it.

With the governance that comes with Venus, people born in this zodiac sign are the most sensual. This is mostly manifested through luxury and comfort and hence becoming more pleasurable when you are around them. They love pleasure and being pampered and hence with money, comfort, and luxury, it will be easier to get along with people born in Taurus.

Taureans are also described are being hardworking as this makes it possible to achieve the life they desire. They are willing to work hard to earn big rewards and hence making them more resilient, ambitious and focused. Their love for money, comfort, and pleasure also makes them beg savers and hence having more savings accounts is their style. They tend to stay in relationships, homes or jobs so that they can prove a point from their dedication.

Taurus is however described as stubborn. This is especially with the fact that their dedication to achieving their goals might lead to unhealthy situations. You can, however, depend on their devotion and trustworthiness as partners, friends or lovers.


Third in the list of astrological zodiac sign is the Gemini. It is described as the positive mutable sign among the six best signs. Gemini is represented by the twins. When it comes to capturing a person’s basic level, Gemini should be considered.

This is because it is used to articulate a person’s dual nature and hence describing the lower and higher values and status of a self. The energy that comes with Gemini being mutable, it is considered the most adaptable sign in the zodiac. For Gemini, life is viewed from different perspectives and angles. Mercury is the planet that represents Gemini. This is the astrological zodiac sign for individuals born between the months of May 21 and June 20.

Personality and traits

The individuals born in Gemini are usually described as dual-faced or double self. They are, however, perceived to be playful and also curious in matters related to intellectual. This is evident with the fact that they like to try different things at a go.

They try to balance a variety of passions, careers and more so hobbies. They have more than one best friend or a group of friends to interact and associate with.

This makes the individuals born in Gemini more sociable and easy-going as well. Gemini will always find comfort in public places, especially when it comes to partying and dancing. They are always happy. They are great at guiding changes and conforming to new trends and hence the term “two-faced”.

As fearless thinkers and full of curiosity, it will be amazing to have them during innovative ventures. Progress will come in easy with a Gemini taking charge. With the hyper-activeness that comes with Gemini, their energy becomes crucial when it comes to sharing ideas.

Gemini is talkative and loves texting. This makes communication a paramount factor when it comes to associating with them. They can, however, be hurtful with their words as it is a fact they love talking and an overdo in the process. They will, however, move on fast from an embarrassing situation and which and leave others wondering about their behaviors.


Being the fourth astrological zodiac sign, Cancer is the representation of the cardinal sign of the Water trigon. Among the six negative signs, Cancer forms one of them. It is represented by a lobster or crab in the zodiac. The trigon is formed by the four elements, that is, water, fire, earth, and air. Neptune is the planet that describes Cancer.

The moon is also used to represent and rules Cancer. Cancer is the zodiac sign for the people who are born between the months of June 21 and July 22 zodiac. Crabs are the sign for Cancer as they are very sensitive to their surroundings and the environments. This means them more self-protective.

Personality and traits

People born in Cancer are considered being more intuitive and hence can be termed as psychic. This is due to their sensitivity to the environment. Before knowing Cancer, you will find them more distant and cold and hence making it hard to interact and relate with them.

This is because they tend to shield themselves from the dangers of the environment and hence taking the time to understand what is around them. Cancer is, however genuine, gentle in nature and more compassionate compared to others.

This is manifested when they are comfortable with the environment and hence finding it easier to open up. To know and associate with Cancer, patience and understanding are called for.

Cancer is known for being maternal, comfortable, possesses energy and prefers self-care. The spaces that Cancer creates are always safe and cozy. Such spaces can also be described as being their personal sacred sanctuaries. When it comes to creating a family, Cancer is the right person to look for. They are sensitive about their close circle, and that includes a family.

However, with the fact that Cancers invest more emotionally, they can be seen as controlling. This is because they can easily cross the line from being attentive in nurturing to being overly controlling. This is a behavior that keeps most people away from them.

