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What is The Sun Tarot?

Tarot cards represent divination and these are used to measure planetary and divine influences surrounding an event or a person, or both. What is the sun tarot love and what is the sun tarot meaning?

The Sun Card

The Sun card brings inherently positive influence. It suggests personal joys, gains, and goals are within reach. Now, actualizing them depends on your efforts. If a personal venture like marriage is on the cards, the sun is particularly of special significance.

The hard work you have put in the past has set the stage for gains and joys now. You should persist with your line of work or field the rewards are not very far. An opportunity will present itself for a new relationship or friendship and that will pave the way for contentment and happiness. There is no point giving up, you are bound to succeed.

You have come close to a moment that holds the key to changing your life. Make use of this moment and you will hit the jackpot – a future with endless possibility.

The Sun is the opposite of the Moon and it represents life, energy, and joy. It forecasts achievements, success, and good fortune. It is a big Yes to all your questions about the future successes.

The Sun hints that you are moving towards the best – you are the best physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This is not an illusion. The Sun’s presence assets that things are moving in the right direction for you. You don’t need to worry for success and achievement. These are down the road you are currently treading. You just need to keep going to find your calling.  

If you are feeling revitalized, you are the center of attention, and you are going to get an award. You are making a breakthrough in relationships and you are feeling ever more confident. All these are indications of the Sun’s influence.

At the front of the Sun tarot is a white horse though the saddle or the riding gear is conspicuous by their absence. However, the horse has a rider – a baby without her clothes. He is adorning a flower crown having a feathered plumage. He is also carrying an airborne pennon. It’s a moment that’s unveiling. There is a gray boundary ball behind the horse. There are blooming sunflowers in the background. All these details are set in a blue sky bereft of clouds but with a big and dominant sun. The sun’s disc is having a serene expression surrounded by the sun’s rays.      

Moments of Unveiling

The sun tarot meaning indicates the moments of unveiling. It is a tarot that says that the universe would now do everything for your success. The horse is taken along your path with least efforts. The baby represents the beginning of a new and brighter phase in your life. This would not be merely a simple victory. It indicates you have already mastered and become proficient in what is going to come. The new you is as fresh and innocent as a naked baby. But the baby is riding the horse and he is not scared. It seems your life starts all over again. This card reflects that you have made good choices and they now add up to make your life great.

You are able to influence others and that is what the sunflowers are indicating. Other people are getting inspired by watching you. They want to follow you as you come across as the epitome of success. The Sun card is dominated by the illustration of the sun itself and its position represents a higher state of mind and soul. This is due to the blending of your knowledge, purpose and intuition that’s propelling you to your purpose. The mesmerizing picture of the sun’s face indicates that you have attained peace after knowing yourself.   

Present, Past & Future

Your card reading talks about different phases of your life: the Past and the future as well as the present. Based on the position, the connotations of each card can change. At times, the changes may be minute and subtle but sometimes, they can be significant. 

But in the case of the Sun card, it is always positive irrespective of where it lands.

When it seems to be in the past, it indicates you are looking at the base and trying to know who exactly you are. It reaffirms your reputation as a take-charge and optimistic person. It says your vitality and charisma will help you maximize the gains from a situation. It also talks about a great and memorable childhood that you have had. The only thing negative it indicates is that you might feel a longing for the old days thinking how those were instead of focusing on the present is.

The Sun card indicates that behind all the action and vivacity, you may be a lonely person. You are able to inspire people and shine brightly. But your achievements are due to your own efforts. That leaves you with fewer people who truly stand by you. In this position of the past, you are on your present course inspired by your past efforts, but you are likely alone.

When the sun card is in the present, you are on course to gain and you can gain whatever you want. In doing so, you are at the centre of all attention. There is minimum risk and fewer consequences as you stretch out to achieve your cherished goals. The only downside of the present of the Sun card is that keeping things secret is nearly impossible as you are your best when you work in a transparent and open manner. This makes sure that no one can question your integrity as everyone is watching and aware of what you are doing.

When the Sun card is in the future, it indicates that efforts made by you in the present will ensure a brighter future for you. It is simply not the card saying so. It is actually your effort that is leading to success, enlightenment, and bliss.  

Card Combinations

Tarot reading requires a number of cards pulled out the whole set or the deck. Each of these cards has some influence that can change the connotations of the other cards a little.

Hermit is a close pal of the Sun. Hermit is lonely and carrying a lantern of light. It represents enlightenment. In the Sun tarot, the inspiration comes from the light and it is there for everyone to see and wonder.

The Hermit’s position is #9 while The Sun Tarot card has the number #19. Hermit card and its old man indicate the completion of a phase while the baby of the Sun tarot has him reborn.  

What is the sun tarot love? When the Chariot card is in the reading of your Sun tarot, a big victory is close by and it’s going to be a piece of significant news. This would catapult you to a greater social position. If the Sun card and the Lovers card feature in your reading, your relationships are going to enter a phase of more intimate feelings. A new relationship with similar positive vibes could also be arriving soon.  

When the Sun gets paired with the Moon, you have a very high degree of intuitive knowledge. The Sun in pair with the Temperance shows that you are being viewed by many how you pull along without necessary support.

Sunlight is the most efficient cleanser for an old and dirty house. Similarly, the Sun tarot card will enlighten you about the path you life should take.

The Sun card hints at the story of inner power that is incredibly intense and benign. This indicates that you need and deserve freedom from all the bondages that have held you back so far.

The symbolisms in the card are strong – a dazzling and predominantly big sun over the ripe, dancing, and ready to be harvested sunflowers. A naked child is riding a horse and galloping away from a walled existence. His arms are open and he is holding a huge orange flag that symbolizes fire.

It indicates that you may have just left behind a self-damaging, life-sucking and limiting situation. You may not believe or you may lack conviction that you can truly leave behind and forget such a ghettoized past. The Sun card confirms that you have indeed left behind such unpleasant and an unproductive past. It’s a wholehearted yes.

It indicates that the time has come for you to harness your willpower to make your presence felt, but not to dominate others. Rather, you should use the power of others as well who think you have been on the right track and love you, feel and think like you. There are people who understand you and would like to support you unconditionally. You should not shy away from using the power of these people in your journey to progress and achievement.   

Final Thoughts

If it is the Sun card in your tarot, it indicates that a spiritual calling or coincidence is now guiding you to your destiny. Now, no amount of pretenses, false façade, ego, or unnecessary walls can keep you from your successes. The Sun is freedom from all kinds of darkness. This freedom has the support of the universe and the universe of your being too.