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What Is The Hanged Man Tarot?

What Is The Hanged Man Tarot?

The hanged man tarot is a tarot card that shows that a man is suspended from a living wood with a T-shaped cross. The person hanging from the tree with his head downwards views the entire world with an entirely different point of view. Moreover, the peaceful and calm expressions on his face show that he has hanged himself willingly.

A halo under his head can be expressed as a symbol of awareness, enlightenment, and insight. Though he is bound to the tree with his right foot but his left foot is bent form the knee and tucked freely behind his right leg. His arms are making an inverted triangle by bending them and keeping the hands behind his back.

The blue vest worn by him can be considered for knowledge, whereas his red pants show the physical body and passion of humans. The card with the hanged man is considered a card of martyrdom and complete surrender as well as sacrifice for a better future as the person is suspended in time.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss the hanged man meaning to know what you can expect in your life if this card is selected.

What Is The Meaning of Upright Hanged Man Card?

While reading tarot if the hanged man card is held upright, then it represents change, suspension, sacrifice, reversal, improvement, rebirth, and readjustment. In other words, this card means that it is time for reflection and to gain illumination before moving on whereas the time to resist is over. You can make things right and move forward, regardless of what is happening in your life.

You are reminded by the hanged man that before stepping forward you have to suspend everything or it will be done by the universe. You may not always get such a convenient time.

This card proves the saying hat got you here will not get there’ true as the Hanged Man is encouraging you to let the old patterns of your behavior and old models of your mind go as they may not be of any use for you. You should see the world from a new viewpoint and welcome new chances that may not be found unless you stop your old perspectives.

However, the pauses of this kind can be willingly or unwillingly. You may start sensing that it is time to hold on the things or apply brakes before they get out of your control if you believe in intuitions.

But if you are unaware and do not understand the signs of intuition then you will be stopped by the universe by putting some obstacles in the form of illnesses, breakdowns and consistent impediments. You should be aware of such pauses when you sense some obstacles in your life otherwise you will be stopped by the universe and you will not be able to ignore them.

If when reading tarot you have the hanged man card, it means that your activities and projects can be stopped abruptly and unexpectedly. In such a condition, you should not apply additional force to push it ahead as per your expectations.

In this situation, you should take a pause and surrender to the situation and take it as a chance to re-evaluate and reconsider the path you were moving on. You will not be able to see what is going to happen with you unless you allow them to come with time.

In this way, you are invited by the hanged man to open your arms to welcome these pauses and surrender to them even if they are against your expectations. You should connect yourself with these new perspectives by avoiding your routine work schedule.

Though while doing so, it will be very inconvenient for you to put your important tasks on hold still it will be worthwhile for you. It is the way of the universe to help you in observing the new viewpoints and making you ready for the improvements that are going to happen in your life in the coming time.

You will have to face several other obstacles in your way if you resist or push the impediments you are facing. So, you should stop your efforts and allow the chances to come to you in a very effortless and smooth manner.

Sometimes, the hanged man also represents the restrictions or jams you are feeling in your life. You might be thinking about the things that are holding you up in such a position or not allowing you to move on. On one hand, the Hanged Man is encouraging you to let things go on their own and surrender instead of resisting them or invest more in your project to get the desired results.

On the other hand, he encourages you to shift your energy to change your perspective as it will be helpful for you to separate yourself from your routine schedules which can be going on a retreat, moving to a new country or going for a walk in nature. This change in your routine will help you flow freely by shifting your energy toward a new perspective.

What Is The Meaning of Reversed Hanged Man Card?

During the tarot reading of the card with hanged man is reversed, then it represents reluctance in making efforts, useless sacrifices and false predictions. It also means that you were not happy with your life or making wrong or uncontrolled decisions to distract you due to certain things. You may also want to stop for a while to take some time to figure out your expectations in the near future as well as in the long run. But for this purpose, you will have to make drastic adjustments in your attitude.

On one hand, the hanged man tarot card instigates you to stop for some time and observe things with a new point of view when the card is upright. On the other hand, it represents that you are resisting the obstacles even if you know that you need to pause your activities when the card is reversed. In such a condition instead of stopping your activities, you can start new projects and tasks to keep you busy and avoid focusing on the things that need your concentration.

Mentally you go on racing whereas your body and soul are requesting you to hold up your activities before the things go out of your hands. If you ignore the situation then the volume of your losses will be increased by the universe and you may crash down as a result. So, you should make space, stop your schedule as soon as you experience obstacles in your routine so that you can listen to what the universe wants to say to you.

You may already be frustrated to see your position when almost everything is put on hold. The Hanged Man reversed card shows that it is the time when you are being stuck, restricted or blocked because you have been left on hold by other circumstances or other people.

It is important for you to surrender to the circumstances and let the things go on themselves instead of according to your expectations when you feel any resistance. Even if you are not willing still you should loosen your grip and flow with your life. You will see that your life will start moving on as per your expectations.

The meaning of the reversed card of a hanged man can be positive for you if your life is already on a pause for some time. It may allow you to move on with a renewed sense of energy with a new perspective.

You may see that an array of events are flowing in more easily and you are again ready to go a step ahead. While doing things differently you may experience a harsh realization or fear but you will be prepared to move forward with a new approach by making those changes.

In case, the relationships are on hold in a tarot card reading, then it is suggested by the reversed hanged man card that you should wait at this point for some time. You will understand that you cannot rush your relationship due to certain complexities and by waiting for some time it will develop again. Even if you do not wait to wait for a long time but you will see that the time will come when you will have to make a decision in this regard.

Another indication of the reversed card of a Hanged Man is that you are pausing an action or decision. You may be waiting until you are fully prepared for the action but you may not realize that you may never be completely prepared for it.

In this situation instead of waiting forever, you should make a decision to take a leap. You should make a decision before the universe takes it for you as you cannot make the universe wait for you forever.

Thus, the hanged man tarot represents the changes in life to make it better, whether it is read upright or reversed. But you will have to stop your present activities and change your perspective to move on in the right direction.