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What is My Aquarius Zodiac Horoscope For Today?

What Does Aquarius Actually Mean?

Aquarius is the star sign of those who are born between January 21st and February 18th. It is an air sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and it’s symbol is the figure of an Ancient Grecian water-carrier. Aquarians are by and large a feisty breed. In many ways they could be considered the ultimate free spirits, flouting authority at every turn and ploughing their own individual furrow. Typically, they refuse to be bound by convention, or conform to social norms purely for the sake of it.

You are no doubt wondering what the remainder of 2020 has in store for you. Perhaps you have personal questions which need to be answered, or are looking to make a significant change in your life and are wondering what the best pathway is for you. Well, look no further- what follows is a comprehensive overview of just what you can expect as an Aquarian in 2020.

Aquarius Zodiac Horoscope For Relationships

If you are an Aquarian, then what sets you apart from the crowd is your all-around dynamic personality. But this can also be problematic from a relationship perspective. You can be hot-headed and sometimes seem selfish in the eyes of others, but your eccentricities are more than made up for by your keen intelligence, quick wit and good heart.

You are trustworthy and a good friend, but in 2020 some of your friendships may be put to the test by circumstances. This will give you an opportunity to show what you are really made of. It will also make it all the more apparent who your real friends are.

For the singleton, 2020 will be the year to take the plunge on a new relationship. But it won’t necessarily be easy- you’ll need to push yourself beyond your habitual boundaries and find new ways to meet people. Basically, you are looking to generate a bit of excitement in your love life. But don’t be tempted to rush into things either. There will certainly be hits and misses along the way.

You will naturally experience high passion and complications, but it’s all a fundamental part of the process for finding love. And if the romance turns out to be short-lived, at least you will have had a good time. But once the fire is out of the way, you’ll naturally be looking for something more long-term; something with durability and potential for the future.

Well, as 2020 rolls on, an opportunity in this vein will present itself to you. Don’t be tempted to take the plunge too soon, though. The most romantically compatible of signs are Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius, while the least compatible are Taurus and Scorpio.

Key features to look for are an easy-going nature rather than the fiery intensity of a Taurus, for example. This will enable you to lay the groundwork for a more long-lasting relationship, as opposed to a short-term fling.

For those already in a relationship, it’s a time of great excitement; a time for taking bold new steps. If you are not yet married, now may be the time to start thinking about wedding bells. And if you are already wed, it might just be the right time to think about buying baby furniture…

On a more general level, it’s essential to channel your energies into the positive relationships in your life. That means cut out the negative, toxic associations that are holding you back. This advice holds true year-round. Bearing that in mind, 2020 is also a good time to be burying grudges, too. So if the opportunity arises to reconnect with a person from the past you should take it. Friendships can spring up in the most unlikely of places, and you won’t want to miss out on the chance to forge a genuine and long-lasting connection.

Aquarius Zodiac Horoscope For Career

Set yourself targets. It’s vital that you have goals to strive for; it will make the eventual outcome all the more satisfying. But don’t expect an easy ride: you’re going to need to knuckle down and work hard, but you won’t regret it. Your efforts will be rewarded with major benefits. These may be material or they may be spiritual, but regardless you can rest assured your efforts will pay off in the long term. Good for you- you deserve it!

But as with any major, life-changing overhaul, it’s essential that you lay sufficient groundwork. If you haven’t made all the necessary preparations, you’re going to struggle further on down the road. So take a moment to assess the task at hand, and your own capabilities. You’re going to have to be realistic if you want to get anywhere.

This is particularly relevant from a career perspective- naturally, you want to progress, but it’s vital to ensure you don’t over-reach and wind up in a situation that you are not equipped to handle. You will need to find the right equilibrium between your instinctive decisiveness and a more reasoned sense of caution.

On a wider level, you may feel as though you are persistently subject to the whims and vagaries of fate. As though you have no control over your own destiny. This is down to the collusion between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which is going to shake things up for you to a noticeable degree throughout 2020. But don’t worry- you’ve got the goods to weather the storm.

An Aquarian’s tendency is toward the happy-go-lucky side of life, but they are not afraid of hard work either. You will start to reap the benefits of this approach to life when a wealth of possibilities start to open up to you. Opportunities which you had never even thought of will come your way.

Aquarius Zodiac Horoscope For Personal

Generally speaking, the age old mantra “out with the old, in with the new” has never been more applicable to you than it is this year. You will have plenty of chances to reinvent yourself, and you should take full advantage. This is not just from a career or a relationship perspective, but from a holistic point of view, taking in all aspects of your multi-faceted personality.

2020 is a year of significant change- which means for you it’s all about personal growth and development. It’s important to keep moving- if you feel the need to kick back and rest on your laurels, resist that urge! Thought it might be tempting to stop and catch your breath, don’t let yourself do it. Stasis holds nothing for you.

But there is a big difference between feeling liberated and feeling out of control, so it’s important to look out for your mental health this year. Don’t take on too many challenges, and don’t agree to more events than you can really deal with. It’s necessary to know when exactly to say no, otherwise you will wind up in a situation where you are emotionally overwhelmed. It is not worth the risk.

Change can be scary- but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You will learn to thrive on excitement and adventure, to the point where you can use the adrenalin-fuelled anticipation to your advantage. Make it work for you. Hunker down and weather the storm, and you’ll be all the better for it when you emerge on the other side.

What is My Aquarius Zodiac Horoscope For Today?

If you are born under the sign of Aquarius, yours is a nomadic spirit and an unquenchable thirst for travel and new experiences. Well, in 2020 you won’t be disappointed. This year you will find yourself pushed far beyond your comfort zone, and you will be all the better for it.