Cancers find it easy to attract friends and lovers as they show their commitments, emotional depth, and loyalty to people they consider their own. You will also find them more hospitable, especially when welcomed into their private spaces, both physically and emotionally.

You should, however, look out for passive-aggressiveness from Cancer, especially during conflict. This is because they tend to walk away from conflicts but at an angle. You can build a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with Cancer.


Being the fifth astrological zodiac sign, Leo is the representation of fire in the trigon. The lion symbolizes Leo and is the spirited sign for the kings and queens. The sun is the sole sign for Leo and is ruled it. Leo is the zodiac sign for people born between the months of July 23 zodiac and August 22 zodiac.

Personality and traits

When you are looking for a representation of royalty, you will get it from Leo. They are described by their love to bask in glory, spotlight, and celebration. Leo loves to be ever-present and to be recognized with authority. Leo is a natural leader as represented by the sign, the lion. As far as relationships, friendship and romance are concerned,

Leo loves to cultivate one artistically and which is inspired by creativity. Leo is a celebrity, and wherever he goes, that should be recognized. Leos are stable, consistent and loves loyalty. You will find a dedicated friend or lover in Leo and hence making them the best to associate with. This is because Leo puts the heart into the relationship and works towards seeing it to fruition.

Leo is, however, supportive, and the best to have until they feel threatened by your success. This is what you need to look out for and the limitation that comes with Leos. Their pride, ego, and jealousy tend to impaired Leos and create a sense of fear that they are powerless. This trait can easily ruin the relationships with Leos. They need surety that the power and glory they possess can never be threatened in any way for the relationship to last longer.


Being the sixth astrological zodiac sign, the symbol for Virgo is the maiden. It is also represented by wheat and agriculture. The maiden is described as the goddess of harvest and hence the relation to wheat. Mercury is the planet that represents Virgo and is ruled by the earth. This is the zodiac sign for people born between August 23 and September 22.

Personality and traits

Virgos have a deep-rooted presence in the world. This means that you will always have the attention to Virgo, no matter the situation. They are described by their ability to be practical, logical and systematic as far as approaching life is concerned. Virgo loves the practice and hence increased diligence all together. Their practicability also means that being perfect in their actions, and words also follow.

With a Virgo, you will have an individual who is critical to details and hence getting the best of their attention in the process. Virgos are known for their ability for input and processing and hence making them more practical and logical. The more information Virgo gets, the more the need to transform and organized it into clear concepts. Virgo is kind, supportive and gentle.

These are traits that make Virgo the best friend or lover that you can have. You will find Virgo to be resourceful, especially when put their intellect into practical sense. They thrive to provide workable solutions and especially in improving broken systems. You will find them more committed and hardworking compared to other people.

However, there quest to being perfect in what they say or do also creates limitations in Virgo. This is because the more a Virgo chases after the ideal, the more destructive everything can be in the long run. It is important that people born in Virgo understand that beauty exists in imperfections. This also means that Virgo should learn the flaws and how to deal with them for the better end result.

What Are The Different Types Of Astrology?

Chinese Astrology

This kind is based on ancient astronomy. The Chinese astrology is the oldest known horoscope system. It consists of twelve animals that are meant to represent specific years.

In accordance with this astronomy, the twelve animals are meant to represent the year an individual is born. The animals used to make a representation are rat, pig, dog, rooster, sheep, horse, ox, tiger, rabbit, monkey, dragon and snake. They also do have an additional element that is wood and metal.

With the Chinese’s astrology, it is believed that the destiny of an individual can be determined by the astrological aspect. That is the position of the planets, sun, and moon at the time of the birth of the individual.

They also believe that the time of our birth can greatly determine the attitude and that of our potential. The animals, on the other hand, hold a symbolic attachment to our unique behaviors.

What Is Vedic Astrology?

This refers to the Hindu or Indian Astrology. Vedic astrology comes in three classifications; Indian, Mundane and Predictive Astrology. The fact with Indian astrology is that it is used to identify our character, guide our future, and even determine our compatibility with other zodiac signs.

