What Is The November Zodiac Sign?

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What Is The November Zodiac Sign?

Zodiac signs that fall under the month of November are comprised of two zodiacs- Scorpio and Sagittarius. If you’re born from November 1st to 22nd, you fall under the Scorpio sign and if you’re born from November 23rd to 30th, you fall under Sagittarius.

Scorpio Zodiac SignNovember

With a strong personality, Scorpio signs are misunderstood as a fire sign, despite being a Water sign. This is due to their passionate and powerful personality, however they get their strength from the psychic and emotional realm. Ruled by the planet Pluto, it represents both destruction and transformation.

When everything’s good, Scorpio signs are ambitious and enticing. However, when they’re on a bad mood, run as far away as possible- their need for control will be present whenever they’re in a bad mood. Scorpio signs have a tendency to be ruled by their ego, which is why they should be very careful when this happens. Scorpio signs are also assertive individuals who are also decisive and determined. These traits make them to be great leaders in their career fields.

As they’re classified under the Water sign, they live to both experience and express their feelings. Although, they express their emotions in a different manner than other Water signs. Scorpio signs also hate dishonesty and they tend to be suspicious and jealous. It’s for this reason that the last thing you’d want to do is break a Scorpio’s trust.

What Do November Zodiac Signs Crave?

In the relationship aspects, they crave intimacy and passion. They want a partner who’s intelligent and honest. They’re also very loyal to their significant other. Scorpio signs don’t fall in love fast due to their skeptical nature and their trust issues, but the moment they trust you completely, their heart is yours.

As a friend, they’re both witty and intelligent. They need that depth both in a friendship and relationship, since Scorpio is a sign thriving on intimacy and passion. A Scorpio feels like they can be intimate with someone both in the physical and mental aspect. Intelligence is a trait they admire, because they are naturally an intelligent sign themselves.

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Are November Signs Intense?

Scorpio signs and naturally intense, in all aspects of their lives. One of their downfalls has everything to do with their temper and skeptical nature. If do wrong a Scorpio sign, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.

Forgiveness doesn’t come natural to them and they’re a sign that can hold a grudge for as long as they’re alive. Because of their intense emotional nature, their temper is one of things to always watch out for in dealing with a Scorpio.

More often than not, a Scorpio sign would take a long time before they end up forgiving you, especially if you were dishonest with them. Honesty is a trait they value, and this isn’t to be taken lightly. On the other side of the spectrum, everything runs deep for a Scorpio sign, especially their love. When a Scorpio falls in love, they fall deep.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: November Zodiac

Ruled by the planet Jupiter, this sign is ruled by the planet of spirituality, abundance, and growth. Being the last of the Fire signs, a Sagittarius sign is the most adventurous sign of all the Zodiac signs. They thrive on freedom, adventure and spontaneity.

Wanderlust is in their nature and they love going to places. If you dare put a Sagittarius sign in one place, good luck. The worst fear of a Sagittarius is boredom and routine, which is why a mundane 9-5 job as a career isn’t something they’re going to last at. Sagittarius signs also have this ability to light up a room the moment they enter. They’re the known life of the party, similar to that of Leo signs.

As an extrovert, they love socializing and get their energy from being surrounded by people. This is also a sign known for their straightforward and blunt nature, just like all the other Fire signs. They don’t see the need to sugarcoat their opinions and thoughts and they tell it as it is. Sagittarius signs make good friends and company as they bright life and light to everyone around them with their sense of humor and their infectious laughter.

It’s part of their charm- bringing light to everyone around them by their charming and bubbly personality. Sagittarius signs are also naturally energetic and they can’t stay put in one place for a long period of time. They’re very impulsive and spontaneous, and this is seen even in their decision-making. They tend to have trouble being firm in a decision because of their spontaneous nature; they just go with the flow.

It may not be obvious because of their carefree and wild spirit nature, but this is a sign that craves substance and intellect. Sagittarius signs love having deep conversations with people around them, especially those that are significant to them.

Do November Signs Want Knowledge And Intelligence?

They crave knowledge and intelligence, especially in their relationships. They don’t settle for surface-level relationships, which is why the biggest stereotype of Sagittarius signs is that they’re the hardest to commit. They’re loyal to a fault, especially when they truly love the person they’re in a relationship with. However, it takes a level of intimacy and substance for make a Sagittarius commit.

They’re a sign that craves freedom and adventure and the last thing they want is to feel controlled and held back by their significant relationship. A Sagittarius sign needs someone who lets them be themselves and lets them roam around freely, since they’re incapable of staying put. Their worst nightmare involves living a mundane and boring life and they believe life is to only lived by exploring and going to places.

Sagittarius signs are also oddly optimistic. You know that friend who seems like they swallowed an entire pill of sunshine and rainbows? That’s the Sagittarius in your life, especially with their bubbly and energetic personality. This sign is also highly independent, which doesn’t come as a shock because of their ability to thrive in freedom. They do what they want, even as you’re against it, and they go with their gut feeling. Lastly, a Sagittarius thinks more than they feel.

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