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What Exactly is The Twin Flame Meaning?

What Exactly is The Twin Flame Meaning?
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As a psychic, I often get asked what a twin flame is.  The meaning of a twin flame is not the same for everyone, but I will give you the definition as it was taught to me.

What Exactly is The Twin Flame Meaning?

Twin flames often feel a certain emotion/feeling towards one another that is “beyond this world”.  The feeling of having known one another in another lifetime is common. It’s important to understand that when you have met your twin flame, you feel that the connection is overwhelming. You will often say to yourself, “I feel like I have met this person before, and I can never let them out of my sight.” 

It’s hard to imagine living life without your twin flame.  There is a sense of loss when it comes to not being with your twin flame. If your twin flame goes on vacation or works long hours in their place of employment, it will create a loss within you. 

When you think of your twin flame, there should be butterflies in your stomach. The twin flame connection can be so powerful that you can’t understand what the future is going to hold.  You may already be thinking about marriage or living together forever. 

When you meet your twin flame, your mind, body and soul want to connect with someone on a high level because you feel that its necessary to do so.  There is nothing better than having a twin flame in your life that makes you smile. 

What Are Twin Souls?

The meaning behind twin souls is similar.  You have two people that are alike.  One is male and the other is female.  These two twin souls often think alike and act alike. 

Often, people that see twin souls together may say something like, “Are you two brother and sister?”  Instead of people thinking that you are lovers, they may mistake the two of you for being connected to one another as family members. 

Twin souls are often born in the same year.  They don’t have to be.  Sometimes a couple may be years apart from one another in birth. However, they tend to want to come together and have something that will make them feel connected. 

When two twin souls come together, they often feel that they have similar personality traits. They may feel that they both love Italian or Chinese food.  They may feel that they are connected to one another because they have pure love for one another. 

Men and women will often feel the twin soul connection because they want to experience what it is like to have someone in your life that you can build a future with. 

The twin soul connection is often brought together unexpectantly.  Perhaps you are surfing the internet and have started chatting to someone online. You may sense immediately that they are different from anyone else that you have ever met before. Your excitement level will reach an all time high. 

You will begin to feel that everything in the universe is bringing the two of you together. It’s important to tell your twin soul how you feel right away. If you don’t, there is a potential that you could lose them. 

We often lose our twin soul because we fail to let them know how we feel about them.  As the old saying goes, “communication is key”. 

What Is The Meaning of False Twin Flame?

A false twin flame happens when you have a romantic love feeling towards someone that doesn’t feel the same way towards you.  You may think that they are the love of your life and yet they are not feeling the same thing as you are. 

False twin flames happen often.  You may have heard of people getting hooked on their ex that never wants to be together with them. You may wonder why they are chasing their ex that doesn’t want them.

Sometimes, someone can get hooked on someone that doesn’t feel the twin flame connection. Perhaps they are not attracted to the other person or maybe they don’t feel a personality match. 

Often, we judge someone by the way that they look.  Most men and women say that 90% of the relationship matters on physical appearance. This is the opposite of what the media tries to push out to people.  You may have heard of people saying that someone must love them for who they are.  However, most people say that they must be attracted to someone in order to date them.  They often feel that their twin flame is someone that makes them attracted and horny. 

Having a false twin flame can be disappointing. It is hard because you often feel in love and then the relationship doesn’t turn out well for you.  This is perhaps one of the hardest let downs of a person’s love life.

What is the Meaning of a Spiritual Twin Flame?

Connecting with someone on a deep spiritual level can be complex. Most people wonder if they can come together with someone that cares for them spiritually. Often, we meet people that have similar beliefs as we do. However, a soulmate spiritual twin flame understands us 100%.  It is often the first time in your life that you feel connected to someone that will always be there for you in a spiritual sense. 

Your spiritual twin flame may have a sit-down talk with you about meditation, prayer or simply what you read in your spiritual growth for the day. It can be a difficult circumstance for most people to follow. It’s important to look at your life and find out who you are most connected too on a spiritual basis. 

When you look at your own spiritual beliefs, you will have many different ideas. Some people are Christians and others are Agnostic.  No matter what your beliefs are, something new is going to allow you to find out what to do next. 

It’s important for you to look at your life and feel like something is going to happen for the better.  Something is always going to make you have a second guess about the future of love. 

How Passionate is Kissing Your Twin Flame?

It is not uncommon for twin flames to have a passionate kiss with one another. You will often find twin flames looking into one another’s eyes and piercing into the soul. It’s amazing how the twin flame connection allows you to see things accordingly.

It’s important for you to investigate a person’s heart and see where they are coming from romantically.  When someone can kiss you with love that you have never felt before, it’s a twin flame connection.

I’m sure that you had many kisses in your life.  When a twin flame kisses you, its like fireworks happening. 

We often have a twin flame in high school.  It is often our first love or first kiss.  You will never again feel that same kind of passion in your kissing again, unless you have met a twin flame. 

Kissing a twin flame will often make you think of how your first kiss was. Perhaps you were with someone that moved your heart and made you think about love at first sight. 