The major difference that this holds with the western astrology is the zodiac. Vedic astrology uses fixed zodiac, whereas the western uses are moving zodiac. They majorly utilize the position of the moon.

What Is Mayan Astrology?

This kind of astrology utilizes the Mayan calendar that is based on the intangible energy of the cosmos together with creation’s evolution. The calendar sums up to 260 days. With the Mayan astrology, it is believed that you need to first understand and align yourself with the universe.

This is essential for you as an individual to live in peace and harmony. It consists of twenty signs that each of them represents a day in the Mayan calendar. The one day sign in the Mayan astrology can be used to determine or define the personality of the individual.

What Are The Reasons Why People Believe In Astrology?

Astrology works almost the same as religion. This is because people have so much faith in it, provides comfort and much inner understanding of the world we live in. With this kind of interpretation, people tend to make up what fate has in store for them and assurance of the future.

The significance of astrology is that it can be used to guide our relationship with others. This means that we get to improve our relationships by solving issues in the right way.

It is also the best way to discover and reveal our inner self towards a different light. This is with the fact that it can be used to provide answers and explanations for some happenings in life. With the use of the different zodiac signs, it is possible for one to understand themselves and the universe better.

Based on the different horoscope dates, one can find actual fulfillment and satisfactory experience. One can associate with the zodiac signs and find true insights and anticipate the future.

What Zodiac Is Jesus?

Despite the fact that Christ was born in the Fall or Spring, we still celebrate Christmas. In fact, Jesus is a Pisces and would have been born between November and March. The sign of Pisces is the sacrificial lamb. It is said that the Lord came in the form of a mushroom. Because of this, many Christians believe that he was a Capricorn. Regardless of the sign, however, it’s important to remember that the man who died for mankind represented the very best of humankind.

In Christianity, Jesus was born on December 25, but this was not the case in the eastern Roman Empire. He was baptized on January 6, which means his birthday is on December 25. During his lifetime, he had many wives, so he did not have a last name. In fact, he was called Christ when he was thirty years old, and he was a Pisces. In the zodiac, the sign of Pisces is the prettiest and the most mystical.

In western Roman mythology, Jesus’ birth date was December 25. In eastern Rome, it was January 6. Since no one used last names back then, the name “Jesus” was commonly pronounced as “Christ.” This name does not mean “Jesus”; it means “anointed,” or “messiah.” The actual birth date of Jesus is unknown. It is possible that he was a Pisces during his lifetime and was known as such by his followers.

The number seven, or H, represents Jesus. The number seven is the perfect number. It’s also the number of God. It’s the same with the word Lucifer. And while the name Jesus is widely known, its transliteration has remained unclear. In some cultures, it is the first name of a baby. This heavenly monogram is a symbol of his divinity, and the “H” in “Jesus” stands for “Holy” and “Harold.” In other cultures, the name is synonymous with the Lord’s prayer.

The H sign is also a Taurus. It represents the power of the Taurus, which is an extremely powerful sign. It’s a stubborn, determined sign that doesn’t take no for an answer. Other notable examples of people born under this sign include Adolf Hitler and Louis de Wohl, Austro-Hungarian astrologer. He was the most influential person in history, according to the astrological signs of his day.

As a Taurus, Jesus was a powerful and successful person. He was a powerful and ruthless ruler. His popularity soared dramatically after his death. His fame and glory were attributed to his strong will, and the name immanuel means “God with us.” In the Gospel of Matthew, the sign of a Taurus is named Immanuel. While this may sound like a contradiction, it is a true representation of Jesus.

Jesus was a Taurus, a powerful sign. He knew how to get what he wanted and did not take no for an answer. He was a son of Joseph, and the “H” in his name stood for both “H” and “Harold.” If he lived in Galilee, the word Christ means “Christ.” In Hebrew, it means Messiah. In the zodiac, the word Christ symbolizes the Savior of the World.

