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Where Can You Find Healthy Relationships?

Does Life Revolve Around Love?

Life has always revolved around love. People tend to seek approval and tenderness in others, trying to prove their lovability. Searching for meaningful relationships, is, therefore, nothing else but an essential ingredient for living a fulfilled life.

Both men and women are on a constant lookout for partners, who are supposed to bring more happiness into their lives. Although it sounds like the perfect formula, before setting out on a journey of a lifetime, it is important to look within.

Self-help books and long conversations with close friends won’t help you find what your heart craves if you don’t sit with your demons and set them free. Only after you release your fears will the right person appear in your life, ready to walk with you hand in hand.

Where Can You Find Healthy Relationships?

A healthy relationship is not something you randomly find, but rather a project you work on. This is where you learn to be patient, allowing yourself to search beyond mere physical pleasure. If you are looking for a soul connection, then you need to declutter the space in your life.

Psychologists agree that we lean on partners who remind us of family, including unhealthy relationship patterns that might exist in such surroundings. Our brains revert to familiar situations, causing us to feel safe around someone who resembles our parents. However, if you are not one of the lucky ones who was blessed with supportive relatives, then you might want to work on your traumas before venturing out.

Does Everything Start With You In A Healthy Relationship?

There is no secret formula. The love of your life might be just around the corner, or in some cases, ten years away. There is no point in focusing on something you have no power over. What is a true blessing in disguise, is the time you were given to contemplate personal affairs.

The relationship you have with yourself will, without doubt, set the tone for every other relationship in your life. If you are looking for a meaningful connection, start from yourself. To be able to sit with yourself without judgment is the ultimate goal you want to achieve. Once you approve of yourself, then you will be willing to accept other people into your life.

Mind you, the surrounding is nothing but a mirror that reflects your values. If you are searching for healthy relationships, make sure to start from what you hold within. Pouring out the emotions on a piece of paper is a great technique to release suppressed feelings.

Some chose to deal with their fears by engaging in psychotherapy, acting out the events that affected them, subduing the influence. Breathing exercises, physical activities, or any other forms of therapy are sure to get you back on the track, where you get to reclaim your power.

Should You Make Time For Your Favorite Activities When Building A Healthy Relationship?

There is a good reason why people usually form strong relationships when engaged in their favorite activities. When you go back to the playful child-like state, your mind and body sink into the ease of being. Being fully immersed in your favorite activity will push all the right buttons in your brain which will enable further effective learning and a sense of clear judgment.

It is in this state when you get to meet people with the same state of mind, who can enrich your life. By giving yourself enough time to enjoy the things you love, you are not only recharging but also improving your social life. It is only a matter of time when will you fall in love, with yourself, life, or, that special someone.

Sharing the same passion is proven to be one of the most precise indicators of relationship success in the future. What is truly beautiful about this method, is that you will soon stop craving the relationship, and focus on the beauty around you. And that is when the real magic starts to happen. Once you let go, everything comes to you.

Does Fortune Favor The Bold?

A lot of us age prematurely. We stop taking chances, being silly and trying out something new for the fear of being ridiculed. If you pay close attention to kids, you will notice the innate curiosity that governs their entire childhood. It is when we, as adults, start punishing them for being too loud or fidgety, that they start adopting the sense of shame.

Once they grow up, they stop acting as free and wild for the fear of society’s punishment. As long as we understand this concept, we can do something about it. Being able to recognize the patterns and the background story is step number one. That is exactly where learning new things help. Yes, you will make mistakes, people will laugh and you will feel clumsy. That is how it is supposed to be outside of your comfort zone.

However, that must be one of the most wonderful places to be. Healthy relationships are all around you, all you need to do is take a step forward, outside everything you now. Sign up for a spinning class, go to aerial yoga, or try learning French, and will notice a surge of positive energy and new faces around you. Not only will you feel like a new person, but you will also shine a new light around.

Finding a healthy relationship will lead you on a spirit-awakening and life-changing journey. As we have learned so far, people we encounter will only reflect what we offer to the world. That being said, it is of crucial importance to be loving and compassionate towards oneself, before setting out on the search.

By getting out of our comfort zone, we can easily become who we always wanted to be. Facing new challenges while trying out different hobbies or learning new languages is a great way not only to improve self-image, but also self-confidence. Making time in the day to do what we love the most is the best way to keep a gorgeous smile on our face, that will draw just the right people into our lives.