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What Is a Free Birth Chart?

A free birth chart is a comprehensive reading and snapshots of various heavens shapes at the defined time and place of your birth. It’s the astrological masterpiece of your incarnation (with your whole soul’s intentions) and a road map to your relationships, personality, your ultimate, and your destiny.

How to Read and Interpret a Free Birth Chart?

Chart interpretation involves a detailed process of analyzing then followed by synthesis. You start by analyzing the exact position of the leading astrological points and planets during your birth time by house aspects and zodiac sigh. This information is then synthesized into complete interpretative and meaningful pictures.

Why is it essential to integrate? Although you can easily read some parts of your chart interpretation that you’re friendly and outgoing, remember humans being are the most complex creatures and that there is so much that goes around their lives without ever noticing.

Why is synthesizes then very important? Although you can easily read some of your chart’s interpretation parts, especially those that you are friendly and outgoing, others require more in-depth analysis. Remember, although human beings are the most sophisticated beings in the universe, there are so many occurrences that go by in their lives without their understanding. The pieces of information that you can identify are equally important to those you do not since all this information creates some significant interactions with particular relationships and people.

Synthesizing, therefore, enables you to join pieces of information that can tell you which parts comprise your personality and which bits create your destiny and relationships. You can only get a full scoop if you know the time, place, and day of your birth. However, if you can’t still recall your exact birth time, you can yet know your accurate reading for many parts. Only the positions of your planets in their houses might slightly differ with the correct views since, for instance, the Sun and Moon move faster than the other planets.

What Are The Main Components of a Free Birth-Chart?

Your Ascendant is the first zodiac sign. You need to know the precise time and location of your birth to get this sigh correctly. It is merely a zodiac sigh rising mainly in the eastern horizon with the exact time and place of your delivery. It’s, in fact, worth knowing your accurate birth time and location since the rising sigh “Ascendant” is equally essential to your star sign. It influences your visible personality, your impressions to the world, and how you welcome the world.

Your Ascendant further determines the 12 astrological houses, and each is ruling a particular aspect of your life arena. For instance, your appearance is governed by your first house, while the Mid-heaven (tenth house) governs your career entirely. The seventh and fifth houses mainly govern relationships and love.

The natal moon is as crucial the sun when it comes to chart interpretation since it shows your mental screen and emotions, which can indicate all the other aspects of life. You can check it out with your planetary perspective, zodiac sign, and the 12 astrological houses. Terrestrial elements refer to the mathematical relationships that exist between two adjusting planets Aspects will form lines in the middle of the horoscope wheel.

Does Free Birth Chart Analyze Calculations?

You can use your free birth chart calculator to know your Sun sign, Mid-heaven, the Ascendant, the Houses, and other planetary aspects about your life as they shape your future life. They include the following in descending order: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and the Sun. From an astrology birth chart, a natal horoscope is based on the precise time of your birth regarding the exact planetary positions that signify the personality traits that usually follow you for the entire of your life.

An individual’s free birth chart is an astrological interpretation and unique identity in their lives at the precise time of their birth since the universe appears to classify everyone under a sure star sigh. An excellent free birth chart should come with all planetary positions, your natal chart ascendant, as well as the aspects of the planets that were forming at the time of your birth and their particular influences on your life and characters.

What Do Astrologers Look For in Your Free Birth Chart?

Astrology charts usually review some of the most surprising insights corning your characters, preferences, and life patterns. They are the perfect techniques of helping an individual to understand their unknown parts, “blind spots,” and this knowledge can help someone in self-improvements and for personal growth. You will learn and understand some of the talents that could bring fortunes in your life, which ability to develop and succeed, and well as which skills you may face challenges and weak spots to learn and improve them.

Usually, an astrologer will look for some vital elements in your free birth chart. They include; The zodiac sign and the particular house of the 12 homes in which each planet was in during your birthday, time and place. For instance, the moon zodiac sigh, Mars, and Venus can be the house for love. Saturn is where you need you to concentrate and work harder since your efforts will be rewarded while Jupiter is where you find luck in your endeavors. The angles or only the aspects that were formed between two planets at that time.

The presence of stellium (having three or more planets included in a single sign) cam means creating a substantial concentration period of particular energy in a person.

The perfect element balance (Planet in the earth, fire, water, and air signs) in your free birth chart. The ideal balance of chart qualities such as planet in mutable, cardinal, and fixed sighs. Finally is the pattern that was formed by each world. (There are seven classical charts for shapes).

An experienced astrologer can help you add up the main qualities and elements hence enabling you to score the chart. Since sometimes some traits or others predominate one or more features, you will get advice on the best and practical way of bringing an equilibrium into your life. It is described as Austro-Ayurveda since it involves the art of balancing your chart for the best and optimism benefits.