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What is the Ace of Wands in Tarot?

What is the Ace of Wands in Tarot?

If you are interested in learning about ‘ace of wands meaning’, how it can impact your different aspects of life like love & relationship, money, career, and health, then this is the perfect page for you.

In this article, we have discussed deeply the meaning of ace of wands, the meaning of ace of wands reversed, the meaning of ace of wands love and much more.

So, without further ado let us fill you with knowledge, shall we?

In order to learn about the ace of wands, we will take a step back and help you understand what the suit of wands is. This is because the ace of wands is a card of the suit of wands.

What is the Suit of Wands?

The suit of wands is a suit in a tarot deck and is a part of Minor Arcana. The suit of wands is associated with creativity, determination, inspiration, ambition, spirituality, expansion and original thoughts.

In other words, suit of wands is about your heart’s expression, what brings you happiness, what gives you fulfillment and excitement on a soul level, what your passions are and things like you cannot procrastinate, or cannot wait to start doing to help your life spring forth.

It can mean your hobbies or things you do in the job that you think is the best part of life. Altogether, it is something that lights your fire.

The suit of wands is associated with fire element. Fire is hot, wild, energetic and unpredictable. Fire is also a sign of masculinity, sexuality, willpower, and enthusiasm. Wands are all about fire energy.

The suit of wands deals with not only your passion and creativity but, also how you manage that energy, how you use it to affect your life and the life of people associated with you.

Now let us move on to the Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

Description –

The ace of wands typically has a hand coming out of a cloud and holding a wand. Usually, there is a small castle on the ground below.

Let us break down the description of the card and see what it means.

The first thing you will notice in the ace of wands card is the hand that is holding a sprouting wand is extending out from a cloud. This means it is the new beginning for potential growth.

The second thing you may see in the card is a rich and green landscape which again shows the growth capability.

The third noticeable thing in the card is a castle that sits in the left side corner, it means the promises of opportunities in the future.

The rolling peaks may represent that through your journey you may face some challenges, but they are necessary for your self-realization and optimum growth.

What Is The Meaning of Ace of Wands?


So, as per the description breakdown, you may have noticed that Ace of Wands is a symbol of very beginning’. The ACE cards are always the beginning of something. So, the ace of wands is going to be the beginning of a creative project or the beginning of a new idea.

Something starting to fill spill forth from your heart or essence and something you are really passionate about.

As you may have noticed that the wand in the hand has some saplings coming out, it is not an old oak tree or a teenage tree but saplings. This means the idea of any new beginning or the project is fresh and very young.

Wands are always the very early or first stage of something. So what it means is that your idea has just come forth, you are at the very beginning of your creative project or your creative journey.

This is the stage where all the excitement and enthusiasm comes in your life and you share it with other people and let them know how you are going to expand. This is the time where you won’t be able to carry out other tasks because your mind and soul will be more focused on the idea and how you can expand it.

Here are some keywords that ace of wands means in general –

New beginningsCreative sparkGood newsFinding new passionFunNew initiativeAccepting a challengeGrowthGetting fired upBeing bold/daringSpontaneityNew lease of life

Now, let us see how the ace of wands can affect different aspects of your life.

Can The Ace Of Wands Predict Love and Relationship?

The ace of wands (upright) for your love and relationship means that your relationship will move to the next level. This means get ready for a new lease of life – it may be engagement, getting married, having a baby, traveling with your partner, buying new property or assets.

If you are not in a relationship, the upright ace of wands is a sign that it is time to take the action and approach your love interest if any.

This is a good sign for couples as they may get into a more passionate, spontaneous and exciting intimate relationship.

Can The Ace Of Wands Predict Career and Money?

The upright ace of wands for your career is a very great omen! It is a sign of a new career path and new jobs. It is also a sign that you may end up getting your dream job if you have been already hunting for job opportunities. The upright ace of wands represents new projects and promotions if you are already into jobs. You will be coming up with new and brilliant ideas for your projects which will ultimately help you expand your overall career.

Get ready for unexpected income and gifts or a good return on investment if the ace of wands has come up.

Can The Ace Of Wands Predict Health?

The upright ace of wands is a very positive sign of your health. You will be charged with energy and enthusiasm for your fitness goals. The ace of wands card also shows birth and new life.

This was the upright ace of wands in Tarot, now let us see what reversed ace of wands means.

Upside down or reversed ace of wands meaning

The revered ace of wands in the Tarot is opposite to the upright ace of wands. In a general context, it means the creativity and new ideas won’t flow out from guts. It represents disappointing views, setbacks and lack of energy.

The reversed ace of wands indicates a state where one cannot think what step to take first or to do next. It is the stagnant energy that is responsible for lack of passion, enthusiasm, motivation and overall growth.

When reversed ace of wands appears it means the person will hesitate to take any action on any projects. Life may turn out to be boring and predictable due to the absence of spark and excitement.

Here are some keywords that reversed the ace of wands means in general –

DelaysDisappointing newsCreative blocksLack of initiative, energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and overall growthHesitantMissed opportunitiesWasted of talentPregnancy issuesCanceled travelBored and predictable

Let us now see how the reversed ace of wands in the Tarot can affect different aspects of life.

Love & Relationship

If you are in a relationship, the reversed ace of wands will indicate delays, lack of passion and excitement in love. It is that state where every move becomes predictable and relation becomes boring.

In order to inject more fun and excitement, you will have to focus on putting more effort in the relationship otherwise it can affect your sex life and also your married life.

Career and Money

The reversed ace of wands in career aspects indicates there may be some uninvited and disappointing news in job or work. If you apply for a job in this state, you can get rejected for the job application.

People already working on a project may find creativity blockage and may struggle to come up with new solutions.

In the financial aspect, the expenditure may rise and you may lose money. The return on investment will not be good in this state and overall financial condition could change for worse.


The reversed ace of wands can be a bad omen in terms of the health of an individual. It indicates a loss of energy, frustration, and other mental stress. The fitness goals will not be achieved due to a lack of motivation. Women can have pregnancy issues.


Let us now quickly recap what we have learned in this article –

First, we read about the suit of wands which is associated with the element fire. Fire indicates energy, spark, and enthusiasm in life.

The Ace of Wands is a card in the suit of wands which indicates the new beginning and creative ideas. Then we read about the description of the card and had a breakdown in which we learned what each element portrays.

The Ace of Wands can have two different meanings. The upright ace of wands in the Tarot represents passion, energy, a new beginning and good omen for love life, career, and health. On the flip side, the reversed ace of wands shows a lack of passion, stagnant energy, and a bad omen for love life, career, and health.

This is it, hope you find the information on the ace of wands’ helpful. Good Luck!