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What is an Aura Reading?

Most of us have heard about auras and their importance. Aura reading is something that can help us understand our inner selves all the more and develop our personalities. Continue reading to find out what exactly you can learn by reading your aura and how you can interpret it.

What is An Aura Reading?

An aura is highly associated with a person’s energy that surrounds his body. An electromagnetic field creates a feeling that’s unique for every one of us. Although certain people are able to see this energy, all of us can feel it. An important characteristic of auras is the fact that they’re contagious. That’s the reason why you may suddenly feel happy when you are around someone who is happy, as well. On the other hand, you may feel depressed or anxious if you meet someone who’s really stressed and worried.

An aura is not actually a single entity. It is a combination of different layers that effectively interrelate and form a body. Each of those layers reflects the physical, emotional, astral, rational and divine component of every specific human being. Each person’s aura reflects your personal energy and affects your overall chances of connecting spiritually with another human. An aura reading is capable of identifying the predominant color in your life and how it can affect your personality and personal achievements.

How Does an Aura Reading Work?

Each person has a specific color that characterizes him and differentiates him from every other person. Although there different layers of each color, each of which means something quite different, an expert aura reader can inform you about the one that matches your personality. You should always have in mind that your aura color can change a bit depending on your mood. Physical injuries, mental diseases, and general mood changes can also, affect a bit your aura reading results.

Aura readers can perform their job via the phone or by directly meeting with the interested person. The reader comes in direct contact with the person’s spirit and requires access to the person’s aura. The reader will then discover the client’s overall color and then he will try to discover the specific shades and textures of their aura. At the end of each session, the reader is capable of providing clients with methods that will enable them to keep their auras clean.

An aura reader will be able to see your aura as a combination of colors, some of which appear darker than others. Depending on the client’s energy at the moment, the results may vary a lot. If for example, you are currently feeling stressed and anxious, some dark spots will appear in your aura.

In modern times, apart from the traditional method mentioned above, there is also, the option of capturing your aura with the use of a specifically designed Polaroid camera. Your unique aura will appear as a blurred image of a series of colors. An aura reader will not only see the colors and shades of your aura but identify textures, like scratches, holes or dents, as well. The exact symbolism behind those things can only be seen by the expert reader.

What Is The Meaning of Colors?

Each known color describes a different type of aura. Let us have a closer look at the most widely-found colors and their meaning. If your aura is based on red, then it means that you are strong, powerful and confident. You may be aggressive at times, but the truth is that you are born a natural leader.

An orange aura is a clear sign that you are healthy and have tons of energy. Those with a yellow aura are usually full of life, optimistic towards life and intelligent. Blue auras show a person who’s really sensitive, caring and empathetic. Green is the color of nature. As such, a green aura is associated with growth and prosperity. Lastly, earth tones, like brown, show a person who’s sensible, career-driven and capable of working with his hands.

It is true that each aura color is in general positive. However, the different shades of each color can sometimes depict a negative aspect of your personality. For example, dark green may be a sign of jealousy. It is important to understand that the shade of our aura can change depending on our specific mood at the time of the reading.

Why is An Aura Reading Important?

An aura reading can really help you come in terms with your inner self and discover your mood and inner thoughts at the moment. It gives clients the opportunity to discover any interior bad feelings, including anxiety, fear or loss of confidence and then get rid of them once and for all. It is true that energy fields that surround our bodies can change when some type of negative energy, blockage or asynchronous issue makes its appearance. Emotional worries and spiritual problems can also, throw your balance off balance. When this happens, it is probably time for you to cleanse your aura.

It is always important to try and stay optimistic and strong despite any issues that you may come across. Staying healthy, caring about your body and exercising regularly can all improve the quality of your life and brighten up your day. Moving past negative thoughts and focusing on the good things life has to offer is vital if you wish to be mentally healthy. Meditation can also, help you come in terms with your problems and fight hard to solve them or just put them aside once and for all. An aura reading can help you find the root of your current unhealthy condition and discover your inner self. Then the reader is capable of helping you deal with those problems effectively.

An aura reading can help you lead a healthier and happier life. An expert reader is the only person who can help you discover the energy that surrounds you and how you can change it for the better. After all, we all wish to understand how our happiness is associated with the energy that surrounds our body.