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Learning to interpret the true meaning behind a tarot card can really help you understand your inner self and develop your unique abilities. Each tarot card describes a specific situation and is associated with a special meaning in terms of relationships, financial issues, and personal goals. The 6 of Cups tarot card is highly associated with your past, your memories and your childhood years. Let us have a closer look at the meaning of this really special card!

What Is A Brief Description of 6 of Cups Tarot Card?

The six of cups card depicts six cups filled with white flowers. In the foreground, two children appear and one is offering a cup to the other. In truth, the boy passes the cup to the girl and the two children seem to be in some sort of a castle. This gentle act of the boy towards the girl symbolizes the passing of traditions, as well as the love and respect that should be part of our everyday life. Love, harmony, and security are key elements that can be clearly seen in the picture this particular tarot card presents.

The background of this card is also, quite special. It shows an older man walking away from the children as if to say that they do not have to worry about adult issues; they just need to feel that joy and love of being young and innocent. The castle and large environment the whole picture is settled in probably symbolizes the joy of feeling secure, comfortable and safe. So, apart from the cup that is being offered by the boy to the girl, there is another cup standing just behind the boy and 4 other cups in the foreground. All of the cups are filled with flowers, an element highly associated with purity, love, and harmony.

Love Life and an Upright 6 of Cups Tarot Card

An upright six of cups tarot card is usually a reminder of your past memories. It travels you back to your teen or childhood years. Those memories are usually happy, carefree and joyful. Whether you are just thinking about your childhood years or some sort of stimuli like an old friend made his appearance in your presence, a six of cups card depicts your long-lost past. A teenage sweetheart or even your first love may appear in your present life and pay you a sudden visit.

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6 Of Cups Cards For Love Readings

Such a reunion can really make you feel an inner joy and flame you have longed for and it can be the start of a new relationship with a beloved person of your past. Take some time to explore your true feelings and your chances of developing your relationship from where you had left it all those years. The 6 of cups is also, a sign that your current relationships are based on some important features, like harmony and cooperation. You are willing to give and receive, and you are also, capable of moving on if you have some serious doubts concerning the future with your partner. Maybe it is time for you to start anew and be more positive.

Personal Goals and The Importance of a 6 of Cups Card

No one can deny that a six of cups card invites you to let aside your worries and stresses and feel the joy and fun of being a child once again. You are ready to let yourself free, get involved in simple, yet funny activities and most importantly fight less and stop worrying about everything. How can you feel the joy of your childhood years as an adult? Simply sit down and grab your favorite childhood book, crazy dance or play some of your favorite childhood games. Spending some quality time with children, like your little nephews can really help you remember the joy of being and acting like a child.

6 of Cups Card and Children

When a six of cups card makes its appearance in a deck of tarot cards, then it is possible that it refers to children in your life. A pregnancy may be close by and the chances that you give birth to twins are quite prominent. However, a six of cups card may also, be a clear sign that you are going to spend a lot of time with children in the near future. It may seem weird at first, but children can really teach us some important life lessons and let us explore our inner selves all the more.

Children are also, a great example of how our life should be based on the virtues of being open-minded, curious, open to new adventures and care-free at times. After all, children are the only creatures in this world that experience their early life as a magical and funny series of everyday activities.

Career and 6 of Cups Card

When a six of cups card makes its appearance in a career reading, then you are probably feeling safe and secure in your current working environment. Your relationship with your co-workers, your overall attitude towards work and your financial state are satisfactory. A six of cups card may also, signify that you may work in some type of hospitality or childcare environment in the near future. Alternatively, you may work in a place that involves delving into the past, for example, as a private investigator or archaeologist.

6 of Cups Reversed and Its Meaning

A reversed six of cups cards in a tarot deck is usually associated with increased clinging from your part to the past. Nostalgia and reflection may be a present characteristic of your life but it should not deprive you of living your present life fully and wholly. If you find yourself bringing the memories of your past in mind quite often or you feel worried about the present and wishing to travel back in time, then it is probably time for you to make some important changes.

It’s actually quite ok to reminiscent a bit about the past, but do not overdo it. After all, you live in the present and you need to be able to handle it with joy and happiness. It is also, possible that a six of cups card is a reminder that you need to get rid of bad thoughts or things that used to keep you back in the past. Your life at the moment gives you the perfect opportunity for you to make peace with your past and focus on the present and future.

Reversed 6 of Cups Card and Inner Self

When a reversed six of cups card makes its appearance in a tarot reading, it may be a clear sign that you have lost touch with your inner child and your present life has become quite boring and repetitive. Clinging too much on your adult life and the problems it brings along is something that will make you feel stressed and worn out without reason. The universe invites you to relax a bit, have fun and spend some time with yourself. You should stop worrying about the consequences all the time and do something crazy. Go jump in a puddle, build a sandcastle or play a board game.

In terms of personality, a six of cups tarot cards usually shows someone with a tendency to quit easily what they have started. Those people usually prefer to live quite a dangerous erratic life and they are seeking thrill and pleasure regardless of the afterward consequences. Contradictions hold a special part in their daily lives and the development of unhealthy habits and even addictions seems quite normal to them. Disturbing childhood memories may be responsible for some of the negative traits those people share and getting rid of them is not always easy. That’s where family and close friends need to intervene and try to help them get rid of the past.

Reversed 6 of Cups and Love Meaning

When we talk about your love life and a reversed six of cups tarot card appears in the tarot reading, then it is a clear sign that a past relationship has made its appearance or that some sort of established, yet worn out past lover keeps you back and deprives you of opening yourself up to new experiences.

You may believe that you will never meet someone like your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend again. However, life is too short to cling to circumstances and people that are no longer capable of filling your life with joy and comfort. For this reason, the advice we can give you is simple and straightforward; let go of your past and open up to new acquaintances.

Six of cups tarot card is closely associated with your past and childhood memories. Those memories are usually good and they can help you bring your true inner self to the surface. After all, we all have the need to feel a bit carefree and really joyful once in a while.

However, clinging to those past memories can result in your feeling insecure, helpless and dissatisfied with your present life. It can also, hurt your partner’s feelings and deprive you of developing some new and healthy relationships. For this reason, it is always important to try and keep a balance between your past and present. Ideally, keep the happy memories close by but do not let them become an indistinguishable part of your present life.

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