What is an Aries Personality Like?

Aries Have Strong Personalities

As one of the Fire signs, individuals that fall under the Aries zodiac sign naturally have a strong personality. They are driven and passionate, in all aspects of their lives. They’re very courageous and somehow reckless when it comes to their decisions.

They don’t think about their decisions before making them, which usually always end up hurting them later on. Just like their fellow fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, Aries signs don’t like following rules. They don’t like being told what to do, at all – which can be used to their advantage in aspects of leadership. Aries are known to be great leaders, whether in the workplace or in other aspects.

What is an Aries Personality Like?

They are natural-born leaders, but they can come off as bossy and controlling to people uncomfortable with this side of their personality. They’re also very spontaneous and adventurous, it isn’t ideal for them to live life just in one corner.

They love exploring and going places, similar to that of Sagittarius, which is why these two signs are compatible to one another- both in the friendship and relationship aspect. Wanderlust is something an Aries will have in common with that of a Sagittarius, their fellow fire sign.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mars– which represents aggression, conflict and war. This is probably why people classified under the Aries zodiac sign have such strong personalities. These people naturally fight back, especially when they know they’re in the right.

On this note, they dislike admitting that they’re wrong. In arguing or debating with an Aries, they’re usually always right because they never admit they’re wrong, ever. This side of their personality is one of their downfalls. They tend to dislike losing, whether in an argument or in a debate. In order to win, they’ll do everything in their power, as long as it’s in their favor.

They get power from winning, from having attention and being on top. Aries signs also have a competitive nature, which is what drives them to be on top.

Aries Personalities Are Often Fearful

Although, their competitive nature can come from a place of fear and insecurity, which is a side they never show people. Showing their vulnerability and insecurity is a side they will never show to other people, just the ones that they hold close to their heart completely.

Your aries personality is good
An Aries Personality Is Unique

Unlike the contrary, Aries is known as the most innocent and trusting of the signs. They’re straightforward, honest and blunt, sometimes to a fault. If you ask them anything, they’ll tell you exactly what’s on their minds without as much as sugarcoating it.

They’re that person in your life that will tell you as it is, without filtering it for the sake of your feelings. Their trustworthy and reliable nature can be both a good and bad thing.

It’s a good trait, although, this can mean they tend to be taken advantage of by those who are aware of their trusting nature. Their words, because of their blunt and straightforward nature, may hurt other people especially those with a sensitive nature.

Can Aries Succeed?

In the career aspect, Aries signs naturally succeed. Because of their drive and competitive nature with the added aspect of their need to succeed, they do everything in their power to succeed.

They don’t do well in the gray areas and they always want to excel at everything. Others perceive Aries as one of the most ambitious signs, similar to that of Leo and Capricorn. You can normally see Aries signs is the top management aspects of a business or managing a business. Aries signs also make exceptional leaders and managers- they excel at being both.

The reason why they excel is due to the perfect combination of their driven and generous nature. Despite their competitive nature, they’re natural givers and they tend to sacrifice more than others deserve. When they’re leading, they excel at guiding their team to be the best version of themselves as Aries signs generally want the best for their team.

However, they tend to pressure themselves more than necessary with having everything together and always having it together. Nobody can pressure them more than they do themselves, which is one of their weaknesses. Although, they can also use this to their advantage by thriving more when pressure is present.

Are Aries Independent?

In their relationships, Aries signs are very independent. They dislike clingy and affectionate partners, and they need someone that doesn’t hold them down and make them feel controlled or suffocated. Despite their strong personality, when they really like someone, they tend to be shy and distant at first.

They are natural givers as mentioned above, and being selfless and generous is in their nature. Aries signs just naturally give more than they receive, as their heart is that pure. People who are compatible with Aries signs need to be okay with their energetic and impulsive nature. As an extrovert, they need someone that won’t try to change their nature and go along with their adventures in life.

Due to their independent nature, Aries signs also need time to recharge and spend time alone, on times they feel like they’ve been socializing way too much. In relationships, Aries signs need partners that can understand their need for alone time and not take this against them. Just like Sagittarius signs, Aries thrive in freedom and adventure.

Furthermore, Aries signs are very vocal and communicative. Due to their honest nature, they vocalize everything and you’d probably know what they feel since they tell it as it is. Communication is very essential for them to make a relationship and a friendship work, and you can’t fear confrontation in dealing with an Aries sign.

Lastly, Aries sign have the biggest hearts. If anything, their generous and trusting nature is one of the best things about them. When an Aries sign love, they love with everything they’ve got- which can be a downfall sometimes. As long as it makes you happy, they just give and that’s enough for them. Although stubborn at times, an Aries sign has a heart of gold.

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