When you find someone that you love, you begin to feel them inside of you. You begin to work within your own soul to discover who is going to be meant for you.

We all know that twin flames can come into our lives when least expected.  If you are kissing someone and you feel this powerful connection, ask them if they feel it to. If they feel the same intensity, then you have met your twin flame. 

My Twin Flame is Married

It is not uncommon to feel that you have met your twin flame, but they are married.  There is nothing worse then feeling that your twin flame was a childhood sweetheart. Sometimes, you will miss the boat on your twin flame because you had to go away to college or simply wanted to experiment dating different people. 

It’s amazing how the world today misses their twin flame due to dating to many people. Often, dating apps make it easy for hook ups. However, it doesn’t bring much light into the area of passionate and deep connections. 

Perhaps you have just met someone, and they are a friend.  A big part of you wants to take the relationship to a romantic level, however, your twin flame is married. That can be rather devastating. 

It’s important to never break up a relationship.  The karma will come and smack you in the face at some point.  Remember the old saying, “What comes around, goes around.”  You may think that its okay to take another person’s spouse, but you will regret this. 

If you want to wait for your twin flame, you can. However, there is no guarantee that they will be with us. 

We have many twin flames in a lifetime.  We often don’t get to meet all of them.  Sometimes, we meet them when we are not looking for them. Mother nature has a way of bringing us our twin flame when we least expect. It appears when we are looking for love, we can’t find it.  When we are not looking for it, it appears.

How to Be with Your Twin Flame?

If you are looking for true meaning in your life, then its important to be with your twin flame. Plan a vacation or get together as soon as possible. Let your twin flame know that you wish to spend time with them.  Make it obvious that you plan on making them get close to you. 

When you go on a getaway with your twin flame, they can spend quality time with you. They tend to see that you can develop a relationship together and count on things going more your way. 

You can easily learn how to spend nights together watching movies on TV.  Know that you have total control and ask your twin flame to never leave your side.

If the other person is your twin flame, they will enjoy this quality as well.  They will feel that this is something that is rather good.

Have I Found My Twin Flame?

If you are asking this question, there is a good chance that you feel that you have your twin flame already in your life.  It is a feeling that you get only when you question this.  Most people don’t know that they have found their twin flame when they are with someone that they understand completely, and they are getting the same kind of feeling from their partner in return.

Many times, we feel that our twin flame is about to walk into our life. We may wonder if they are meant to be together with us or if we can have a new beginning with someone. 

Finding your twin flame is an amazing experience that you will want to tell your friends about. We often feel like we have met the person that we are always supposed to be with, and we want to share it with the world. 

We often think that a twin flame must be with us all the time.  However, twin flames can often come and go in our lives. However, when they are around us, they are always there for us and they never leave. It’s something that can be a bit hard to deal with. The twin flame connection is so powerful that we often don’t know what to say about it.

We often want to discover who we are as a person. We often don’t realize what the future has in store for us because we are always looking outward for information and direction. 

It’s a good idea to look at someone and discover our life path with them. I like to feel a sense of relief when I am speaking to someone that fully understands me. 

I like to think of myself as working towards a specific goal.  When we think about life, we see love as being one of the top priorities.  It’s often hard to imagine someone not fully understanding us when we need them to.

I think that its great to allow ourselves to feel a sense of community with someone that may or may not fully understand us and where we are coming from. 

I think that a twin flame must come to us when the universe opens doors.  We may not know the exact time of these doors being open.

As a psychic reader, I can tell you that most people today are interested in finding and discovering their twin flame connection. I like to think of people as being more aware of the meaning of the word twin flame today.  

I know that people often get confused about soulmates and twin flames.  The good news is that there is hope when you think about it. You may not know it right now, but the meaning behind the word twin flame is a lot similar as the word soulmate.  Both simply mean that you have found the person that you feel understands you better than anyone that you have ever met before in your life.

You can be your own human psychic when trying to locate your soulmate. You can easily feel something for someone right away. I think that love at first sight is a lot more common than most people would admit to. I think that most people today are afraid of sounding “crazy” when it comes to explaining their thoughts on the soulmate word. 

It’s amazing how we are evolving as a society today. We are beginning to learn what a soulmate is and what its going to mean to us later down the road.  It’s important to look at life and feel like everything is going to come together. 

Life is going to be more about learning and giving of ourselves.  We must always look at what we can do for a twin flame when they enter our life. 

I think that you will eventually see that a twin flame is going to be there for us when we least expect.  We must be open to the idea of a twin flame always being there for us as well. 

Now that you have gotten a rough idea of what a twin flame is, you may feel comfortable with asking your significant other if they feel the same way. If they do feel the same way, consider yourself as lucky. Not many people find their twin flame in this lifetime. We often want to have this kind of luck and often don’t have it completely. 

We are fortunate when we have someone in our life that gives us peace and makes us feel like we can overcome obstacles completely.  Life is more about learning and giving of ourselves.  This is something that we must learn more about by reading books on the topic.  You will come to find that your twin flame is a lot easier to understand as we come to know more about this love bond.