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Is an Open Marriage Right For You?

Whether you are searching for the actual meaning of open marriage or planning to be in an open relationship with your partner but to know the rightness of an open marriage for you, it is crucial to know what is involved in it. In this write-up, we will discuss the pros and cons of an open relationship as factors that can make your open marriage happy and satisfying.

What Is An Open Marriage or Relationship?

A relationship in which two persons in a progressing relationship are not with each other exclusively is known as an open marriage or relationship. Both individuals are free to have a romantic or sexual relationship openly with someone else. Though non-monogamy is the basic feature of an open relationship still this relationship has different types like one of the partners or both of them are engaged in a romantic or sexual relationship with someone else.

Pros and Cons of An Open Marriage

Before getting into an open marriage it is important to know its pros and cons


No need to be in a monogamous relationship

People who do not like monogamy due to their past bitter experience or any other reason may find open marriage a good option for them. They can develop a lasting relationship with the best person of their choice.

Can You Be Honest In Your Romantic Relationship?

This relationship allows both the partners to communicate openly and honestly with each other while finding some other person with mutual consent. You may find someone else for your different requirements even if your feelings for your partner are still strong.

You Need Not Suffer From FOMO

An open relationship can bring the thrill, adventure, and excitement for you but it also allows you to find some other option instead of suffering from FOMO if your partner could not fulfil all of your requirements. However, you can still continue your open marriage with your partner.

Cons of Open Marriage


Though respect, honesty, and openness are the basis of an open marriage but you cannot avoid the feeling of jealousy if your partner is in search of someone else for a romantic or sexual relationship. This situation can also develop a feeling of frightening or bullying if not jealousy. Your attitude can be a kind of monogamous due to the jealous feeling.

Failing Relationship Cannot Be Fixed Quickly

People suffering from failed relationships usually choose open marriage with the hope to save their relationship. But it is a misconception as your relationship will be destroyed by opening another relationship that is not so strong. If your relationship has a strong base then you can expect to succeed in it otherwise you will be breaking up your relationships again and again.

Many Feel Emotionally or Physically Weak

At times, people in open relationships can feel risk on their emotional and physical health because of their reliance on someone in a relationship. They may feel physically and emotionally safe and content with their partner. But in case their partner starts searching for someone else then they can start feeling hurt and unsupported physically and emotionally because their partner can leave anytime.

Tips to Make You Feel Happy and Healthy in an Open Marriage

Set some basic rules

Open marriage can have a different meaning for every couple as non-monogamy is a confusing type of relationship. Some may consider it as anything that can solve their purpose whereas for others it is a one night stand. But you can make your open relationship happy by talking to your partner regarding your thinking about your relationship. You can talk about your boundaries and your comfort level and make some basic rules to follow so that both of you can stick to them to continue your relationship happily for quite some time.


Though you can date someone else and sleep with your partner in an open relationship but you will have to return to your partner at night as you commit with him/her. You are not committed only to sleep and have sex with each other but you are also committed to being with each other at the time of happiness and sorrows. But if you do not have any feeling of commitment with your partner then you cannot call it a relationship.

Give Preference to Happiness

When you are happy in a relationship only then your open relationship has some worth for you. But if to be happy you want to flirt with someone, want to go out with someone else or go with someone else even then this relationship allows you. You can remain happy in your open relationship only if you can fulfil your requirements either through your partner or some other person and thinks similarly for your partner.

Accept Jealousy Also

When you are in an open marriage then jealousy cannot be avoided. You should not be afraid of jealousy as both of you in a relationship are open to choose someone else to satisfy your different needs which your partner cannot do. But you should be open enough in your relationship to discuss with your partner if you are jealous of his/her search for some other person to satisfy them. It will help in rejuvenating your relationship.

No Compromise But The Choice

You should not be in an open marriage if you are interested in monogamy but could not find one. An open relationship is a matter of choice not of compromise. You cannot allow your relationship to continue if you feel comfortable with it. You will have to figure out the things even if it may take some time. But you can be happy in your open relationship if instead of considering it as the only option you consider it as your choice.

Thus an open marriage can be the right choice for you if your relationship has the potential to last long and you accept your partner honestly and honor his/her requirements with an open mind. The success of an open relationship is based on mutual consent of the partners as they have to spend most of the time with each other.