The zodiac has 12 signs, and the planets in between. The signs are the same. By 1500 BC, Babylonians had named their constellations, and the zodiac was divided into twelve equal signs. This is why the birth of Christ would fall in the Aries zodiac. This constellation is also called the Ram. The Sun is in Aries from March 20 to April 21 every year. Therefore, it is not surprising that the earth was Jesus is a Taurus.

The name of Jesus was a sign of Scorpio. The name Jesus is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name Yeshua. The name “Jesus” is the most popular name for the person who was born on December 25. It is commonly known that he lived between 12 and 30 years, so his zodiac is very important to the Christian faith. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is referred to as the Immanuel, which means “God with us.”

Which Month is Which Zodiac Signs?

Zodiac signs are associated with the lunar calendar and are related to the characteristics of the person born under that sign. They are fiery, earthy, masculine, and flexible. For example, the fire sign ARIES is related to the head, nose, neck, and lungs, while the air sign GEMINI is related to the breasts and mouth. The water sign VIRGO is associated with the upper back and sides.

Astrology believes that the twelve zodiac signs correspond to different parts of the earth and represent the equivalent of one month of time. Since the first sign is represented by the constellations, Western astrologers calculate the sign’s date based on the vernal equinox, which occurs around March 21st each year in the Northern hemisphere. This system has been in place for over 3,000 years, and the astrology of each sign plays an important role in human personality.

The sun’s position in the zodiac determines each zodiac sign’s characteristics. As the sun moves from one sign to the next, the corresponding astrological sign will move from one sign to another. This means that every Gregorian calendar month can have two different zodiac signs. If you are unsure of which month you were born under, you can use a zodiac dates chart to determine your sign. This chart lists all the twelve zodiac signs and the dates of their occurrences.

Although the zodiac signs are based on a calendar, each sign has its own unique traits and characteristics. Each sign is associated with a particular characteristic, such as personality type. The characteristics of your zodiac sign can affect the way you live your life. However, you should know what to look out for when relating to a certain zodiac sign. There are many differences between the traits of a particular sign.

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. Its constellation is the lion. Its characteristics include warmth and loyalty, but also a tendency to jealousy. Virgo is the sixth sign and is represented by the maiden. While the sign of Libra is characterized by being analytical, practical, and friendly, the Virgo can be wishy-washy. Its qualities are highly correlated with the month in which it was born.

The twelve zodiac signs are the signs of the zodiac. Each of the twelve sign symbols covers a month in the calendar. Western astrologists calculate the first sign by taking into account the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. The moon and the sun are also the stars of the zodiac. Each sign has unique characteristics, and their meaning can be determined by knowing which month you were born.

The zodiac signs are made up of 30deg sections of the ecliptic. They are grouped according to the season they were born under. For example, the earth sign Taurus is the fixed earth sign. The zodiac sign Venus is in Taurus, and the moon is the fixed earth sign Virgo. The water sign Aquarius is the sign of Pis. The sun is the star of the ecliptic.

The 12 zodiac signs occupy a 30deg segment of the celestial equator. They are all represented by animals. Each of these animals has its own characteristics and is based on the zodiac sign’s position in relation to a constellation. The twelve signs of the ecliptic are based on the sun’s position in relation to the constellation on the day of birth.

A water sign’s characteristics are intimate and intense. The moon is associated with the spirit. The zodiac sign’s astrological characteristics are highly personal. The sun and Mercury are both in water signs, so the sun is in the sign of Aquarius. The moon and Mars are both air signs. The earth and the water signs are opposite in nature, and the sun and Mercury are both in air signs.

The zodiac sign’s element is the earth. The air element is represented by the earth sign. The water sign is represented by the water element. In contrast, the fire element is represented by the air element. The earth sign is the air sign. The sky is symbolized by the moon. Aries, for example, is the only constellation in the zodiac. Hence, the fire sign represents the zodiac’s planets.