It might be travel in a literal sense: perhaps you will take that ambitious, round the world trip you have always wanted to. Or else, it might be travel in a more metaphysical sense. That is, the sensation of reaching the end of a spiritual journey. Attaining a greater level of personal understanding, or overcoming a long-term issue which has been holding you back.

Health-wise, for instance, if there is a long-term situation which you have been experiencing in recent years, 2020 is the time to do something about it. Don’t be afraid to question the status quo, and to challenge your own idea of what’s normal. Definitive action is the order of the day, and you will reap the benefits of it via deep-seated and long lasting change.

In terms of your own approach to life and general joie de vivre, this would also benefit from some consideration and personal development. Eat, drink and be merry- but don’t forget to take care of yourself, maybe get a little more exercise and sleep.

Life is about balance, and that is a fact which will become particularly apparent to you this year. This refers to karmic balance, whereby the positive changes you make in the world are visited back on you. But it also refers to balance in the sense of an understanding of multiple perspectives. Knowing yourself, but knowing others too.

You’ll work hard this year, but you’ll also play hard. One thing about Aquarians is that they know how to have a good time. But be careful not to rely too much on the more vice-ridden forms of escape. For instance, we all enjoy a drink from time to time, but it’s best not to rely on it in the long term. Self-discipline is the key here.

Aquarius Zodiac Horoscope Can Be Impulsive

It’s a skill that can be honed, and it’s something you might need to work on this year. After all, a key personality trait of those born under Aquarius is a sense of impulsiveness. While that can take you on all manner of wild adventures, it can also leave you in difficult situations emotionally. Overcoming that particular trait might just be one of the biggest challenges you face this year, but once you have done it, you’ll find things a lot smoother sailing from then on.

With regard to your other key traits, your natural empathy and warmth- which may not always be overtly apparent- will come to the fore this year.This is a year to be more outward-looking, and to take a more all encompassing look at your own place within the wider world.

Be more charitable, and take a greater consideration for others. Maybe take some time for volunteer work, or offer a donation of goods or furniture which you no longer need. Be kind, and karma will be kind to you.

For those lacking confidence, this will be the year that your self-perception will take a big boost and you will overcome the emotional hurdles that might be holding you back. It’s simply a matter of taking the bull by the horns and overcoming your own personal boundaries. Specifically, it is a good idea to put the past into perspective.

Should Aquarius Celebrate Their Success Today?

Don’t fret about your failures, celebrate your successes! These successes will come in all shapes and sizes, from the minor victory to the big win. You will experience times of considerable reflectiveness, introversion and privacy, but be careful not to rely too much on yourself. Like everyone, you might need external support sometimes, and in 2020 there will be plenty of opportunities to ask.

But it’s about being reactive too, and rolling with the punches. Typically, Aquarians are pretty good at this, and 2020 will give you a good opportunity to test your mettle. There will be a lot of curveballs and unexpected circumstances that will take you by surprise, but all you need to do is take a deep breath and respond sensibly and reasonably. No flying off the handle!

For those who value solitude, there will be ample opportunity for you to slip away and find your own private, personal space. Maybe a vacation somewhere far, far away. But largely, this will be a year of personal engagement and involvement with the social sphere. It is a time to make new friends, to renew your acquaintance with old ones, to enjoy romance and career fulfilment.

How Spiritual Can Aquarius Be Today?

From a spiritual point of view, this is also the optimum moment to take an interest in the more mysterious sides of life. Take the time to look inward, perhaps through meditation or other forms of introspection. You won’t believe just how beneficial it can be to take a deep breath and enjoy a dose of self-reflection. And through this retrospective approach comes a greater degree of self-knowledge.

It is only through understanding yourself that you can build up your confidence and tackle the challenges you might never have thought possible. Your spirituality seeps into every single aspect of your life, and if you work to comprehend it better, you will be amazed at the advantages it provides you.

You will gain a more sophisticated understanding of your own emotional processes, which will enable you to engage with the world and your associates in a manner which is both fulfilling and positive.

Lastly, here is a little breakdown of what the next few months have in store for you:

March 2020 is the time to go looking for love. But more generally speaking, it’s a month of great social interaction, where you will build up friendships and engage more widely with the world. Meet new people, speak to people, and if you are looking for love now might just be the right time!

April 2020 is when things will kick up a notch. You may find yourself subject to an increase in work pressure perhaps, so it’s important that you are prepared to rise to the challenge. This might seem like a stressful time, but so long as you are able to keep one eye on the larger perspective, everything will work out for you. This would be a good time to focus on your spiritual side.

May 2020 is a health-conscious month. It’s the time to get some exercise, to improve your diet and to think a little more closely about your personal wellbeing. It’s not going to be easy, and at first you might find yourself very reluctant indeed, but once you get into it you’ll realize what a major benefit it has for you.

When Will Aquarius See Change?

The summer will be a time of the most potent change- your power planet will be in retrograde, which will have a noticeable impact on all aspects of your life. Then, as we ease towards fall and winter, that will be when things begin to settle down for you. It is a good time to take stock of all the challenges you have overcome, and of the positive changes you have experienced.

Overall, it’s safe to say that 2020 will be a defining year for Aquarians. It’s a time to shake things up and take bold new steps. Go above and beyond for other people, but don’t forget to make time for yourself too. Take risks, go beyond your comfort zone, but at the same time be wary of over-stretching yourself. Above all, trust yourself and find the balance that works for you. Play your cards right, and you might just be in for your best year yet!