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What Is The 3 of Wands Card In Tarot?

What should you expect from a 3 of wands card? Is it the indication of good fortune? When should you be worried? So, you are curious about the three of wands. You want to know how it will affect your life and overall growth. In this article, we will educate you about the upright and reversed positions of the three of wands. Keep reading to know when this card in tarot will bring fortune and when it can offer adverse effects.

Three of Wands in Tarot

The three of wands card represents adventure, travel, freedom, and moving abroad. It is indicative that your hard works will be paid off and you will get all your desired successes. The 3 of wands signifies forward planning, foresight, growth, and expansion. This is the time when you will find a favorable environment in your surroundings. It can bring fullness to your creativity and can enable you to witness new heights of success.

This card in tarot ensures overall growth including your financial health. You will feel stable and strong. But you should not spend all your money. Take care of your money and do not spend on unnecessary things. Maintain the stability and keep trying always to have a stronghold on your present and future finance.

All your efforts will be respected and appreciated. You will experience growth in your professional life. You might get some rewards and your position will be better than your expectations. When it comes to love, you are going to enjoy it. But treat your partner equally to expect even better. However, you will have to spend more time on your personal life. Also, you will be growing spiritually. So, embrace all the positive changes in your life and take care of your health.

In brief, the 3 wands card symbolizes a balance in your life. You will be more positive and committed. Now you might have realized what three of wands can bring into your life. If you are interested to know more about this tarot card, you can consider visiting the following article. It will focus on everything including your love life, financial health, and career. More importantly, it will discuss both the upright and reversed positions.

Meaning of Three Wands: Upright

The 3 of wands is the indication that now your future planning will be more committed. All the things around you will go smoothly since you will give detailed attention to your planning so that it will not be failed. You will take the required steps to turn your plans into action. You can say that 3 of wands card hints that you can create a stable foundation for your success without relying on others. You will be master of your own destiny.

This card will open up your mind for better possibilities. You can work beyond your comfort zone and succeed as well. You will embrace change for the better. You will have control over your life and you will be in a strong position. Also, three of wands card symbolizes that you will be traveling. You might travel to a foreign country and can explore many things during traveling. The upright position will bring positivity and confidence and will enable you to achieve things that you have been striving for.

Three of Wands Love

The 3 of wands will bring a new phase in your life. You will be heading towards a new beginning. It is time to create the foundation for love and a lasting relationship. When the person is involved in a committed relationship, then they might think of taking their relationship to the next level. They will work as a couple.

You can take decisions together. Also, this card indicates traveling. That means both the partners can decide a world trip together. However, if you are not committed, you might get the spark of love that you are waiting for years. Yes, this is the right time to start a relationship and commit when you are in a relationship. Your love life will be fulfilled.

Three of Wands Career

When it comes to your career, you can witness many changes and all of them are positive. Your career will be in a better position. You are going to get new opportunities for your growth. Also, this card might push you to take some smart decisions and bold choices that you might not have considered otherwise.

For example, you can start a new job abroad or you might like to travel to other countries to meet your job demands. The same is about your business. It will bring some changes in your attitude. You would love to travel and that is not your inherent nature. In brief, you might need to travel much for your business or office.

Three of Wands Finance

The 3 of wands card shows that your financial health is going to be improved. This is the time to get the result of your hard work. You will get the benefits of all works now. You can spend the money to broaden your horizons and plan for an extended journey. If you are canceling your trips due to the financial condition, you can plan it now. The card is supportive to travel and can help you to embrace all your desires with an open mind. Your financial stability will bring confidence and you will be expanding your money.

Meaning of Three of Wands: Reversed

Three of wands reversed might not be that positive like the upright position. This card is indicative that you are trying hard to achieve success. But you are not getting the desired benefit. The three of wands reversed will keep you reminding that all your works are not praised and paid off. However, the reversed position will build your inner strength and will prepare you for all the struggles ahead.

The reversed position is indicative that you need more time for planning. You can face this situation especially when you are not prepared for your future and you do not have any long-term goals. You are only focusing on the present. You prefer to react instead of taking any step with a thoughtful mind.

The reversed position will prepare you for future planning. You will have to spend more time on planning and to search for better options. This card indicates patience and helps you to keep your eyes open. You will be prepared for long-term goals. When the upright position will bring many positive changes, the reversed position is the waiting phase. All you need to do is to plan for the future and wait for better options. This is not the time when all your hard work will be paid off.

Three of Wands Love

You will be a bit confused. You might not be able to distinguish between wrong and right. Instead of addressing problems, you will try to avoid them. This is unwise and you need to come forward to understand and sort out any problem happening in your relationship.

Your recent relation might suffer and you will have to keep trying to build the trust important for a successful relationship. You will have to accept the truth and adjust. You should not insist on your partner to change to suit your needs. A mutual understanding is a must in this phase of your life.

Three of Wands Career

You should not expect much success with a reversed position when it comes to your career. The reverse three of wands will indicate rejection, stagnation, and frustration. You will not find a suitable environment for your growth.

You might like to explore a lot of things. But you will not be motivated to capitalize on since you believe that you have turned down all the opportunities. You will hesitate to take decisions. Your frustration and lack of willingness will not offer you the desired growth. As a result, you will not find a favorable workplace. You will have to change your view and will start making decisions to bring some positive changes in your professional life.

Three of Wands Finance

Your financial health will not be in the best condition with the reversed position. When the upright position helps with financial stability, the reversed position shows financial chaos. You will not have a major crisis and you will not be lacking money as well. But you will have difficulties to fulfill your financial goals.

When this card appears, you will have to deal with your finance intelligently. Take smart decisions and avoid too much spending. Know your savings, earnings, and expenses. All you can do is manage your finance diligently to avoid financial trouble.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the 3 of wands card benefits. You are aware of the upright and reversed positions. The good thing about this card is that even the reversed position will not do much harm to you. You can manage your personal and professional life with thoughtful planning.

However, you can achieve all your desired successes when the upright position appears. You will love traveling and your love life will be up to your expectations. Your professional growth will be beyond your imagination. It will enable you to achieve some awards that you might not have planned. Life will be easier, successful, and fulfilled.